A Live In-Person One Day Retreat
April 10, 2022 (Sunday)
11:00 am – 7:00 pm
$165 per person

Into the Light Breathwork

Join me live in the quaint, historical town of Circleville, Ohio for this one-day workshop and breathwork event. This one-day breathwork retreat will give you the opportunity to open up, discover, witness, and integrate your subconscious into your conscious. Breathwork is a powerful tool for deep transformation.

We’ll begin our day with an immersion into the four directions of the Medicine Wheel, priming our connection to the chakra, energy, element, and gate-keepers of the direction. The culmination of the day is in preparation for the breathwork session where we will breathe into the light and return from the mystery more integrated, more clear, and holding the vision of the sacred purpose we desire for our lives.

Our event is held in the historic and spacious Loft of Circleville, Ohio featuring original and authentic walls and floors of the 1930s dance hall with large picturesque windows and the warm feel of a vintage dreamscape.

Light snacks, tea, and water included.

About Shamanic Breathwork

Shamanic Breathwork is an active meditation using a breathing technique similar to Holotropic Breathwork. A specific circular-connected breath is used to elicit a trance state and is conducted to a specific musical score that aligns the chakras. Your process is supported and guided by Dakota and her team. By breathing in this way, old tensions, wounds, grit, and stuck energy can be accessed from the root upward, bringing it to the surface to be released, integrated, and healed. Breathwork, by nature, expands your consciousness allowing you to receive tremendous clarity, understanding, transformation, and creative flow.

After the initial breathwork, the participant proceeds to process their journey through artwork and journaling.

If you are new to breathwork, learn more here.

The Space

Peck’s Hall was built in 1855 and sits in the center of Circleville, on Court and Main. The building has been photographed, painted, and written about in local and state history books.

From the 1800s into the early 1900s Pecks Hall hosted many different stores:  S. Jacobson Dry Goods, Henry Pontius shoe store, Henry Levy Clothing, Stephen Miller & Co meat market, Lyman Olds Stationery & Book Store, Evans & Krimmel Drug Store, Lutz & Lebaron Real Estate, Colwell & Katz clothing store, and several more.

In the early 1900s, there was an athletic center on the third floor.  They did everything from workouts to volleyball and even used it for a roller skating rink.

During World War One the third floor was also used to house troops.

In the 1920s the third floor was the Circleville dance hall. You can still see where the balcony was and where the band would have played.

From 1930 to 1978, Peck’s Hall was rented to the G.C. Murphy Company. The basement, first and second floors were used for the department store and the third floor was for inventory. The elevator was installed to move inventory and is still in use today.

In 1978 G.C. Murphy went out of business and the Sundry department store took over the building until 1992.

In 1982, the second floor was remodeled to host the administrative offices for First National Bank.

And in April, it will host our Breathwork Session.​



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