JUNE 9 – 12, 2022

Journey to the Wisdom Keeper Within

Join Dakota and the team in the quaint small town of Circleville, Ohio for the annual Journey to the Wisdom Keeper Within Retreat. Four full days packed with Shamanic Wisdom, Breathwork, Soul Tracking, Wisdom from the Medicine Wheel, Sacred Medicine Tools, and much more.

It’s a retreat of remembering, and bringing back the quintessential soul that resides within you. Through the lens of the Medicine Wheel, we’ll travel the directions utilizing the shamanic tools, energies, and themes to uncover and recover the lost or abandoned parts of ourselves and forge a new path of discovery and fullness for our journey forward. Meet new and kindred folks who share a similar calling in their lives, a calling of living their most authentic, heart-centered life and one that is aligned with their soul purpose.


Day One – June 09

3:00 pm – 09:00 pm

Arrive at our retreat space located in the historic, downtown Circleville, Ohio where we’ll begin our journey with ceremony, ritual, and “Dreamtime” movement. We’ll call in and connect to our Power Animals and Spirit Guides, creating a threshold to enter into the liminal space.

At the start of this retreat, you’re invited to create an intention that will be carried throughout the remaining few days. We’ll work with this intention, building on it or refining it as needed.

Day Two – June 10

All Day

We’ll journey, literally, to the Lower World as we travel to Hocking Hills and explore the vast beauty of the underworld as we explore the moss-covered stones, commune with the varied tree spirits, listen to the sprites of the water element, and hear the echos of the land ancestors in the caves themselves. We’ll use this lower world for Soul Tracking, and learning the language of our Spirit Guides as we commune with them. We’ll finish our day with a bounty of food under the canopy of the pine trees and songbirds.

Day Three – June 11

1 PM – 9 PM

Shamanic Breathwork is a powerful vehicle for discovering what our soul needs to know. It’s akin to taking a psychedelic without the drug. We’ll spend the day preparing for, and then breathing into our spirit, and bringing back the pieces that will serve us as we move forward in life. You’ll engage in the art and journaling process, as well as processing with the group to bring clarity to your journey.

Day Four – June 12

9:30 AM – 3:00 PM

On your final day of the retreat, you can choose from a selection of workshops to attend including:

  • Sacred Tools Creation with Blue
  • Spellcasting and Sigils with Morrigan
  • Meditation and Movement with Wendy

Munira will lead us in an intimate, heart-opening cacao ceremony as we prepare ourselves for re-entry into the ordinary world.

We’ll finish our retreat with a closing ritual, creating one more threshold for the birthing of the new you.

Retreat Details

Retreat Tuition:

$695 Early Bird Pricing

$895 after May 15th


Included in your tuition cost:

  • Retreat Teachings/Workshops
  • Travel to Hocking Hills
  • Cookout in the Woods (Hocking Hills excursion)
  • Art items for creating sacred tools

Not included in your tuition cost:

  • Travel to and from Ohio
  • Meals outside of the cookout in Hocking Hills
  • Lodging
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