Chapter Four – Apple Tree and the Seed

A Fairy Tale by Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

The journey across the meadow felt unhurried as the twins often stopped to talk to the plant and nature spirits. Each plant kindling a nugget of wisdom for them to “ingest”.

“Keep on watering the seeds, even if you don’t see visible signs of growth.” Said the tiny seed lying on the ground, nearly gone unnoticed. Some are slower, some take more time in the darkness, and growth can be reluctant. Whatever it is you are trying to grow in life, don’t give up so quickly if you don’t see immediate results. It’s an act of faith. Keep on watering and trust the process.”

The apple tree in the meadow shared “Prune the branches – cut out the things in your life that are holding you back. If you pull the weight of those dead branches, your other branches may never flourish.”

“You reap what you sow.” Said the poison ivy. Some seeds are detrimental to our health or damage the other good seeds we are intending. If you spend decades eating unhealthy food, you will produce a harvest of unavoidable health consequences. Make healthy choices of the seeds you wish to plant.

Rowan and Alwyn sat in the meadow and listened to each of the nature spirits and the lessons and stories they shared. Alwyn felt the glowing seed inside her begin to “hum”, she rubbed her belly as if she were comforting an unborn child inside her. Rowan rubbed his belly too; he too could feel the hum of his own glowing seed.

“What has the Silver Sage Meadow taught you?” Deva suddenly appeared from thin air in front of them, startling the twins.

“I’ve learned that the plants and trees each have messages for us and that we just need to look in nature to find wisdom for our journey.” Rowan shared.

“And I learned that the plants could help us to see the magic that is right in front of us, even in our ordinary homes, I can talk to the plants in my yard, and they will bring me magic even there,” Alwyn said.

“Very good, this lesson is complete. You may now go through that portal” Deva pointed to a shimmering veil of energy just on the edge of the meadow, “from there you will find your way. I shall leave you now, but you will have many who come to you along your journey here and you will report them what you have learned. Good luck, dear ones.”

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