Chapter Nine – Dragon Falls

A Fairy Tale by Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

Rowan carefully unrolled the map onto Stone’s back and let the afternoon sun dry it. They studied the map intently and placed the compass on the upper corner of the parchment. When the compass meets the paper, they both come to life, animated in a secret code that both Rowan and Alwyn seemed to instinctively understand.

On the map was a hand-drawn dragon’s head atop a large waterfall. The animated map showed the dragon rearing its head and spraying fire across the valley beneath the falls.

“It looks scary!” Alwyn said out loud as she jumped back from the map when the fire of the dragon seemed to reach out to her.

Stone reassured her she would be safe, “Dragon Falls is a place of the soul, where your gifts and talents are utilized to their fullest potential.”

They bid their farewell to Stone and set off in the direction of their new destination.

From atop a small, rocky mountain they could see several small huts that lined a large lagoon with a very large, luminescent waterfall spilling into the water on the opposite side. The waterfall glowed orange as if a long ribbon was falling gracefully into the water below.

The twins made their way to the village, at the entrance stood a podium with a small sign that read, “Please log your name to reveal six truths about Dragon Falls.” Alwyn scribbled both their names and their familiars into the logbook. She thumbed through the many hundreds of pages, “Rowan, look at how many people have been here. Do you think they are all humans, like us, looking for magic?”

Rowan excitedly pointed to a page that Alwyn had turned to, a name began to glow, “Edward Lloyd Cawdor III, March 26, 1892” “Grandpa has been here!”

The compass in Alwyn’s pocket began to buzz and they both knew then that their trip to the Land of Enchanted Gaia was most definitely the perfect adventure to be on.

The small podium opened itself and dropped a piece of parchment onto the ground. “Six Truths About Dragon Falls” in big bold letters was written at the top.

  • Everyone contributes their gifts, talents, and passions.
  • The words “should”, “could”, “can’t” and “impossible” are forbidden
  • Success is defined as your ability to live into your sacred purpose
  • There is room for everyone’s dream, even if that dream is shared among many
  • You will get what you give
  • You are here to contribute goodness to the world

They set off down the main corridor lined with various sized huts. The roofs seem to glow just like the map, and their seeds. The street is teamed with a feeling of aliveness, the kind of electricity that fills the air at Christmas time.

“Come on in!” a short, older woman bellowed from the doorway of one of the huts. Once inside, they stood in amazement with their mouths hanging open. Mesmerized by the piercing beauty of the artwork and creations found in every direction they looked.

On one shelf, Alwyn eyed a small figurine of a ballerina that appeared to be translucent and yet held the hues of the entire rainbow.

“Go ahead, pick her up and feel it” the old woman invited Alwyn, it was as if she could read her mind.

Alwyn carefully pulled the ballerina from the shelf and as she did, the small figurine began to dance and turn in her hand.

“How did she do that!?” Rowan asked in amazement.

“At Dragon Falls, all creations come to life because of the passion we pour into our work.” The old woman held a carving knife in one hand while gesturing with the other. She wore an apron over her pleated blue dress. Her hair was a bit unkept, small wire-rimmed glasses that hung low on her nose, and smelled faintly of lavender. She was kind and patient, she reminded Alwyn of her grandma and this memory made her feel a little sad.

“Take the ballerina as my gift to you.” She motioned for Alwyn to give her the figurine so she could wrap it in a soft piece of felt and tie a ribbon of sinew around it.

They visited shop after shop after shop, each one showcasing the passion work of the shopkeeper. On their final stop, they entered into a hut that sat on the very edge of the lagoon. The roof of this shop didn’t glow like the others. Across the water, they could see Dragon Falls as its glowing, orange water plunged into the valley below.

The shop inside was darker than most, it smelled like old cigars and bourbon. A man came out of the backroom, “what do you want?” he barked at the twins. “You shouldn’t be in here!”

“We are here visiting, and we’re looking for magic to take back to our homeland.”

“Magic? P*uff, there is no magic. Impossible! Go home!” the old man snuffed out his half-smoked cigar and took a long swig of the caramel-colored liquid in his glass.

Rowan and Alwyn were taken aback, this was not how most people in the village were and they were confused by this man’s demeanor. Alwyn remembered the six truths about Dragon Falls.

“What about these?” she asked, showing the man the parchment that had “Six Truths About Dragon Falls” at the top.

The man shooed the paper away, “don’t show me those! I lost my passion years ago, and when I did, I lost my reason to live.”

He grunted as he pushed past the twins, a whirlwind of dust following as he brushes past the shelves long empty of any creation.

“What happened to your passion?” Rowan asked.

“It died when my wife died.” Rowan felt a sudden wave of sadness come over him and could see a faint golden ribbon of energy connecting from his belly to the old man’s belly. It was as if the ribbon contained information that Rowan could read like a book. He felt the pain, the loss, the emptiness, and the loss of will. Unexpectantly, Rowan understood deeply why this man had lost his passion.

“One of the other shop keepers told us about the magical powers of Dragon Falls. She said if we swam across the lagoon and stood under the falls, they would clear out any negative energy and infuse us with our passions again.” Alwyn shared, “Will you go with us so you can find your passion again?”

“Well, I really don’t know how to swim and so I’ve  been much too scared to go by myself.” He admitted.

Rowan remembered a very large teacup he had seen in the hut next door. He scurried next door and before he could even ask the shop owner, he was greeted by two very robust men carrying the teacup out the door and towards the sad shopkeeper.

“But how …” Rowan began to ask, “how did you know?”

“At Dragon Falls, it’s our job to know the needs of everyone and to be helpful whenever possible, so we pay attention to the golden ribbons of energy between all people.”

Rowen lightly touched his belly where the ribbon had attached to the old man, remembering how easily he knew the feelings of the man.

The 3 of them and their 2 familiars piled into the giant teacup and set sail across the lagoon to glowing orange falls. The old man held on with both hands, nervously biting his lower lip. Alwyn and Rowan rowed in unison with two spoons that came with the teacup.

Once at the falls, the sound was deafening. They couldn’t even hear their own thoughts. The spray from the water engulfed them, soaking them to the core.

“Over here!” Rowan motioned for them both to join him where he had found a small cove where they could safely sit under the falls.

A small signpost just east of the cove gave instructions: “Welcome to Dragon Falls. This magical water will cleanse you of all things no longer serving you. It will wash away the stain of other people’s dreams which you have held onto and pretended to be yours. The water will erase any fears, doubts, or blocks which keep you from realizing your fullest potential. It will simultaneously fill you with energy to reveal to you your deepest dreams, desires, and passions and it will clear you of all blocks. Stand beneath the falls, letting the water cascade over you. Feel it fully revealing your true purpose.”

All three of them stood beneath the falling water, letting the refreshing and powerful energy of Dragon Falls clear them and fill them up.

The old man stepped out of the falls and to their amazement, he was young now. His face was full of color and his eyes sparkled. He no longer smelled of old cigars and bourbon, but instead, he smelled fresh like a balsam pine tree. He felt full of energy, his smile was genuine, and he held confidence in his step.

“I feel amazing,” he said as he patted down his clothes and felt into his body for the first time since his wife had died. “I remember now too.”

“What do you remember?” Alwyn asked.

“I remember what my passion is, I had forgotten how much I love to garden. I love the feeling of dirt under my fingernails, witnessing a plant grow and bloom. I forgot how the smell of flowers made me cry or how the tug of a tree’s energy felt.”

Alwyn and Rowan also felt different, as if they found a deeper clarity and connection to why they were there in the first place.

“Rowan, I know we came here to find magic for the ordinary world, but I think Dragon Falls revealed to me that I’m really here to find magic for myself.”

“Yes, I think you are right Alwyn, we must find our own magic and maybe that will be enough to inspire others in our world.” Rowan agreed.

And with that, the gardener went back to his village and cleaned out his hut and filled it with plants and flowers, trees, and magic. The roof of his hut began to glow once again, and he was welcomed back into the small community that stood ever so passionately at the base of Dragon Falls.

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