Chapter Five – Firefly Thicket

A Fairy Tale by Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

The portal felt different than the one in the alley, the translucent wall of shimmering energy felt like an electrifying amination. It too felt familiar. Beyond the veil, the twins could see flashes of golden balls of light flickering.

Rowan touched the wall of electricity and in a flash disappeared to the other side, Alwyn quickly touched the wall too and fell to the ground beside Rowan. Both sat there in amazement at all the flashing orbs. Hundreds if not thousands of tiny fireflies fluttered around the wooded forest. Flash, then disappear, flash again in a different place, and disappear again.

“It’s so magical,” Alwyn was mesmerized. “What are they?”

“Fireflies. You are in Firefly Thicket, welcome!” A robust, stout elf appeared from behind an old oak tree. He held a staff in one hand-carved with various animals and a flair of gesture with the other hand. He stood about three feet high, and perhaps three feet wide too. He gestured with his free hand to the whole forest and with a booming voice, “these are the creatives! They flash their light all over the world, dropping their magic wherever they land.”

“Oh, magic!!!” Alwyn squealed in delight, “That’s exactly what we came here for, magic. We want to take magic back to our land. Our people have lost their way and can’t see the fireflies anymore.”

“Do you think they will let us have some of their magic?” Rowan asked.

“Ah, you cannot take their magic, that is theirs to have. But they can inspire the magic inside you and once you discover your own, then you can inspire it in others.” The large, robust elf explained.

The fantastical elf ushered the twins to a place just beneath the yew tree. “Sit here and listen to the fireflies.”

“But … how do we …” Rowan started to ask but the stout elf seemed to have disappeared in the same quick flash as they arrived in the world.

“Over here …” Rowan heard in a murmur; he turned his head to find a firefly hovering just above his brow.

“I heard you are looking for magic,” the firefly inquisitively looked at Rowan from the top of his head and then flew all the way down to his toes as if he were looking for something.

“I am. My sister and I are wanting to find the magic to take back to our world where there is none left.” Rowan squirmed as the firefly landed on his nose, crossing his eyes, and tickling his skin.

“I see …” said the firefly. “Follow me!” he sang back as he flittered off into the air. Rowan and Alwyn sprang to their feet and followed Firefly deeper into the thicket.

They arrived in a small clearing in the forest lit up entirely by a thousand fireflies. Colorful ribbons of energy swirled in the canopy of trees, songbirds sang out in a chorus of ethereal music, and the bards of the forest summoned the spirits with their melodious words and prose.

“This most certainly feels like magic!” Alwyn felt such delight in her belly, the feelings and magic in the air stroked her curiosity.

Firefly alighted on top of a nearby branch. “You already have this magic inside you, it’s your story. The colors you choose to surround yourself with, and the way you look at the world.”

“But how do we take this magic back to our world? Here in Firefly Thicket, it’s easy to find it and see it, but what about at home where everything is dark and dull?” Rowan asked Firefly.

Firefly flew down and landed on Rowen’s shoulder. “My dear one, close your eyes.” Rowen and Alwyn both closed their eyes.

“What do you see?” Firefly asked them.

“It’s just dark,” Alwyn squinted her eyes tighter to see if the darkness changed. It didn’t.

“Look with your heart,” Firefly suggested. Rowan placed a hand on his heart and felt the tingling from the seed inside him. He began to see flashes of colors behind his closed eyes.

“I’m starting to see something, Alwyn, do you see it too?”

Mr. Firefly buzzed around their heads and soon many more fireflies came to fly in unison around the twins. The energy began to dance and sing. The trees made music and the earth beat could be felt.

“I can see it now.” Rowen began describing what he saw in his heart. “These colors, I don’t know what they are, I haven’t seen them before. I can feel my thoughts being woven into the tapestry of color, like a poem. It makes me want to move, and dance with them.”

The fireflies created a beautiful warm glow throughout the forest while Alwyn and Rowan daydreamed their stories into a marvelous display of colors, sounds, and even smells.

“Do you now see how the magic is inside you? You only need to see the world through your heart and open yourself to the world of your imagination. That is how we can speak to you.” Firefly instructed them to hold the memory of Firefly Thicket in their heart, “the creation of the world begins here, in the tiny seeds of our imagination.”

Rowan and Alwyn felt filled with inspiration and vowed to Firefly to never forget they hold the key to vision inside their heart, and that the magic must be felt.

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