Chapter Two – Grandpa’s Compass

A Fairy Tale by Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

The morning dew glistened on the blades of grass as the sun slowly rose out of his bed and into the daytime sky. Rowan, rubbing his eyes gingerly, quietly pulled back the blankets and slithered out of bed carefully so he didn’t wake his parents. Alwyn sensed his presence, and she too quickly and quietly made her way to her bureau where she had laid out all her very best clothes for traveling.

“Here, let’s take this.” Rowan handed Alwyn the old copper compass that their grandfather had gifted them. “May this always show you the way back home,” Grandpa had whispered to them when he secretly handed it to them. Many people in the family knew of the compass that Grandpa carried in his pocket and longed to hold its magical powers of passage. When it came time to pass the torch on, he chose the twins who he had seen had the glowing seed inside them. “The glowing seeds inside you both hold the mystery of the Universe, so few have their seeds anymore. This compass will lead you back to the place of remembrance.” When Grandpa placed the compass in Alwyn’s hands, it became warm to the touch, and she could feel it vibrating.

“Grandpa why is it vibrating?” she asked as the compass seemed to lift out of her hand and rotate ever so slowly.

“It’s remembering you. It has been a long time since you’ve held this.” He explained.

“I’ve held this before? I don’t remember.” She tried to pull the memory up but simply couldn’t.

“You’ve held it many times in other lifetimes, it has always been your guiding force.” Grandpa tried to remind her then but today it seemed the compass would help them find the memories they had lost.

They now held it close to their heart to remember his voice and words. He had long passed away, but it was rumored in the family that Grandpa was one of the “Old Ones” from the Land of Enchanted Gaia.

Alwyn placed the compass around her neck and hid it inside her shirt, she could feel the metal pressed against her heart chakra. It began to pulsate again like it did the day she first held it. It became lighter as if she didn’t even have it around her neck.

“Rowan, the compass … I think, I think it’s … alive.”

She could feel her heartbeat inside the compass and suddenly could see the colors of the world beginning to shift. The dull tree in her front yard now looked luminescent and saturated with a hundred hues of green. Each blade of grass was dancing to a grand orchestra and even Radha seemed plumper with his eyes a glowing golden color.

“I think it’s time to go,” Rowan pulled everything into his backpack and carefully placed the map on top, so it didn’t get crushed. They scribbled a letter to their parents with a broken blue crayon, “Dear Mom and Dad. Don’t worry about us, we are safe. We are going to the Land of Enchanted Gaia and we’ll come home once we’ve found the magic to bring back. Love, Alwyn and Rowan.” Rowan drew a simple image of the compass beneath their names with the words “Bi làidir agus làn de ghràdh.”, a Gaelic phrase his grandpa often whispered in his ear which meant “Be strong and full of love.”

And just like that, with the brightness of the morning sun and their familiars by their side, Alwyn and Rowan began their journey to discover the magical lands.

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