Chapter Eleven – Heartache

A Fairy Tale by Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

Before they had left the next morning, Favilla met the twins near the sacred circle and handed them warm bread and a jug of moon water infused with honeysuckle and mint leaves. “Take these and feast well, follow this path through the forest for two days, you will arrive at the Enchanted Tree where you will most definitely find more of the magic you seek. Blessed be!” They bid their farewells and the twins set off on the path through the forest towards the Enchanted Tree.

The twins traveled the footpath through the woods as Favilla had guided them. They had grown tired and missed their family terribly. Alwyn went to sleep with images of her mom tucking her into bed and reading her a bedtime story which she used to do when she was younger. As the twins grew older, their mom had stopped reading to them at night and Alwyn missed it terribly.

“Rowan?” she quietly whispered as they lay on a bed of soft pine needles.

“Yeah?” he responded, his familiar was curled up next to him and purring softly.

“Nothing, I just wanted to be sure of you.”

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