Chapter Three – Silver Sage Meadow

A Fairy Tale by Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

Rowan placed the map flat on a large rock so they could see all the markers and trails. A single stone in each corner helped keep the parchment from flying off into the wind. Alwyn took the compass from her neck and placed it in the lower right quadrant of the map. The moment the compass and the parchment touched, they both began to glow and illuminate.

“Alwyn, do you see that?”

“Yes, I do. I think the compass is the key that unlocks the Land of Enchanted Gaia.” The compass needle began to dance and sway towards the North Direction, pointing towards an expansive area on the map labeled “Silver Sage Meadow.”

“I think the compass wants us to go there first.” Rowan summarized. They didn’t quite know how to get there from where they were currently though. They looked around, there was a dilapidated building with a group of weathered-looking people standing around a small fire inside a barrel. Across the street, a grocery store with one neon letter blinking and another one already burnt out. Down the street, they could hear a siren as the ambulance left the fire station.  Eleven people stood at the bus stop in front of them, each of them holding a phone and scrolling mindlessly. Everywhere they looked there were no signs pointing to “Silver Sage Meadow.”

“I don’t know, Rowan. How do we find the way?” Alwyn sounded as if she was about to give up. How could we ever find this enchanted world when all we see is this ordinary world? She wondered to herself how to find what seemed impossible.

She took the compass and removed the rocks from the map so Rowan could roll it back up. As she touched the compass, it began to vibrate even more and began to pull Alwyn in the direction towards a small alley between the grocery store and the post office.

“Rowan, I think the compass is showing us how to get there!” She jumped up and let the compass pull her in the direction it wanted. The alley seemed ordinary enough, graffiti adorned the brick walls, small puddles of muddied water, and the stench of rotting trash. How can this be the road to magic? She wondered to herself, but the compass still pulled her down the alley and Rowan followed behind, struggling to keep up.

“Look, Rowan!” Alwyn pointed to the end of the alley to a bright light that shone so brightly it seemed to envelop them completely. It felt safe and inviting. As they came closer to the light, it felt as if it was hugging them, and a feeling of overwhelming longing came over them.

“I think I’ve been here, Alwyn. This feels familiar.”

“Yes, I think we have.” Alwyn let the light permeate her beingness, closing her eyes and breathing in the energy that surrounded her and Rowan. They both surrendered to light until they became the light.

When Alwyn opened her eyes, she found herself standing next to Rowan in a large meadow filled with bright flowers, silver sage, plants as tall as trees, and beautiful mushrooms that looked like hobbit homes. The air filled with fragrant aromas and bees buzzing busily from one flower to another becoming drunk from the nectar.

The sun warmed their faces, the wind breathed softly on them, and their feet felt rooted into Mother Earth.

“Rowan, look how beautiful it all is!” Alwyn reached out to touch a flower and it danced wildly at her touch. She pinched a sage leaf to release its aroma, breathing it in fully she bowed to the plant in gratitude, and it bowed back.

A small Deva arrived before them, she was shining brightly, and Alwyn could see through her and all around her as if she was there but wasn’t. The Devas are the overlords of the wild places and are aligned with the flow and circulation of vital energies. They are the custodians of the natural world, the overseers of energies and forces found in the mountains, meadows, forests, rivers, and streams.

“Welcome back Alwyn and Rowan.” The luminous Deva greeted them.

“How do you know us?” Rowan asked.

“Ah, that is the magic of the Land of Enchanted Gaia. Here, we see all of time – what you call past, present, and future is our now. And in our now, you have been here many times. You were born here.” She explained as she flitted around us, and above us, bouncing back and forth up and down, all around.

“Why did we leave?” Alwyn asked, “It is so beautiful here, why would anyone ever leave?”

“Nearly everyone leaves at some point, they leave so they can experience what we call the human life.  But sometimes, people get stuck in that life, and they never make their way back here. They become the dark ones, always living in their shadows.”

“We came to find magic and take it back to our people. They are struggling, the world is very bleak right now and people have lost hope. Can we find magic and hope and bring it back to our lands?” Rowan asked.

“Why of course! That is what the Light Workers do, and you, my dear ones, are Light Workers. You are meant to take on this great work of bringing hope and joy back to those who have lost their compass.”

“Wait, you know about the compass?” Alwyn excitedly asked as she fingered the one she was holding in her hand.

“Yes, we all have a compass. Some of us hold the compass inside our beingness and it always shows us our way back home. Every citizen of the Land of Enchanted Gaia has a compass, but you have to earn your compass.” Deva shared intently.

“How do we earn our compass?” Rowan asked.

“When you visit the 13 worlds and embody the wisdom of each, and when you live in the present moment and can experience life fully and when you can hold the space of love even in the midst of fear, and when you can feel the connections to all that is, you will earn your compass.”

“But we have our grandpa’s compass, he left it for us. Will that bring us all those things?” Alwyn hopefully asked.

“No, you must earn your own compass. You can discover the worlds through someone else’s compass, it’s their invitation for you to explore and find your way but you must do the work of your soul to earn the compass that lives in your heart.” Deva explained, “Your grandpa was a great man, he lived fully in this land, and his light shone bright enough that you were able to find your way here.”

Alwyn and Rowan remembered the light in the alley that enveloped and transported them here, that must have been grandpa’s light that Deva now spoke of.

“How do we discover the 13 worlds so we can earn our compass?” Rowan asked.

Deva whistled softly; it was the sound of a melodious chime that rode on the waves of the wind. Within moments, a plant spirit arrived and offered two vibrant blue flowers. “Here, take these flowers and ingest them.”

Alwyn and Rowan each took a blue flower and placed it in their mouth. An explosion of sweet, juicy tingling filled their mouths. Deva laughed a full belly of amusement. Alwyn and Rowan’s eyes became bright and clear. Their skin shivered with goosebumps, and their heart began to lift.

“These blue flowers will open the world for you to see clearly. Follow this path through the Silver Sage Meadow to that threshold across the field. There you will find the entrance to the next world. Each world will have different teaching and you’ll be given the opportunity to “ingest” that lesson.” Deva gave us our instructions and heralded us on our journey. “Go well my young ones, the world is awaiting you.”

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