Chapter One – The Map

A Fairy Tale by Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

Once upon a time, there were two young children named Alwyn and Rowan, twins who were born from the royal lineage of the Wisdom Keeper Tribe. Like other children of the world, they had long lost the ways of the “Old Ones” from the Land of Enchanted Gaia.

The ordinary world had become quite drab, and rather dramatic at the same time. Joy and hope began to drain from all the people who roamed this ordinary place. Their feet felt heavy, and it became difficult to walk far. The world had become dull, dark, frenzied, and fear loomed in the corners of the land. In this land, there were no more rainbows and people no longer believed in magic. Even the children lost their belief in Santa or the Tooth Fairy. They forgot who they were, and where they had come from.

Alwyn and Rowan, however, had a small bright seed inside them. They only discovered it when they realized they could still see the luminous field that shone around the trees and plants, they were part of a small group of lucky ones who could still see the magic, even if only in brief moments of time.

“Alwyn, don’t you think we could discover the Land of Enchanted Gaia?” Rowan asked one day while they sat outside their small brick home, watching their neighbors try to wash the dullness away from their windows. No matter how hard their neighbors washed the glass panes, they never did become clear. The Land of Enchanted Gaia had long been talked about among the citizens of the ordinary world. Some rumored it was only a fable, while others held to the belief that somewhere out there, this land existed but for many, they believed they may never see this place.

“We could go and bring back the magic so people here can find joy again.”

“I suppose so,” Alwyn sat there with her fingers needling a long piece of yarn in the hopes of learning the secret knots of the fae, the knots they used in the vines so the devas and sprites could climb trees very quickly. “I think we can find anything so long as we have our heart wide open!”

Rowan scooted closer to Alwyn, surveying the area to assure he is not overheard, he whispers to Alwyn, “I think I found the secret map to the Land of Enchanted Gaia.” He carefully pulled an ancient, rolled piece of parchment from beneath his shirt. Glancing around once more for any prying eyes, he rolled the paper out onto the ground before them.

“Where did you get this map?”

“The other night when I dreamed, I found this map and when I woke up, it was lying next to me in bed.” He explained

To their amazement, the map seemed to suddenly come to life and the words began to glow and lift off the paper as if they were dancing.

“Rowan, do you feel that?” Alwyn excitedly asked.

Rowan begins to chuckle; he did feel it too., It’s like a soft tickle!” he explained. “Alwyn, look …” he said as he pointed to her belly. It was glowing in a beautiful, luminescent warm light, the same glow as the words on the map before them. Their curiosity and anticipation began to well up inside them, there was a glimmer of hope beginning to percolate.

Alwyn clutches her tummy above her belly button and begins to rub it. “It’s heating up, Rowan, do you feel it? Do you feel it?” And by the look on Rowan’s face, he did feel it too.

They studied their map for all the hours into dusk. Plotting the route, making a list of all the things they will need to include their clothing, a few biscuits with honey, clove rock candy, and their familiars, Radha, a plump squirrel with a half tail who sat mostly on Alwyn’s shoulder and Darach, Rowan’s black panther, curled up and resting his head gently on Rowan’s leg.

“We’ll go at dawn before anyone else wakes up. And we won’t come home until we have the treasures to bring joy and happiness back to the world.”

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