Chapter Ten – Wild Oak Grove

A Fairy Tale by Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

The compass sprang into its dance and led the twins into a wooded area on the other side of Dragon Falls. The forest glen was filled with songbirds, and woodland creatures big and small. A stag foraged on the small ferns that were still coiled in their spiral birth. A momma raccoon at the edge of a creek with her paws in the water, felt around for small crayfish to take home to her babies.

Alwyn could see the vibrant auras of all the trees and plants as if walking through a kaleidoscope of patterned colors. The earth felt different here, each step was cushioned with potent moss, and the air filled with the nature spirits singing.

“Alwyn, look, a signpost.” Rowan pointed to a small wooden sign with “Wild Oak Grove” carved into the soft bark of the pine tree and with an arrow pointing deeper into the woods.

They arrived at a large circle of tall, sturdy Oak trees, and in the center of the circle was a roaring fire and several men and women circling the fire. They chanted and danced, seemingly unaware of the company that had just arrived. Radha leaped off Alwyn’s shoulder and onto the back of Darach who then bolted to the circle of people in the center of the circle. Before either of the twins could do anything, they were already next to the fire.

The gathering stopped chanting, and dancing and all turned to the twins.

“Merry Meet! Welcome, welcome, bright blessings to you both. Come, join us,” a woman in a long cloak motioned them over to the circle. Her face was warm and inviting, she had a grandmotherly feel to her that Alwyn found quite soothing. She held a wand in one hand made from the branch of an alder tree. It was tipped with a single point of a Lemurian quartz crystal encased in a bronze adornment and bound by a strap of worn leather, likely from a stag. The bottom of the wand had a luminous labradorite stone, also encased in a bronze clutch.

The others were like her, some wore white cloaks, others wore green. Some held staffs, others had wands, while others carried torches dipped in animal fat and lit ablaze from the centerfire.

“Who are you?” Rowan asked inquisitively

“We are the witches, the druids, the shamans, and the earth dwellers. I am Favilla, a woodland druid witch of Wild Oak Grove.” She said, “And who are you two lovelies? We don’t see many small humans here in the Grove.”

“I’m Rowan, this is my sister, Alwyn. We’ve come to find the magic to bring back to our homeland where they’ve lost their joy.” Rowan felt a bit nervous talking to Favilla, he had heard stories that witches liked to eat small children and he had hoped Favilla was not that kind of witch.

“Magic is afoot, everywhere you look.” She motioned with her wand to all the forest around her. “If you want to find magic, you only need to slow down and feel the spirits.”

Rowan closed his eyes and focused on what he was feeling. He could feel the same strands of energy he felt with the shopkeeper, here now in the forest. Hundreds of these golden strands flowed from his energy center to the trees, the plants, the birds, the stag, even to the fire and the stones, and those gathered around. As he focused on these golden strands they began to illuminate brighter and brighter still until they flowed effortlessly. His body tingled, his mind rested, he could feel his heart center opening wide, and an overwhelming sense of peace overcame him.

“Alwyn, I think I understand now.” He tried to explain but found there really were no words for what he felt. “It’s all connected, we are all connected. It’s the way it used to always be.”

“Yes,” Favilla agreed, “This is how it once was – we were all connected to all of life. The power was infused within us, and life teamed with possibilities.”

“What happened? How did we become so disconnected?” Alwyn asked.

“People stopped believing in magic, and they gave away their powers in exchange for material goods. They locked themselves in their homes at night and instead of watching the beauty of a thunderstorm, they watched their televisions. Instead of foraging for wild berries and making nettle tea, they began eating fake foods and foods that numbed their brains.”

“Will we ever be able to bring magic to our world?” Rowan reluctantly asked.

Favilla tilted her head, smiling at Rowan’s young heart who so desperately wanted to help save the world. “The magic is inside you already. You only need to remember the old ways. When you know your magic, you will touch others with it, and they will then remember theirs.”

Rowan rubbed his tummy where he felt the golden ribbons teaming with energy, he still could feel the buzzing. The seed inside him was a steady glow now and he could feel it bursting with the potential he was filled with all along.

“Come, join us in the circle.” Favilla motioned us to follow her to the tribe gathered around the fire. A Druid came over to Alwyn handing her a staff carved from one of the Oak trees. “Here, this will help you to stay strong during your journey.” He said to her.

The staff was carved with all the animals of the woodland glen and carried their energies in it. Radha beamed in excitement when he saw a carved squirrel just above a burl. Darach rubbed his cheek on the staff, giving his nod of approval as well.

They danced and chanted, sang, and cast magic spells far into the night. Alwyn and Rowan ignited the magic within them once again, and by the dawn of the next day, both their seeds had sprouted new growth. They knew they were coming back to their power, back to the place of knowing.

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