spirit guides, soul tracking, learning the language of your spirit guides

What is Soul Tracking™?

Learning the Language of Your Spirit Guides

By Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

Learning how to communicate with your spirit guides may be one of the most asked questions I receive. Many people make assumptions that Spirit Guides all speak the same, convey messages to everyone in a similar, standardized way. And, some have never heard the voice of their spirit team. They feel as if they have been left out. Another myth commonly held is the idea that Spirit Guides communicate while you are in a shamanic journey, or guided meditation, or meditation. While that is true, they can, they are more likely to be speaking to you on your morning commute, or the random book you picked up at the store, or through your sister’s text message, or even through the evening news.

Several years ago, I was writing the curriculum for what is now the Gaia Medicine Wheel Mentorship. I was fleshing out the map of the Medicine Wheel and what each direction held that was sacred and tangible at the same time. I remember very clearly being in my living room after having set up two eight-foot-long tables end to end. Papers and books, drawings of the Wheel scattered across 16 feet of white space. I wrote feverishly, and then I’d go journey and gather more intel and come out and add that to my writings. During a journey, they showed me very clearly how to decipher the language of our soul. My guides showed me how to define what the communication looked like between the spirit world and the ordinary world. They told me to call it Soul Tracking™ and that I needed to teach it to others so people could reconnect to their spiritual selves and team, and thus, step into their power. I was shown how people weren’t hearing their guides and were looking outside themselves to others for validation, and to “hear” what is said – psychics, mediums, and intuitive’s were, in essence, taking away their ability to do this on their own.

Soul Tracking™ is now a large part of what I teach in the South and North Direction of the Medicine Wheel; it has become one of the primary tools for accessing the deep wisdom held within us. So, what is Soul Tracking™ specifically? It is the interpretation of your external world through your internal wisdom, which creates pathways of guidance from the spiritual realms. It is multi-faceted, deep, constant, and evolves with you. It brings you fully present and mindful. It’s loaded with texture, and answers to your deepest held questions. It clarifies and brings understanding that you might not otherwise garner. It is, by far, the most potent tool for plucking wisdom from your life. And the best thing? It’s accessible to everyone. You don’t need to be a well defined psychic or medium, and you don’t have to buy any witchy tools for divination (unless you want to), you don’t need anything other than a desire to live a more connected, and intentional life.

Who are My Spirit Guides?

The second most asked question I receive is, who are my spirit guides? And how do I connect with them? Before you incarnated into this life, you met with your “spirit team” to decide what your primary theme of lessons would be for this incarnation. As a team, you chose what experiences might elicit those lessons, and they would help to guide you in a way that kept you on course.

When we incarnate, there are a few things that happen; one, we experience amnesia, and we “forget” our spirit guides and this powerful pact we made with them and two, we begin forming our ego, and third, we now have free will. Our Spirit Guides must maneuver around those three obstacles, and they begin to send us messages and signs or clues as to which way to go to stay on course, a bread crumb trail if you will. Sometimes we get it, or we get the general feel of what we need to do, but often, we do it unconsciously. Or, we have two choices, and our ego chooses the path not aligned with the spiritual contract we made.

Our Spirit Guides are incredibly patient, and they know what it’s like to be human. You cannot have a spirit guide who has not also lived a human incarnation. Their ability to understand and empathize with the human condition is paramount for a working relationship. Our Guides have also likely been with us many, many lifetimes. And, most likely, you have served as their spirit guide while they live an incarnated experience. They are incredibly loyal and very patient and unconditionally loving. They have no judgment of us, only support and love.

The relationship you have with them is ancient and profound, but many miss the opportunity to strengthen this relationship and only call on their Spirit Guides out of desperation. The relationship, however, needs to be nurtured and attended to on a routine basis. Soul Tracking™ is one way of cultivating the bond between you and your Spirit Guides. It opens an ongoing dialog and companionship. Without forming this relationship, you will miss out on the depth of connection, which ultimately will lead you to follow the path you came here to experience.

spirit guides, soul tracking, learning the language of your spirit guides
spirit guides, soul tracking, learning the language of your spirit guides

How Spirit Guides Communicate With Us

Our Spirit Guides are incredibly resourceful and creative. They communicate with us always, if only we would listen. There are “tuners,” which we can prime that will open up more lines of communication. With these in place, there is no limit to how our Spirit Guides communicate.

In essence, communicating comes through our imagination, intuition, creativity, senses, presence, awareness, and our external world. It’s about paying attention to the details and having the ability to interpret the meaning through our direct revelation and not the revelation of others.

I led a retreat a few years ago and took the group on a hike through the forest. We stopped at a large oak tree, and I asked everyone to look at the tree, feel the tree, and “hear” the message. Nine people were present, and we had nine very different interpretations while looking at the same tree. We each have our own set of filters in which we view the world; our understanding of life is molded by our personal experiences, beliefs, and karma/contracts from previous lifetimes. We are unique in that way, and because of that uniqueness, our interpretation of something will never match that of someone else.

Your Spirit Guides also have a unique way of communicating with you. You have built this language between you through lifetimes of incarnations that you have shared with them. We all have that someone in our life which we know so well that either,  neither need to say a word and yet can be understood, or you have your own “code” that you both understand. Our Spirit Guides are similar; we have a code that only our soul understands.

This deep encoding is why I love to teach Soul Tracking™; I’m showing you how to prime those channels so you can clear the lines of communication and tap back into this “code” you hold inside you.


Can Spirit Guides Hear My Thoughts?

Our Spirit Guides are always with us, every single moment of every single day, and in every single breath, we take. They know us better than we know ourselves. And while they can undoubtedly hear our thoughts, what they respond to more are our emotions. Emotions carry a vibration, a frequency, and that frequency translates into a line of communication.  Our thoughts also carry a frequency and energetic code, but feelings are far stronger and emanate, most often, outside the ego.

We can try to trick ourselves with our thoughts, but the emotional body carries truth. If you are feeling intense fear and attempting to mask the fear with bravado thoughts such as “this isn’t so bad,” or “I am stronger than this fear,” the emotion is going to outweigh the pep talk. In Soul Tracking™, you learn how to match the thoughts with the emotions, or how to take the feeling at hand and pluck the message straight from its heart. Your Spirit Guides will, in turn, respond to the emotion by bringing you the messages you need to hear or feel to learn from the experience or transform the emotion or situation.

You can’t easily fool your Spirit Guides either. They know your bluffs, they understand how you mask things and bury it deep inside. They know what your pain points are, and also what motivates you. They indeed are your link between your soul and Source.

spirit guides, soul tracking, learning the language of your spirit guides
spirit guides, soul tracking, learning the language of your spirit guides
Enroll in the Soul Tracking Course
Enroll in this Course, and if you also enroll in the North Direction Gaia Mentorship, we'll credit your course enrollment towards your Mentorship tuition!

The Soul Tracking™ Soul Course

I’ve had people ask me for years to dedicate one solid course just to Soul Tracking™. Teaching it within the context and parameters of the Medicine Wheel helps to fully embody the true nature of what it is meant for, which is to propel us forward on our path in a deep and meaningful, intentional way. But I feel the time is right to offer this introductory Soul Tracking™ course to set the momentum for people to begin harnessing this language and using it entirely in their day to day life.

Want to Learn More?

Try this Newly Released Soul Course

Soul Tracking™ Course – Level One

This course is comprised of 22 units, each unit focusing on a different aspect of Soul Tracking™. It’s prepared for you much in the same way as our 21-Day Soul Challenges, with a daily challenge and teaching, as well as guidelines for creating a Soul Tracking™ Decoder Journal. By the end of the course, you will have a much deeper understanding of how to access the language of your Spirit Guides. You will learn how to receive the messages, decode them, and apply them towards your life path.


Testimonial from Betty Roberts, Mentorship Student and Shamanic Coach

When Dakota first introduced Soul Tracking I thought it was just a fun exercise. I was right, it is fun, but I was wrong in thinking it was “just a fun exercise”. It’s a tremendous, powerful tool. I’ve gone back to my Soul Tracker journal/dictionary over and over again to add items that have been brought to my attention or to help me put the pieces together after a day filled with messages that I can’t quite get my mind around. Soul Tracking gives my Spirit Guides and I a language all our own. It’s also been immensely helpful in keeping me present and mindful. I can’t very well worry about something that may or may not happen if instead I’m busy looking for the symbols and messages my Guides are sending me. Soul Tracking has added so much depth to my communication with my Guides and in turn, helped me to more fully embrace my authentic self and my spirituality.”

Testimonial from Raven, Mentorship Student and Herbalist

So I have been thinking for the last week or so why I feel so inspired about the idea of Soul Tracking, Dakota introduced this to us in a class about a month ago, and for me it is   a sacred language to communicate with my guides, it’s my own personal alphabet  from and to my higher guidance system that can be accessed anytime of the day or night if I am just paying attention… This is so exciting that anytime I want to stop and get in the moment I can listen or see or use one of my senses to know what my guidance system is telling me, So it’s just one more way to pray really, and at the same time in the same moment knowing that my prayer is being answered. And there really isn’t a right or wrong way to do it it’s just a learning the language of my own soul, which is a huge help sometimes when walking this crazy path were on.

The North Direction of the Medicine Wheel

Soul Tracking™ is a natural bridge to the North Direction of the Medicine Wheel which we enter on December 21st at the Winter Solstice. In the North, we retreat inward to the place of introspection and communion with our Spirit Guides. We tap back into our inner wisdom, extricating ourselves from our external trappings so we can fully embrace the sacred purpose we came here to pursue. Having a clear understanding and working knowledge of Soul Tracking™ will amplify the messages your Spirit Guides relay to you in that time you are communing, making your time spent in the North much more productive.

We open the doors to enrollment for the North Direction just after Christmas and classes begin January 09.

Soul Shaman Shamanic Mentorship
Dakota Earth Cloud Walker (Druidic Shamanic Witch)

Sometimes I write in a coffee shop, or the bookstore. Sometimes I venture to the Irish Pub and sit by the warm fire in a dimly lit room, sipping on Guiness while I hammer out an article. And other times I write at my desk, with dogs at my feet and cats on the back of my chair. No matter where I am, or what I’m writing, I write from my heart and from years of experience.

I love the Medicine Wheel, it has so much to offer us and so much of my writing, and teaching, is in hopes of  sharing this powerful tool with you.

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Meditations for Connecting

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