Luminary Soul Courses

Welcome to the online Luminary Soul Courses, where we take deep dives into the energetic themes of the Celtic Medicine Wheel and Shamanism. Our immersive courses are designed to enrich your spiritual practice and expand your understanding of these ancient wisdom traditions.

Each season, we offer a live version of one of our courses, which is then added to our growing library of offerings. We invite you to join us for our upcoming live session and experience the magic firsthand. Led by Dakota, each live session includes six group calls where you will delve deeper into the course’s theme and receive additional teachings. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your connection with these transformative practices.

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Visionary Meditation & Ritual Immersion

13 Weeks
Enrollment Ongoing

Our Visionary Meditation Immersion is designed to help you tap into your inner truth and uncover the dreams that have been lying dormant within you. This curated list of 13 meditations is carefully crafted to build on each other, taking you on a journey towards discovering your sacred purpose. Each meditation session in this immersion includes a guided meditation, a short teaching, and a ritual to help you anchor your experience.

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Visionary – Soul Warrior Training

9 Weeks
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The Visionary Soul Warrior Training is a 9-week program that takes participants on a deep dive into the East direction of the Medicine Wheel. The East direction is associated with new beginnings, the power of intention, and manifestation. Participants learn how to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, tap into their intuition, and align themselves with their true purpose. They also discover how to set powerful intentions, use visualization techniques, and connect with their spirit guides to manifest their desires.

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Threaded Prayers: A Workshop on Crafting a Sacred Prayer Talisman

9 Weeks
Starts April 14, 2023

Manifest your prayers and intentions. Over the course of several weeks, you will craft a beautiful prayer talisman, infused with your own energy, intentions, and prayers. Each week, you will string together various beads, natural items, buttons, and other decorative elements to form a unique and personalized prayer talisman. The ritual and prayer involved in the process will infuse each string with your energy, making it a powerful tool for manifestation and transformation.

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Shake Your Soul Awake – a 12 Day Quest for Magic

Enrollment Open Now
12 Sessions

In this enchanting journey, we will explore the mystical rituals that exist within the ordinary moments of our lives, and learn how to breathe energy back into the magic that surrounds us. From the flutter of a butterfly's wings to the whisper of the wind in the trees, we will learn how to connect with the natural world and harness its energy for our own magical workings.

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Shake My Soul Awake: An Embodied Exploration

09 Weeks
Opens April 10, 2023

The Shake My Soul Awake is a powerful and transformative journey that helps individuals bring ritual and magic back into their lives. The course is designed to assist people in living their lives within the context of the Medicine Wheel, a sacred circle that represents the cycle of life and the interconnectedness of all things. Throughout the course, participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, learning how to live in harmony with the natural world and connect with their inner wisdom.

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Council Gatherings

Begins April 6th
$15 Drop In or Season Pass Available

Join our vibrant global community for our weekly live Council Gatherings! We offer three different times to accommodate our diverse community. Our Council Gatherings are two hours long and feature live workshops, meditations, Q&A sessions, and community building. Each gathering is centered around a variety of topics associated with the direction we're currently in for the Medicine Wheel. This is an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and deepen your understanding of the teachings.

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Soul Warrior Training

The Soul Warrior Training is a powerful journey that takes individuals through the directions of the Medicine Wheel. Each direction focuses on a specific energy and set of tools that help individuals balance their inner wheel and connect with their soul’s purpose. This transformational journey is deep and challenging, and it has the potential to change individuals in ways they may not have even considered. Whether someone chooses to take one direction or follow the entire year, the Soul Warrior Training is an opportunity to become more present and in tune with themselves at a soul level. By embracing this journey, individuals will gain a deeper understanding of who they are and why they are here, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Soul Warrior Training – Alchemist

This 9 week online self-paced shamanic course on the West Direction of the Medicine Wheel, known as Autumn, will provide you with a chance to reflect on your personal harvest and manifest the fruits of your labor. You will explore the external world as a reflection of your inner world, and learn how to find balance, protection, and harmony through the use of tools from the Druidic, Shamanic, and Witchery realms.

During this course, you will learn how to communicate more effectively with your ancestors, who are especially receptive during this time of year when the veil is thin. You'll discover how to work with your ancestral lines and your land ancestors to heal any unresolved issues. In addition, you will delve into the fragmented parts of your soul, learning how to re-negotiate soul contracts, cut cords, and create a supportive environment for your internal soul.

The Alchemist Highlights of this course include soul recovery, ancestral healing, working with witch energy, creating sacred space, utilizing forgiveness as a spiritual tool, and building a grateful heart. You will also explore Hearth, Kitchen, House, and Green Witchery, as well as the energetic imprints we leave on physical spaces.

By the end of this course, you will have a deeper understanding of your personal power, and how to use it to manifest the life you desire. You will have learned valuable tools for balancing your external and internal worlds, and how to create an environment that supports your spiritual growth and wellbeing.

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Soul Warrior Training – All Sessions

Embark on a transformative journey of Soul Warrior Training, an immersive year-long program that takes you on a profound exploration around the Medicine Wheel. This ancient framework is the key to unlocking your inner wisdom, healing core wounds, and finding balance in all areas of your life.

Through the guidance of shamanic tools and teachings, you'll discover how to live more authentically, connect with your sacred purpose, and cultivate a deeper sense of presence in your daily life. You'll gain a deep understanding of yourself and your place in the world through a combination of live teaching calls, meditations, and rituals.

With four cardinal directions, each containing 9-10 weeks of sessions, you'll explore the energy of each direction and learn how it shows up in your life as balanced or imbalanced. You'll discover how to bring more sacredness into your daily life and cultivate a deeper sense of purpose and passion.

As a Soul Warrior Training member, you'll have access to 52 weeks of meditations and rituals, up to 36 live teaching calls with Dakota, and discounts on Soul Shop purchases and 1:1 sessions. This is your opportunity to transform your life and rediscover the magic that lies within you. Are you ready to embrace the journey and become a Soul Warrior?

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Soul Warrior Training – Sacred Heart Warrior

This 9-week online self-paced shamanic course focuses on the South Direction of the Medicine Wheel, which houses the Sacred Heart Warrior Soul Archetype. In this direction, we work primarily with emotions, intuition, empathy, relationships, and sensuality to help you tap into your emotional, creative, and intuitive nature.

Throughout the course, you will learn how to identify and resolve emotional blocks that have prevented you from reaching your full potential. You will learn tools for emotional well-being and dive into the concept of relationships, exploring how you relate to yourself and others. By redefining your relationships and discovering how to love yourself fully, you will gain tools for establishing sacred relationships.

The course also covers twin flame energy and soul mates, helping you understand how they influence your life and how you can prepare for these extraordinary connections. By embracing your Divine Feminine through sensuality and intimacy, you will tap into a well of creativity and an expanded sense of self. You will balance this with the strength and courage of your Sacred Masculine.

In addition to these teachings, you will also learn Soul Tracking, an immersive way to deepen your relationship with your spirit guides and higher self. This practice helps you interpret signs and messages from the spiritual realm.

By the end of the course, you will have integrated all of these teachings and developed your emotional intelligence, intuition, and creativity. You will have gained a greater understanding of yourself and your relationships, and be well on your way to living a creative and fulfilling life. The exercises and soul teachings in The South Direction are designed to inspire and empower you on your journey.

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Soul Warrior Training – Soul Shaman

This 9-week online self-paced shamanic course focuses on the North Direction of the Medicine Wheel, which is home to the Soul Shaman Soul Archetype. Through this course, you will learn how to uncover your inner shaman and connect with your spirit guides, past lives, soul themes, and lost soul fragments.

During the course, you will spend time in quiet introspection, working with the spiritual realms and your higher self to find your true beingness. By connecting with the Source and asking deep questions, you will access your inner wisdom and gain confidence in your power. You will also learn how to use the power of ritual, soul retrieval, and journeying to the other side of the veil to strengthen your spiritual practice.

This direction is particularly powerful and deeply rooted, making it a fan favorite among those who have experienced it with Dakota. The skills and knowledge you gain in this direction will lay the foundation for your spiritual journey and prepare you for the other directions of the Medicine Wheel to come. With the flexibility of self-paced learning, you can explore these concepts and practices at your own pace and convenience.

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Soul Warrior Training – Visionary

In this 9-week online self-paced shamanic course, we will journey to the East Direction of the Medicine Wheel, where the Visionary Soul Archetype resides and where our dreams are born. Through the power of sacred communication, vibration, frequency, and the quantum field, we will explore how to manifest our desires and build the life that reflects our inner spirit. We will also evaluate the characters in our life story and determine whether they hindered or propelled us towards our sacred purpose. By mastering sacred communication and becoming the prayer, we will discover how to achieve our soul goals and explore the power of vibration and resonance. Additionally, we will delve into the quantum field and learn about dream building and what can be achieved in our lives. Join us on this transformative journey towards manifestation and dream building in the East Direction of the Medicine Wheel.

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