Deepening Your Journey

Now that you have traveled the Wheel, you want to go deeper. There’s a path for that! Those who have traveled a minimum of one full year are eligible for enrollment into the Luminary Keepers Program which is comprised of two options – the personal journey (Luminary Wisdom Keepers Path) or the practitioner journey (Luminary Wisdom Keeper + Luminary Circle Keepers).

Enrollment opens once a year and it has a limited capacity.

Below are the details for each.

The Mythic Journey of the Wisdom Keeper

The Luminary Wisdom Keepers Path

The Personal Path

You’ve traveled the Medicine Wheel for at least one full evolution, and now it’s time to deepen your journey to elicit significant change and begin employing what you have learned in your life.

The Medicine Wheel is incredibly layered and multi-faceted, as you have seen. The blueprint it offers gives us a robust platform for organizing, manifesting, understanding, and growing more fully into the soul we are.

As a Luminary Wisdom Keeper, you will have a diverse experience for this coming evolution of the Wheel. Each direction is a standalone experience and yet all four sessions will create a well-rounded journey.

During each session, you will have some 5-hour virtual retreats, and some 2-hour live calls. The live 2-hour calls will be “Living Room Sessions” which allow for community connection and discussion on a few chosen key points. Some of the 2-hour sessions will be utilized for practical work as well.

At the end of each session will be a live breathwork session to serve as a culmination point of integration of the session’s work.

Throughout the year, you will be invited to join us for live in-person retreats at a discounted price.

Expanding to the Practitioner Path – Bringing Shamanism to Your Work

Luminary Circle Keepers Path

The Practitioner’s Path

Training to become a certified Luminary Circle Keeper (Shamanic Coach) includes the path of the Luminary Wisdom Keeper and an added 6-hour monthly virtual retreat. During our virtual retreats, we’ll explore a tool/aspect of coaching – what it is, how it affects our clients, how to use the tool, and any other information needed to give you a well-rounded toolbox by the end of your 12 months.

Included in the training are opportunities to be a moderator for one of the Luminary Circles, giving you the platform and clinical space to learn how to moderate groups in an effective way, including holding space for yourself and others.

You will also have an opportunity to co-facilitate the space during the breathwork sessions for the main groups.

The Luminary Circle Keepers will also have an in-person retreat in March 2023 where we will finalize your training with in-person training for Shamanic Breathwork and the Emotional Integration Session.

 Additional things you will need to do throughout the year include:

  • A personal vision quest

  • 25 hours of clinic hours (this can be done through co-facilitating breathwork sessions, leading a community event for SWT, practice sessions with students)

  • A written vision of your business model

Tuition and Enrollment

Enrollment for the Luminary programs opens in March of each year. There are a limited number of “seats” in the program to ensure a sacred and intimate setting. If you are are in the midst of your 2nd, 3rd, and beyond when enrolling, we will roll your payments into the Luminary program you are enrolling into. For example, if you have traveled the Wheel for one full evolution and are on your 2nd direction of the 2nd year, the 2 remaining directions will be applied towards your tuition here.

Because space is limited, there are no refunds once enrolled.

Luminary Wisdom Keepers

Personal Path


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Pay and Enroll in this Program

Luminary Circle Keepers

Practitioners Program


Pay and Enroll in this Program
Pay and Enroll in this Program

Soul Warrior Training

Continue Traveling the Wheel


Pay and Enroll in this Program
Pay and Enroll in this Program


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