Medicine Wheel & Sacred Wheel

Guided Immersive Journeys

The Medicine Wheel is an ancient and powerful symbol used by many cultures to represent the circle of life and the connection between all things. The Medicine Wheel is a tool for self-discovery and healing, and can be used to connect with the natural world and the forces that govern it. The Celtic Medicine Wheel is a variation of the Medicine Wheel that incorporates the ancient wisdom of the Celtic peoples. Both Medicine Wheels use the four cardinal directions and the elements associated with them to create a sacred space for meditation and reflection.


By meditating to each direction of the Medicine Wheel, we can connect with the energies and wisdom associated with each direction, and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. The East is associated with new beginnings, the South with growth and transformation, the West with reflection and release, and the North with wisdom and understanding. Each direction has its own unique energy and can help us to gain insight into different areas of our lives.


Meditation teacher and Medicine Wheel expert, Dakota Earth Cloud Walker, utilizes the energy of all the directions and of the Medicine Wheel to facilitate various healing experiences. Through working with the Medicine Wheel, we can learn to connect with the natural world, our ancestors, and the spirits that guide us. The Medicine Wheel can also help us to identify areas in our lives that need healing and provide a framework for working through those issues.

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