1. Tammy Parsons 6 months ago

    Ever since I was a teenager I always thought/said “I believe in the way of the (American) Indians” and I have always been drawn to druidism. After a couple of decades of being on my spiritual path, I am ready to really dive deep. I am ready to truly face my limiting beliefs and to almost accept them. I am ready to leave the beliefs of my up bringing and to follow my own souls calling. I am excited for this journey, even though it may be hard at times, I am looking forward to emerging from the North direction with a greater sense of myself, more of the women I was born to be with great connection and confidence in myself and my life. I am looking forward to be a greater example for my sister, mother and other women I come into contact with. I am ready to dive deep and learn how to swim these waters.

  2. Samantha Austin 7 months ago

    I want to know myself on a deeper level. I want to know who I am, why I’m here and how I can live my life for the highest good. I want to connect with spirit and honor this sacred journey through conscious awareness. I want to learn how to live a balanced life integrating all directions of the Medicine Wheel. I want to learn to shamanic journey, connect with my spirit guides & animals, higher self & great spirit. In a nutshell, I am here to enhance my spiritual growth through shamanism because it resonates so deeply with my soul.

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