1. Carol 3 years ago

    The most unexpected path that I am grateful for? Finding my way to Dakota’s door. Taking the decision to join her community. The best thing I have ever done. A beautiful safe space to learn in. So grateful.

  2. Karen Sky Dancer 3 years ago

    Greetings beautiful Soul Peeps
    Hoping all are enjoying this time of gratitude
    Many many paths, detours and maelstroms, not enough time to mention them all
    Perhaps the detour to the path of awareness and self actualization is the most profound at this time
    The day the presence of other beings on this planet coupled with the heart centered desire to love and be of service to them says it all
    Aho fellow travelers

  3. Inge Joosse 3 years ago

    Verbetering in tekst hierboven regel 1 houd geen rekening met …..
    Is dit wat mijn les is, wees alleen moet zijn nu ik lang genoeg aan anderen gedacht
    Het meest moet zijn ga ik naar de zeedijk
    Die ze overleed is overleden
    Lage oor aai
    Dan zegt ze mag ik je ogen
    Mooie ervaring de ingeving de haas en dat ik ben gegaan ❤❤
    Die middag werd ik ziek
    Ik weet het zeker dit is mijn les.

    Ik schrijf volgende keer gelijk in het nederlands dan minder fouten .

    Met liefs Inge

  4. Inge Joosse 3 years ago

    I think really a lot with my head and oversee what’s my guy’s are sending me. That’s a good lesson.
    My illness is an grateful moment. With the portal from 11/11 and the full moon tomorrow.
    Is this what my lesson are. Be by yourself.
    I find another people important but that’s now finished now it’s my turn.

    Last Tuesday I most go to the seedijk (an hunch) and I go.
    Over the talud /dijk there was an haas she past away and I’ll sit next to her.
    Her eyes were gone and I find it peaceful I strike her head and her long ear.
    I cover her body with grass and seeweat and told her look. Then she say might a have your eyes and without a moment to think I said yess.
    It was an extremely beautiful experience the hunch I’m going to fing her.❤❤
    That afternoon I became I’ll.
    I no for sure that’s my lesson.

    With love Inge

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