1. Raven Blakely 3 years ago

    My greatest teacher is my higher self, who points out to me all the time where I need to go and what I need to do, if only I would listen! She also knows how to hear other creatures talk and how to listen attentively to life, she is absolutely brilliant and she loves me very much, so it boils down to Love is my greatest teacher

  2. Carol 3 years ago

    My greatest teacher?

  3. Kaya Cooper 3 years ago

    Compassion has been my greatest teacher. If someone hurts my feelings I generally thank them sincerely for some pain to practice compassion. This is a relatively new practice for me, but it seems to be my path. I lean in very close to pain and tenderness until I realize, the more I feel it the more my compassion grows. Compassion allowed me to really love myself and therefore others. We can bear even the deepest pain. Aho, Gassho, and Namaste!

  4. Karen Sky Dancer 3 years ago

    Greetings beautiful Soul Peeps
    Feeling much gratitude for this challenge
    My greatest teacher is not a person… though I feel gratitude for the blessings from every human animal vegetable and mineral I have encountered
    The most profound teaching to date stems from learning to live in and maintain a life in a recovered state
    Living clean and sober is an amazing teacher
    Aho fellow travelers

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