1. Karen Sky Dancer 3 years ago

    Greetings beautiful Soul Peeps
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful journey
    I feel part of community everywhere I roam
    This connection with Spirit Guides and like minded journeyers is awe inspiring every day in too many ways to report
    I never feel alone and am amazed when I witness just how many others see to it that “Ohana” exists
    Aho Mighty Companions

  2. Inge Joosse 3 years ago

    Hey Dakota en medecursisten.
    vandaag pas les 8 moest er lang over denken. We zijn erg op ons zelf maar, deed wel vrijwilligerswerk aan de telefoon. Misschien is sensoor bekend bij jullie.
    Dat is een luisterend oor voor mensen in psychische nood. (Onder anderen)

    Dat er mensen zijn die proberen een leefbaar dorp te creëren

    Mijn inspiratie gaat meer uit naar de natuur.
    Grtjs Inge

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 3 years ago

      Dat klinkt interessant, ik hou van de uitdrukking “luisterend oor”. En ja, de natuur is prachtig, nietwaar?

  3. Raven Blakely 3 years ago

    I don’t know what I would do without my community, probably with her up and die, I help organize women’s events, I go to the local farmers market I play with my friends I live love and forgive all within the bounds of community, including this wonderful online community

  4. Carol 3 years ago

    I buy eggs from a local farm on my way home. I have to go back to when Ben was alive for the next bit. Everyone loved Ben, he was so gentle and they would stop to say hello and chat to me. I would take him on s short walk to the local bus stop and the kids waiting for the school bus would come and play with him and the parents didn’t mind. There is a neighbour who recently had a stroke, he came over to talk to me when he noticed me in the garden. I was driving home yesterday and we both waved to each other. Little baby steps. Namaste

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 3 years ago

      Baby steps are important … I know you miss Ben terribly, what a gift he was to you and your community!

  5. Julie Greco 3 years ago

    I support local on a regular basis. I shop the local farm raised meats and eggs as well as produce when available. I support the local spiritual community by attending meditations, sound baths and other events at local metaphysical stores or homes. If I eat out I will go to local farm to table restaurants rather than the chain establishments . Today I had a dance lesson at the home of a local dancer who was in the local competition circuit for many years. We had fun doing hustle today.

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 3 years ago

      If only we all did things locally like that Julie … we’d be such a different world, wouldn’t we?

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