1. Silke Clark 3 years ago

    Hi everyone how are you doing? I have a few fears I am working through at the moment. One is never thinking that I am enough, yet deep in my heart I know that I am enough. Also I had a sudden Mediumship opening five years ago and found myself working with Spirit, I had taken a few Certification courses with some well known Mediums in the field. Yet, receiving messages from Spirit is not always easy, one of my fears is that I maybe have taken on to much. Since I have started my own Massage business at the beginning of the year 2019, and work for myself as a self contracting Massage Therapist. Building clients and keeping me going in my healing work has taken up a lot of my time. Yet, I have found that staying true to myself and staying stead fast in daily Meditation practice and working as often as I can with Spirit and keeping my faith keeps me going in to the direction my God wants me to journey in. I believe that fear is a form of projecting to far into the future, Yesterday is gone , tomorrow has not yet arrived and all I have is right now. So just for today I am focusing all I can accomplish in the 24 hours I have available to me. Many blessings of Love and Light, Silke C. Namaste,

  2. Carol 3 years ago

    If I had not been able to overcome the fear of crossing the border into England I would not have b een able to go to my Dad’s funeral. I had to be there for my Mum and Michael, my brother whom I hadn’t seen for over 20 years. On the way as we neared the border I was able to put my unfounded fear to bed.

  3. Inge Joosse 3 years ago

    Hoi Dakota en medecursisten,

    Oh wat sluiten deze uitdagingen toch mooi aan bij wat er allemaal op mijn pad komt.
    Ik heb Linda de mevrouw van de opleiding een mail gestuurd met dat ik de opleiding wil gaan doen maar dat er een paar organisatorische probleempjes waren nu heb ik gemaild en gevraagd met wat voor mij beter uitkomt.
    Nou weken geleden zo ik gedacht hebben, dat kan niet te ver weg bijvoorbeeld. Nu durf ik veel meer. Wat ik vroeger echt niet zou doen.

    (Door te ). vragen staat vrij nee heb en ja kun je krijgen. Wat een mooi leer proces.

    Liefs Inge

    Door te ontdekken dat als je graag iets wilt je heel creatief kunt zijn.

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