1. Inge Joosse 3 years ago

    Oh Silke wat gaaf, super mooi dat je zo je weg gevonden hebt.
    Na het eerste lezen voelde ik weerstand maar jij hebt voor elkaar wat ik ook graag willen. Misschien beetje jaloezie maar snel losgelaten.
    Malle ik. ❤❤

    Ik volg een andere route. Ik oefen steeds meer mijn hart te volgen in plaats van mijn hoofd. Zo mooi dat ik me daar bewust van ben .
    Dan ben ik al halverwege. Ik ben bere trots op mezelf.

    Liefs idee moi.

  2. Carol 3 years ago

    A simple act of approaching the health centre from the opposite direction and then walking the same path inside but without using my walking stick which makes things look a whole lot different.

  3. Silke Clark 3 years ago

    I followed and payed attention to number frequency 11-11, since 2007. followed By Third Eye Opening about 2009, which through some training in a one year Clairvoyant program brought back what I had known long before I came back here on Earth in this Human shell. Followed by spontaneous Mediumship opening. I have been also working with the main seven Chakras since 2010, and know it has helped me to find the courage and grounding to proceed on my journey in the healing field, I used to work as a Medical Assistant / EMT. I have made it possible to walk away and no longer work for the Man, I am no longer a worker Bee. I am guided by something much bigger then me, letting go of Ego and following the process a different design, frequency. I work daily with my Spirit Guides, God , Jesus. Today, I am working for myself as a independent Massage Therapist / Healer ( Reiki ) energy healing. Love and Light, to Dakota and her team. Many blessings for this Gratitude challenge. Namaste, Silke Clark.

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