1. Richard Hayes 3 years ago

    The insight of looking in on yourself from a viewpoint of a higher self is beautiful. Living in the here and now and moving life forward from this exact moment.

    After a year of major life transitions coming together at the same time ( my mother passing away, separation from my twin flame relationship,returning from a year living in Asia, moving home and geographical area and work life in a new phase ) this spiritual perspective helps me with the pragmatic decisions needed as well as fresh thinking.

  2. Laura Christy 3 years ago

    I believe I was surrounded by numerous beings some light some dark. The center light levitated up over crowd into vastness above. Then I saw a large light hand holding handles of bag..the handle parted and seemed to become a ring for finger..it had oval type center piece on it…like shape of an eye. When I originally entered meditation in lower world, an eye turned around like I was looking through it. Gratitude…abundance…gifts…love

  3. l.kincaid 3 years ago

    I am grateful for finding Dakota and everyone I will be working with xx

  4. Carol 3 years ago

    I am grateful for this meditation. Earlier on I was upset about not being to see my dad before he died. After this meditation I have the memory of speaking to him on the phone and him knowing who I was and being able to speaks as if nothing was wrong.

  5. Caitrine Hellenga 3 years ago

    I am grateful for the staff at work. They may be young and less experienced, and yet they are still beautiful

  6. DaQua 3 years ago

    These meditations have to be the most powerful ones I have experienced yet as we journey the medicine wheel. The synchronicity with my life currently ,sang to me. I can already feel the Alchemist within at work. With Gratitude and anticipation for all the West will bring.

  7. Raven Blakely 3 years ago

    Gratitude is the fire that is in my alchemical forge as I turn towards the west…the fire in my hearth and heart…I am grateful!

  8. Kaya Cooper 3 years ago

    I too, am grateful!

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