1. Raven Blakely 3 years ago

    I have never used a picture as a portal before, so I went on whatever the name of that app is that has a lot of pictures on it and found one that I liked that was a tree with a doorway, and it led me into the fairy kingdom! Which was really good for me because I love that particular realm, and now I have a way to get there! Thanks so much for this journey

  2. Karen Cooper 3 years ago

    I went on a trip more real than psychedelics and my heart was moved beyond mind’s comprehension. So, I let go of mind and just got into the flow. I felt pure love after a big block passed through. I felt the love flow washing away the blockage detritus. Aho!

  3. Jackie 5 years ago

    Thank you…I LOVED my messages…I had picked a special door, but when it came time for the journey, the turquoise, rusty door came up…then it felt like I was in Ireland, with an earth house…but actually it was a healing sanctuary, which had everything to do with my question. Beautiful response to the affirmative. Many angels, guides, masters and galactic beings have promised to help me in my work. WOW! Thank YOU

  4. Christina 5 years ago

    Again a new experience that I enjoyed. I went through a portal I have never seen before and it was fairy like is the only way I can describe it. I was in a jungle and I was met with my guides and bear, but there was a black panther that went on the journey with me and I have never worked with this animal before. 🙂 I love dream work as I have always had very very vivid dreams. I could feel much more in this journey than others I have done. I mostly see and hear and know, yet this time I could feel the rain forest around me and in the journey I could feel the room and the feelings with it. Very cool.

  5. Heather Thomas 5 years ago

    I chose the arch with the moons as my portal and a path in my yard. Easy for me because I know how it feels and sounds.

    I felt my guide with me, the dream I entered I wanted to connect there again, parts of the dream came back to me and I got the sense that is all I need at this time. I am in training and need to keep working. Another message of patience and that all will make sense later. But not to give up, keep working and meditating and journeying.
    I tried being present with what I was feeling, seeing lots to notice but nothing clear.

    While there is a part of me that feels not much was accomplished and deeper parts knows it is ok. Reminding myself now to be patient. And a thought occurs to me as I am typing my guide is showing up in that form becuase serpents make me uncomfortable, they are powerful and so different from me and my life now.

  6. Ron Shackelly 5 years ago

    For the exercise on waking up my senses, I have no sense of smell, limited sense of taste,and I am tone deaf. I did have keen senses of seeing and hearing, but with age, they are lessening. I still have my sense of touch!

    For the Dream Journal, because of my trauma, I have poor memory, my comprehension and concentration are lower. I was always poor on remembering my dreams, worse now.

    For the Dream Re-Entry, I picked the archway with the two angels. I changed the statue angels to real angels. As I approached them I got emotional, they knew that, so they both wrapped their wings around me. I was so gratful I stayed like that for the whole journey.

  7. Grace 5 years ago

    This was very good practice for how to enter a journey. I’d not really had this instruction at this level of detail. Selecting the pictures worked well. I set my intention to find the next steps on my lifestyle changes as it relates to my health. I called in my animal helpers and three showed up – owl, dog, polar bear. Whenever dog and owl show up, regardless of whether I’m sitting, standing, walking, soaring – dog is always on the left of me, and owl is on the right flying above my right shoulder. This time polar bear was also trailing behind me and I felt reminded to observe situations before I take action, and I also felt safe with the bear behind me. I entered the middle world through a tree which had an opening and went into a beautiful forest which first I saw two deer on my left, and then everything else was just grassy. A leopard was sitting in the tree above the two deer. I called in my spirit guides but no one showed up so I continued on. I walked a bit until I came to a lot of trees and there was a lighted trail so I followed it. At the end of the trail was the same mansion that my paternal grandma is trapped in and I felt a little scared, weary, and disappointed that this was in my journey again. But I went ahead and followed the trail and stood outside the mansion. I sensed she had something for me and when I got to the mansion, she was still sitting in the window but this time she handed me a red rose. I thanked her and continued on my journey and started going down a hill, on a mountain. I stopped when I saw a patch of berries and began eating the berries off the tree, and also ate some green vegetation but don’t know what it was. I then continued on and came to a really vibrant and rushing stream of water which looked dangerous. I sat on the edge and put my feet in the water and listened to the gushing sound as it passed by. Then all of a sudden the water calmed down so I got in and swam around for a bit. I sensed the polar bear wanted to hunt for fish in the water but did not because he was guarding me. I crossed over to the other side and noticed I was not afraid. I usually do not get in bodies of water for fear of what lurks beneath like sharks, alligators, giant octopus, etc. I felt really good when I reached the other side. I continued on and found myself walking along side a lake to the right and the forest was to the left. I strolled the shoreline enjoying the sun on my face and my animal helpers were still walking with me in the same formation. I gazed upon the water for a long time, then I heard the call back so I headed back home. I passed the two deer on the way out and the same leopard was sitting in the tree above them. I traveled back through the tree and came home. This was a very pleasant journey. Not to active like some of my journeys. One message I received was a confirmation of my transition to becoming a vegetarian. I also felt that getting back to my love of long distance walking was important. Water seemed to be a theme but I’m not really a swimmer so I dunno there. The scene of the leopard and the deer was kind of odd in that the leopard was not trying to hunt the deer. And with the rose I didn’t feel any feelings associated with this, but if I go with the traditional meaning of a red rose it would be love. Lots of symbolization to process.

  8. April Doyle 5 years ago

    Round 3… still nothing.

  9. April Doyle 5 years ago

    Visualization is difficult for me… I can’t get settled & I don’t have a portal…. I can’t SEE anything. Garhumph…. lol…

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