1. Karen Cooper 3 years ago

    This meditation crossed me over into someone else’s thoughts. I was thinking about things I had no way of knowing. When I first started to be aware of this it kind of frightened me. I wasn’t sure i could get back to this personality. What do you think this could mean?

  2. Valerie 4 years ago

    Me and my Son have had Some difficult days this week, i was upset because he spends so much time gaming. Sometimes it overwelms me with fear of him on his pc, he shouts a lot and gets easely angry. I react calm but he doesn’t care and shouts again. Calling names etc. Then I get angry back and I realy don’t like me in this state. It hurts me when we fight, but I keep holding on and thinking iTS his puberty, but stil it isn’t easy especialy when I am tired. I know in my heart that everything wil be fine again, so I am learning at every way.Thank you for this meditation, I love my children so I have to be the teacher and also the student Aho

  3. robin 4 years ago

    Really enjoyed this meditation. Your point about the ego was good. I really felt the difference between coming from a place of ego vs love. I felt the cold constricting and the warm expansion from a safe place of observation. I am accustomed to dealing with resentment and fear in an intellectual way as opposed to a visual, felt way. The combination of the two ways really rounds it out and feels more complete . Thank you for giving me this piece that I didn’t realize was missing.

  4. normajean 4 years ago

    What fears came up? The fear of failure. From childhood and manifested in adulthood? What I saw a a huge brick wall surrounding me. Not allowing me to move in any direction. The fear of failure stopped me cold. There was no advancement, no retreat. Nothing. I could feel my body tense. Once I went back to heart love the wall was gone, the tension was gone. I could see how we both reacted out of fear, and how’s if we had reacted out of heart love things would have turned out so much better. We would have become closer and not be torn apart. Life might have worked out better. Now starts the work of forgiveness, on my part. I have never been good at that. I just TRY to forget. Peeling an onion…one layer at a time.

  5. Hanna Isaksson 4 years ago

    I have been struggling with a person last week that really pushed all my negative reactions up to surface. This meditation gave me some clarity of what truly happened inside me.

  6. Grace 5 years ago

    I love so many of Dakota’s meditations but this is now my favorite by far. Maybe because during this direction I’m being led to bring more grace and compassion into my being. Feeling the difference of love from my soul and ego, without judging it, brought me so much compassion for my self which will help as I work on giving that to others more. I can tend to be compassionate in a very fickle way but want to be more rounded in that giving. Thank You.

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