1. Valerie 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for this meditation. For this meditation I followed my intuition and whent outside in my garden. I mawed a round circle underneath the apple, pear and Peach tree a couple of weeks ago. So now for the meditation I was sitting underneath these beautiful old fruit trees. In the beginning I felt uneasy but this feeling left quite fast. While meditating I combined the 3D and spiritual together and the result was a very strong meditation. Thank you

  2. Carol 4 years ago

    Dixie Thank you for bringing your daughter into this world.

  3. Machell 5 years ago

    This was a loving a wonderful experience for me, got a lot of information from different animal guides.

  4. Trisha 5 years ago

    Profound experience I had!! When I saw my higher self I physically cried! It was the most amazing experience, I saw the beautiful being and knowing that is my essence I couldn’t help but get emotional. All those times I’ve had self doubt and thinking I wasn’t good enough I was just shown that that has all been self defeating lies. Just amazing!!!

  5. Jodi Easton 5 years ago

    What a beautiful journey to my higher self. I think I have been searching my whole life for this love, I just needed to find myself to have it, I have a lot of healing to do, I know this now, but I feel I can get through it all with my higher self showing me the way!

  6. Betty 5 years ago

    How timely this meditation was. I’d just finished writing about my Hum….the anxiety, the fear that I’m not good enough…and how I have to deal with these fears again. Now…I meet my Higher Self and see that I AM ENOUGH! I will indeed deal with these fears on a deeper level…and conquer them once again.

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