1. Karen Cooper 3 years ago

    I felt I was only infinite love there with my guides. We are all love as is the universe and mother earth. I have nothing else to say except I’m in awe at this wondrous feeling of pure love.

  2. Patricia 5 years ago

    Grace I read your comment and I totally agree. I myself sometime try to take on too much or try to make to greater change then I am unable to keep it up. a little at a time is the key. I too will use this meditation regularly to check in with myself to see how close I am to living the life I would like and my continuation of becoming my authentic self.

  3. Grace 5 years ago

    I really enjoyed this meditation. I listened a few times for several days as it is a great tool to look at my life based on the medicine wheel and make minor changes a little bit at a time and create a new life. I could feel the importance of working with all the directions to maintain balance. I can sometimes take on too much so I’m working on that aspect of me. This will be a recurring meditation that I will use on a consistent basis so that I can continued improving slowly over time as I become by best self.

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