1. latejadora 3 years ago

    Suprised I had another power animal come in a big tarantula. This will be a new experience for me.

  2. Diana 4 years ago

    So, a bengal tiger, white hawk and butterfly all said they are my power animals. Usually just the bengal is a regular. My main guardian and spirit son were with me as well. I kept popping in and out of meditation and they were trying to focus me.

  3. Becky 4 years ago

    I literally was the bat as soon as I entered the lower world…upside down, in a cave…It took me a bit to understand…I was frustrated, then realized…I feel more than I visualize so what better way to meet my current power animal

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 4 years ago

      This made me smile! I love when they are so literal.

  4. Valerie 4 years ago

    I had tried to do this meditation in the beginning of this week, but I got interupted. Today i tried it again, it started in An open field surrounded by trees, then I entered the forrest that brought me into my first portal, a hole in the ground. Passed trough and then I entered the lower world, it was hard to see animals and my guides. I saw so many different shades and clouds, so many spirits took a look at me. Some felt dark from the ancient times and world,but I knew I was protectief After a while Shebu came to me, my spirit animal the Bear, we made contact, then An eagle appeared , Shebu asked me to go with them. We entered another tunnel of stone, like a train tunnel, at the end of this tunnel we came out on the clif of a rock, I saw a waterfall coming down into a beautiful pond surrounded by ancient trees. The eagle flew high above me and Shebu told me do dive into this pond. So I did. It was refreshing and healing, this water. So I dive to the other Side of the pond and came out the water. The atmosphere was so frech. I stayed there looking and absorbing all of the frechness and beauty around me. Then I saw a white mist taking shape, it was a Buffalo. He shapechifted a couple of times but at the end it was a buffalo again. We made contact, I asked if he was my power animal and he was. I asked his name, he said Laki. We made contact for a while withouth any words, it was more of a spiritual feeling. And then I had to go back.

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 4 years ago

      That sounds absolutely beautiful, what a wonderful experience for you.

  5. Breda O Dwyer 5 years ago

    I was walking through a farm for a while until I found my way down to the lower world, I walked a very long rope stairs which seemed never ending , but finally I reached the end
    It was very dark for a while until I found my power animal a black shiny raven it wanted me
    To follow it and I did , until I encountered yet another raven which was smaller than the
    First it seemed one was a male and one a female , the second one did not do much she
    Acknowledged my presence and that was it, the first one flew fast though the cave
    Until it found an opening to to out doors into the green space , I did get one message
    It was to participate more, and and you receive more the it left .I did return home to by the same route Happy.

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 4 years ago

      I’m so glad you found your Raven! It’ll be interesting to see what messages you continue to get as you work with this energy. If you were to think about Raven, what qualities or healing powers do you feel the raven could bring you?

  6. Machell 5 years ago

    Found myself standing in the catacombs behind Niagara Falls looking out at the falls falling in front of me from above. The water falling was incredibly loud.
    I turned around away from the falls and started to walk the labyrinth of catacombs it was very dark , wet could hear and feel the water all around me.
    was walking in the dark for what seemed like a very long time , came across little people hobbits, sprites, watching me walk thru came to a large pool of water there was a tiger laying by the pool, I asked if he was my power animal he said My name is ZAR and no i am not then he laid back down , I thanked him and kept walking it got alot darker I could not see anything and I could barely hear the falls any more, then I came to this huge room where there were tons of bats flying all around me they flew away as I kept walking deeper into the big room, I got to the back of the big room and there it was silent and very still, I could not hear the waterfalls any more, came to this 2nd crystal clear pool and it had 3 turtles in it white one, gold one, & green one. I asked if it was my power animal and the magic began!
    they lit their color for me one at a time white, gold, green they just kept doing this white , gold, green, repeating over and over, I sat down beside the pool and just gazed at them for the longest time, I stuck my hands in the pool and got a massive jolt of energy thru my hands up into my whole body, my hands and body are still shaking as I’m writing this? I stood up dropped all the cloths I was in and climbed into the pool with them this seemed to make them happy because they started to sing with their lights, we were all thrashing around in the pool enjoying ourselves, I became a turtle and they were teaching me how to put my head and extremities in and out of my shell. For some reason they found this entertaining? I felt wonderful in the pool with them!

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Wow! LOVE this! I want to crawl into your visions and experience all this! The turtle is such an ancient symbol, the most ancient actually, for Mother Earth. You have so much symbolism in this journey for you to work with. I’m excited to hear where it takes you next Machell!

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