1. Sandra_M 2 years ago

    My layers were stripped away and all that was evident was my Divine being. As of late, and during this pandemic, I have been experiencing moments where I feel attacked by others for my opinions or thoughts and then feelings of being silenced. This meditation helped me to see that the reason for this is that these words do not vibrate with my soul and that matter what – they are negative in nature even if I don’t “THINK” so. My soul knows better…my Divine light has shown me that my only reason for being is to express love… I came out of this meditation with this deep knowing… understanding of who I am… Thank you Dakota.

  2. Karen Cooper 3 years ago

    Beautiful Dakota! I was having a serious decision to make about my adult daughter and how we communicate, if at all. I dropped all that very quickly and was brought almost immediately to my true nature. I am so relaxed and centered. My favorite meditation yet. Much respect and love…Karen

  3. latejadora 3 years ago

    I become the pulse. I felt its flow and I started to play with the energy. Visually it was something of a trance like vision. Then I realised it was the feeling that I was connecting with that allowed me to direct the visual. I will need to sit with this for a while longer and maybe revisit this a few times to connect deeper as I am usure that there are enough words to justly describe it.

  4. And 5 years ago

    Putting everything aside was hard this time. Processing much after the winter holidays, suble changes and shifts in those systems of families and friends. Still, as I laid aside all the stuff, firmly, and looked at this ball of energy, I felt vibrancy, aliveness, but most of all, such power. It scared me. Unbelievable power. Not sure if I can handle it. Knowing at the same time that I am at every moment wielding it, consciously or not, which scares me even more. One of my guides was there, an ancestor who has become important in the last few weeks, and helped me become calm again, with a stern posture and a chuckle. The ball of energy expanded into a large globe, like the Earth’s soul, and I became aware of unity. Dakota’s voice returned to the facets of life, said “be all this, AND also this soul energy” (or something similar), and I cried, struck to the core. Why am I here? I saw filaments emerging from the light globe and coalescing to structures. Build a bridge. From the meditation, I took back an image from my power animal. Hanging from a thread of spider silk, twirled and rotating and up and down forgetting sides and getting confused, there is this place where the light thread is anchored, quite firmly, this space, the seat of my soul, which opens up serenely. In all the movement, I can find my way back here. Thank you, Dakota. Thank you.

  5. Valerie 5 years ago

    After letting everything go, I was a blue white flame, then deeper feeling like the waves on An ocean. Vibrations very light and smoot. the waves where al souls connected like a blanked. Pure and white, al one. Then into the waves the face of A white owl appeared, then the bear, then An angel. Be open be connected, be one. Feeling so light now. Thank you Dakota

  6. Carol 5 years ago

    I feel a sense of peace, of freedom, my soul family is more complete than it was last year. I was able to strip off the layers and leave them to one , I felt nothing but peace. I had another visit from Gaia.

  7. Michelle 5 years ago

    At the start of the meditation there was a beautiful big yellow butterfly following me and together we ran through long tall grass. I could feel the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze. There were colours everywhere and I felt my soul to be full of pure rainbow energy with wings. I came here to fly and be full of wonder. Towards the end, the biggest and most beautiful yellow and black striped bee appeared. I felt the fuzziness of its legs, and I became the bee, dancing among sunflowers and feeding from them. It was just pure energy, full of sweetness and light. Even as I write this now I can still feel the hum of life itself. One of the messages I’m taking from this beautiful meditation is to embrace life with every thing that I have, and don’t be afraid to fly. I actually wear a bracelet with the words engraved on it “What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”. If only I could follow this advice. I know that Spirit and my soul are yelling at me to wake up and to take it, and fully live my life. The other message I got was almost one of urgency to protect the bees on who we depend so much to sustain us and life itself. Ancient and sacred bees sending messages to the world,and also yelling at all of us to wake up before it is too late.

  8. Diana 5 years ago

    ….and rising ! 🙂

  9. Diana 5 years ago

    Listened to the meditation a second time and went to a similar state of peace. I think the first time I did it I slipped into a few past lives, one I remember from another journey. Big lessons in this lifetime and karmic relationahips! Overall, I feel like I am cleaning up karma.

  10. Diana 5 years ago

    I saw myself as light with beauriful colors swirling within me. When I asked who I was I received “Queen, Goddess, Warrior” When I asked what I came to learn, i received “patience”

  11. Grace 5 years ago

    This was a very powerful journey. I saw myself sitting inside a huge medicine wheel. It was the size of the earth. As I traveled the wheel and shed the layers, I became lighter and lighter. At some point I stopped seeing anything and just felt and heard my breath. Then I felt like I left my body and was floating above the wheel. I became a giant heart filled with all the chakra colors. I felt surrounded by love and that I was here to spread love across the world, and to help others learn self love.

  12. Marisse Gabrielle 5 years ago

    I saw myself as a soul looking at the earth before I incarnated. I saw the earth in a state of suffering and I wanted to come here and help to spread love and light. I also wanted to understand how the earth had got itself into this state… So I chose a family that struggled with some dark stuff who are from a country that struggles with some dark stuff. All this is aiding in my understanding of humanity and the self-imposed suffering that we’ve created.

    • Marisse Gabrielle 5 years ago

      I am here to spread light – not in only one way or in one place – but in a myriad of ways and countries. I just have to be open to the messages of where to go and what to do. In this way it will feel like I live many lives in this lifetime.

      • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

        Beautiful! That’s a great “Mission statement”!

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      It’s interesting to me that quite a few of you are writing similar veins of thought here – I feel that each of you are alive at this time because of the immense power you have in healing the earth and humanity. Humbled to be with each of you!

  13. Autumn 5 years ago

    I am a divine spirit. Underneath all the layers of labels of my being is an energetic body. It is white and yellow and very bright. It really has no form. It connects the earth to the sky and then this connection creates this beautiful energy that goes outward and connects with other things energies. It forms a web with others. It is the interconnectedness of being. I am here to anchor in this energy. It does not matter what I do, it is about being a channel for this energy. I need to remember this when I am working, or whatever I am doing. I am healing aspects of my heart as I have been betrayed in the past for coming into my power. I suspect this happened in another lifetime. Now I have created a partner who loves me and supports me as I come into my own power and this is healing for me. I also understand why it has been hard for me to be vulnerable. I am loved and supported and I give myself permission to heal the deep wounds of vulnerability, to speak my voice and to be this energetic body that I am. I am a healing positive vibration that is needed so desperately in this world.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Yes, yes, and more yes! So happy to read this from you! 🙂

  14. April Doyle 5 years ago

    It was a nice, relaxing meditation for me… I didn’t see or feel anything.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Sometimes we just need to relax and take a break 🙂

  15. Jennifer 5 years ago

    Wow, so this was really profound for me in a way I don’t think I’ve ever quite experienced before… I felt this so very deeply. I felt this light in me, as warm and as bright as the sun, and I think for a moment I *was* the sun, and then I felt this very deep grounding energy coming up from the Earth, and I felt as if I *was* the earth…and when I looked around, I saw myself flying over cliffs down near the water in the place where I go to meditate by the river in the summer, and I saw huge mountains of amethyst and citrine crystals all around me! It was is if for the first time I actually believed that I was this beautiful, warm light and that deep, raw energy from the earth. I truly felt…powerful. Connected. Like I could let my body dissolve and just let my real energy be absorbed back into the sun and the earth.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Wow! How powerful! Have you looked up the spiritual qualities of amethyst and citrine? This sounds like a great awareness that was “awakened” inside you!

  16. Patricia 6 years ago

    As I stripped the layers away I felt this intense energy also pulsating with each inhale and exhale of breath. Then as I continued to strip away I saw myself as a being of light. I kept hearing you’re here to spread your light and love. On my return to the room I asked is that all because thinking logically I’m expecting I’m here to say for example be a healer or to write. But from a spiritual aspect to be a light being in a human body is quite something. The purpose or reason is what I don’t fully understand.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      You wrote this comment a month ago, I’m curious if you have had any new “understandings” about why you are being shown you are a light being in a human body. It’s a beautiful revelation to have, and comes with a great honor!

  17. Machell 6 years ago

    Awesome turn in, Very different for me , saw nothing, felt everything!
    In my rawness Standing inside my own essence energy ball it was pulsating with my breathing I could feel my field expand and collapse.
    There was the ball energy essence of some folks from this mentorship community, Jodi, Grace, Jillian, Carol, Dakota, Amber, Merrisa,… inside my energy light we were all bouncing around the top of a very reflective lake, felt very warm during this. I bounced to an ancient area of a stream where there was this Very old all gnarled up tree hanging on the water’s edge with its roots intertwined in boulders in the stream seemed like a very old place and there was a big deer drinking from the stream.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      What a beautiful visual and experience! Sounds really amazing … and profound!

  18. Carol Sloan 6 years ago

    And I thought Connecting with your spirit guides was powerful, the meditation that brought me here. This is the next level. As soon as I put my blindfold on and closed my eyes, Buddha was waiting for me. Gaia was there too. Kind and gentle energy but fiercely protective was floating all around me. I saw the stars, my beloved stars. Lots more work but I feel I am starting to get a bit closer to finding the answers I seek.

  19. Betty 6 years ago

    This was a very powerful meditation for me. After I stripped away all of the filters it felt as though the spirit I stepped in to was very ancient and wise. I could see light swirling around me. It brought hot tears to my eyes….to feel so connected to such a deep and powerful energy. I’m still struggling with why I’m here…what my purpose is. It felt as though it was on the other side of a thin veil but I couldn’t quite reach it. I’m getting in my own way again…much more work needed.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Feels like you are well on your way to getting there Betty … the very first step is to tap into that ancient wisdom with you and that you indeed did during this mediation! You are going to love the East/Visionary direction!

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