1. Julie Greco 3 years ago

    A piece of wisdom I have learned the past year is to always trust my intuition. I always doubted myself and would question my gut feelings. Most of the time didn’t listen to what it was telling me or listened but ignored. This has put me in many situations that I knew, pretty much immediately, my intuition was right. I could have saved a lot of heartache, pain and financial setbacks it I had listened. I am grateful that I am now listening to my intuition and and following my heart on a different path without worrying about what others have to say or think about me. I am enjoying the journey so much more now.

  2. Silke Clark 3 years ago

    Years ago ” Gratitude changed my Attitude” Thank you for reminding me once more why I am, Love and Light, Silke C.

  3. Karen Sky Dancer 3 years ago

    Greetings beautiful Souls
    Thanks to all for sharing. At 57, my daily mantra has become “ what can I bring to the table today?”
    A few years ago, I began a journey into “wild crafting” different medicinal topical and sublingual products.
    For this challenge, I am delving into wild crafting “sweet birch oil” from the offerings of our own majestic and graceful Birch trees. They offer up their essence without harm to themselves.
    I am using an abundance of advice and intuition I am learning to trust.
    Aho fellow travelers!

  4. Kaya Cooper 3 years ago

    The most important thing I have ever learned is something ubiquitous, but that I never employed fully for myself until now. It is that the most important thing is learning to love yourself. Also to never look away from painful things like homeless people, or starvation or disease. Leaning into it really causes growth in compassion. More compassion causes you to love yourself and thereby all beings more. It is a tender path and you begin to really benefit all mankind. I don’t know which is my favorite part on circle of compassion. Thanks to all of you for helping me learn this lesson. I am so grateful.

  5. Lorie Nierman 3 years ago

    I think the most important piece of wisdom I’ve learned is to always ask questions and never stop learning. Keeping an open mind and heart keeps me from becoming overly judgmental. I don’t remember “learning” this….it has always been at my core. I’ve had friends and family who have tried to tell me I’m wrong, and I will follow for a while, but I always know or feel the wrongness, and come back to my truth.

  6. Author
    Dakota Walker 3 years ago

    The piece of wisdom I always revert to is a small nugget my Grandma instilled in me and that is to question if what I’m doing brings me joy. If it doesn’t, then do I really need to do it? And to find joy in the most unlikely of places such as paying bills. I used to dread paying bills, but now I look at with gratitude for being able to pay them and joy because the source of income comes from my life passion.

    Grandma was very wise.

  7. Lee-Ann 3 years ago

    Computers… I had a manager eons ago that gave me a chance to do something different in an area I had no knowledge. She had faith in me and without her taking a chance, I never would have gotten into computers and had the jobs that I have had. Synchronicity is always a funny thing to me too. Today, I needed to dig deep to do something on the computer! I’m not sure I ‘learned’ anything new today, but I did remember something I hadn’t used for a long time and am so grateful for those that have taught me during this lifetime! Even though I was QA, I had some great developers teach me and for this I am so very grateful!

  8. Carol 3 years ago

    My life has changed so much since I joined the mentorship. I never thought it possible. I am grateful.

  9. Jan De Bondt 3 years ago

    I take too many things for granted, I feel I need to be more grateful.

  10. Inge Joosse 3 years ago

    Yess ill began
    Thanks for the possibilitie.


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