1. Julie Greco 3 years ago

    I recently finished my Reiki 2 training. I have been wanting to get out and work on live people instead of plants and water. I happen to be on FB this morning and a local wellness center was having a Reiki share. They were offering free 10 minute Reiki Sessions to the general public. I asked if I could attend as a healer even though I didn’t train there. I was told Yes be here at 3:45 wear white. Now I am not fond of putting myself in a situation where I don’t know anyone, especially being somewhat new in this field. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and attend. So after a little ritual, dressed in white, essential oils, crystals in my pockets and my big girl panties on off I went. It was truly an amazing evening. We had people lined up to come in for a free session. My table had 3 healers myself, a Reiki Master and another level 2 practitioner. The energy and synergy we had was off the charts. I learned so much from just watching and feeling the energy in the room. The clients were so grateful for the healing. I was so grateful to be able to serve them. I am so grateful I was brave enough to venture out. Aho

  2. Silke Clark 3 years ago

    Hi everyone, at age 53 I followed my calling I went back to School to work on my Massage Therapy license. I worked in the health care field as a Medical Assistant. In Meditative state I asked my Spirit Guides to show me were I needed to journey to be more of a part as a healer. I was clearly given the picture to follow my vision and work toward my Massage Therapy license. At age 53 going back to school with pears half my age was not the easiest thing I have ever done and it has taken me a lot of courage to proceed and a lot of tuff studies in Kinesiology.” Bravery to follow my dream” Today I am a Healer through Massage modalities and Reiki healing one client at a time. Many blessings to all. Love and Light, Silke C.

  3. Lee-Ann 3 years ago

    I am truly stumped on the bravery.. I’ve run through some memories and I don’t view them as brave, I just view the as life. However, on the good deed today, while I was cleaning and purging in my bedroom, I came across some clothes I had recently ordered that didn’t fit. Instead of sending them back, I’m going to send them to the homeless shelter in Boston. I will comb through my closet and see what else I can send along to them. I know they help a lot of folks and it just made sense to send them over to them.

  4. Carol 3 years ago

    A moment of bravery from my life moments. Taking my stump in my arm and cuddling her and promising her that I would look after her the very best I could.

    I made a pot of soup for tea and shared it with my son Calum.

  5. Karen Sky Dancer 3 years ago

    Greetings beautiful Soul peeps! Thanks to all for sharing this journey.
    These challenges are nourishing mindfulness practices.
    I have had to find courage regarding health in this past year… I have experienced both humility and empowerment along the way. Learning to breath healing light into every muscle and joint in my body has been both challenging and triumphant.
    For this challenge I went on a very mindful mission to do something to bless a sweet client.
    She had been looking for specific tea cups to add to a gift basket. The size had to be just so.
    I blocked off the entire afternoon and went trolling at my good friend’s antique mall.
    It was a gift of pure presence and “stillness in public” for me. I went through the entire mall on the mindful mission, enjoying pure presence.
    The client needed two small teacups with saucers. There were plenty of standard sized and demitasse cups but none the size she desired.
    Somehow, simply being in the state of presence and joy, they magickally appeared. Two… in perfect condition and very reasonably priced.
    I dropped them to her on the way home… her joy and appreciation were the perfect ending to a perfect day.
    Aho fellow travelers

  6. Kaya Cooper 3 years ago

    Before I read this challenge, I donated enough to Redwoods Gospel Mission for 10 homeless people to get a good Thanksgiving Dinner. They just cut all food stamps to homeless people here. My heart goes out to all of them. It is political. What are the homeless supposed to do? My son’s food stamps end at the end of the month, but he has a wealthy and generous girlfriend who will always make sure he has food. Most homeless people have no one to fall back on. We must do something.

  7. Author
    Dakota Walker 3 years ago

    I spend so much time at home working that I’m not in the public as much BUT today, I’m going out into the world to do some shopping and errands JUST so I can do this challenge (well, and because I really do need more cream for my morning coffee!) Looking forward to finding an opportunity to do something for someone else!

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