1. Julie Greco 3 years ago

    Music makes me come alive. I love to sing and dance it feeds my soul. Today with gratitude I will dance around my living room, sing a few songs and attend a sound bath healing meditation this evening.

  2. Carol 3 years ago

    I feel feel most alive when I can feel the sunshine after the rain. When I am at one with Nature.

  3. Karen Sky Dancer 3 years ago

    Greetings beautiful Soul Peeps!
    Thanks so much for the beautiful sharing
    When all is said and done, I feel the most alive when I am experiencing a moment fully present… something relatively new to me in this incarnation
    I really began to enjoy this when I hit 40… even more when I opted for a clean and sober life
    Everything is worth experiencing and getting jazzed about when me,myself and I are present for it
    Aho fellow travelers!

  4. Silke Clark 3 years ago

    Hi everyone much love and light. What makes me come alive is working with the other side. Being in alignment with Spirit ( Mediumship ) being a voice for Spirit. Silke C.

  5. Inge Joosse 3 years ago

    Dat ik vandaag in bad ga met kaarslicht.
    Ipv dat ik slecht zal gaan.

    Hihi weeral ikke

  6. Inge Joosse 3 years ago

    Hey Dakota and fellow students
    The past 3 days I filled in on Facebook group. The rest I think I do here because in group on Facebook I can’t fill in day four.

    What me makes me living is a today I’ll go in bad with candlelight and good music.
    What brings me to life is go too bicycle in nature. But not today me an little ill

    With love Inge

    • Carol 3 years ago

      I hope you feel better soon Inge. Much love from Carol

      • Inge Joosse 3 years ago

        Oh Carol,
        thanks jou, that’s lovely. ❤❤❤.
        It’s going an little better
        I wish you an very good course and beautiful insight s too
        from an very wet Holland.

        With love Inge.

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