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  1. Julie Rathbone 2 years ago

    As i went into the east i felt sadness, and a bit of anger as i looked at my life. Eagle allowed me the perspective of how others see me in a better light, and i was given courage and strength. In the south i bonded with joyous vitality with dolphin and my spirits were uplifted. In the west the snake was waiting for me, and i felt an acceptance of my situation, coupled with responsibility. I emerged into the north with a complete surrender to what is, wisdom and a feeling of being at one with source, from whence my answers came. I am. I was given a seed by my power animal.
    With gratitude

  2. Melisa Perschon 3 years ago

    I have gone into the underworld before to meet with my animal, but this journey was very differen, and pretty intense.
    When I went through the grove, and through an opening of the tree, I went down like I normally do on branches which lands !e in the middle of the wheel. My spider was pretty excited for how ke, and said about time. From the wheel my totem spin webs as we went in each direction. Intricate with symbols and pictures.
    Each direction showed me different aspects of my learning that I had lost with conditions through life at the age of 5. The showed me my connection of laying in the grass with the wind and Sun on my face. The stillness. The showed me the ability to see spirit that I lost also as a.child with conditioning. The showed me that I love throw my heart and vision. The spoken and written word, and that being stripped long ago, and me reclaiming it without fear. Embracing the child through my ancestors, the spirit of the rocks, plants, trees, symbols, and all the kids sacred with in me that also bursts forth from my heart. I can’t fully explain this journey except it was pretty incredible.
    They have asked for burning of the old words that do not serve me, more going within my heart with ceremony, connection to all beings, to write it down and speak my truth, and to have more sacred ceremonies for myself.
    All of my animals showed up from the underworld, everything that I connected with outside of human existence. The sphinx, the unicorn, fairies, plants, trees, herbs, stones, and signs were given to me. My spider sent !e with a meeting record keeper, the flower of life, the Celtic knot, the trinity knot, a triskel, the ogham, and we went back into the center of the web which was surrounded by the runes. Then I climbed back up the web instead of up branches.
    Even the world I left was different coming back with how everything touchline the web of life.
    Probably my most favorite experience with journeying.
    Thank you.

  3. Robert Martin 3 years ago

    This was an excellent meditation even if I had a few uncomfortable moments. I’m sure there was more information than what I will list below, but I need to further meditate on some of the symbols.

    The Eagle revealed the different paths I have taken during my youth and adult life and how the are linked together.
    The Dolphin reminded me that I need to stop being so serious all the time, that I need to relax and start enjoying life more by following my intuition as I did when I was younger and not the way I believe others expect of me.
    The Snake helped me not only understand it is ok to leave some of the values or baggage I have gained when I was younger, but it would be required to follow my chosen path as We/I shed my skin as I was reborn.
    The Bear helped me understand that I have the strength to be myself and do what I feel is right even if it goes against the status quo.

  4. Maria Bovin de Labbé 3 years ago

    Ease, perspective, and flow. A beautiful, uplifting journey. A reminder of the obvious. The eagle helps me to zoom out, get out of my ”bubble,” the dolphin that my melodies are like waves, moving through my body, the snake gives me the image of me moving naked, light — playing naked. A warm, comforting experience. The bear: calm, rest. There is no stress. Take your time.

    And in the end, my power animal gives me a collapsible miniature stage with my instruments. It’s so cute. I can carry it in my pocket. Always with me. I smile.


  5. Richard Hayes 3 years ago

    What a wondrous journey. Flying on the back of the eagle to look down on myself on my journey through life – past, present and future was deeply insightful.
    I live in the here and now and the present creates the future.
    I am finding a new direction now and the dolphin provides such vitality in guiding me to the journey ahead.

  6. Raven Blakely 3 years ago

    I really liked the journey on the medicine wheel, the eagle told me or showed me rather from a higher up perspective that the only thing between me and my goals is my belief in myself or lack there of and I could see it, and then when we went to talk to the dolphin in the south it brings tears to my eyes she brought me such a place of self love and appreciation and just general beauty and wholeness I really don’t have words, and then the snake had me bring the fire within without so that I could shed my fears and anxiety and bring my creativity forth, and then with the bear it was total stillness and acceptance , I had to power animals with me on my journey this time, the butterfly which let me have a lightness spirit and the wolf which let me have some wisdom, the wolf told me that it will be with me throughout my journey on the medicine this year, and the butterflies with me always… Thank you so much this Really helped explain to me the way you see the elements and another way of looking at them a different perspective, so thank you I loved it

  7. Raven Blakely 3 years ago

    I hope I am replying to the whole medicine wheel journey and not just one person’s reply, so I’m just gonna write something really short and see if it comes up and if it is on now I’m doing it right if not I’ll figure out where I’m supposed to do this

  8. Kaya Cooper 3 years ago

    My power animal is very beloved to me. he was a wonderful guide to the gatekeeper animals. They each showed me respect and love and it was great to swim, fly and shed my skin; but I am an elder and perhaps that’s why Bear and I were so affectionate and loving together. All the animals had personal messages for me and many answered my questions. I didn’t ask Eagle questions as he showed me all of myself, shadow and light in a gentle way. Thank you Dakota. I needed something special today. I worried over money for the last couple of days, but with wonderful Larry’s help I was able to realize I had paid for a pearl worth any price. I don’t usually worry anymore, so I don’t think I handled it well, until I did.

  9. naomicampbell26 3 years ago

    I haven’t been on a journey for what feels like a long time, so when I saw my spirit animal it was like coming home and I cried a lot, and was repeating over and over “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” in which he replied “there is nothing to be sorry for my child.”

    I have been having a couple blocks to journeying, one being knowing what intention to set. in this journey i what again challenged and opted show me what i need to know at this time, which then transitioned into show me my life purpose. The other challenge has been that while in the beginning when I stared journeying I would stay present in the other worlds, I started to loose space and time, and drift between worlds, and dream space.

    My familiar lower world appeared and my guide took me to new places to visit the 4 animals. Again when i met with the eagle I felt myself in “dream space” but it felt different, perhaps something from another time, something that had already happened or was yet to happen. I felt I am supposed to be with the eagle not here, “why am I here?” spoke loudly in my mind. The eagle came and showed me parts of my current life all space and time in moments, and I am in these moments and It’s feels like a dream/event past/future not sure, why am I here, I’m supposed to be flying with the eagle.

    My spirit animal takes me to take me to the south I hear the ocean, we pass familiar places within the lower world, I am at a beach I see the dolphin I walk into the water and grab onto her fin and we dive we twirl and spiral thru the water I see Atlantis. I think I am dreaming again, I cannot retain what is, where it is, am I dreaming again, or lost in the dream/past/future space and time.
    perhaps this is not dreaming, it is just a language that I do not comprehend, that I can not fathom, that I can not remember when I return, too much information for me to interpret.

    My guide returns, he takes me back to the west, where his ancestors are, the giant serpent is waiting, my guide and the giant serpent merge into one. The giant serpent is magnificent, I am in awe of the power he emanates and I feel it within me, the giant serpent and I merge, I have flashes of dreams/visions I can’t grasp, understand or remember, snippets of time, I don’t know if they have, happened, are real or might happen. I experience them, they seem like just ordinary days. I feel no clarity, Just more misunderstanding, more cryptic messages that I don’t understand.
    Dreams/or reality?

    The energy from the serpent is warm and powerful, I ask for the ability to remember and understand.

    My guide, now takes me to the north, to the snow, to the giant bear, he holds me in his arms he is soft, warm and gentle, I feel this sense of comfort, supportable happiness. I ask him for the same clarity, the ability to remember and understand the messages, the ability to stay with spirit, and not dream.

    I fall asleep.

    I return.

    In the past I have felt that I was not achieving anything, because my journeys were a jumbled mess of lower world, dreams, space and time. But I have since started to understand that some of what I experience is beyond my understanding at this time. that spirit is speaking to parts of me that I do not have access at this time. It was liberating in this journey that I was able to pull myself out of the muddled dream state and ask for clarity, for the ability to understand the messages with more comprehension, and upon more reflection the ‘dream states’ felt different this time. Perhaps I was more grounded than I have been in the past.
    I did a lot of journeying at the end of 2016 when I had a series of peak experiences and a very overwhelming, powerful shift via spiritual awakening. in this time I was perhaps un-tethered or only tethered by a very very thin cord. I was very tuned into spirit, and it was amazing but overwhelming and too much too soon. I am working towards that space in a healthy, holistic, steady spiral, instead of an explosion.

    It is a relief to feel supported, guided and held by my guides, the gatekeepers, Dakota, her team, and this community, thanks you.

  10. Paula Daisy Medicine Flower 3 years ago

    I struggle with this work in the sense that I don’t “see” what I’m supposed to be seeing. I relax into it very well and seems to sense things I guess. Just wondering if there’s a way over this threshold.

    Also, in Pagan / Wiccan teachings I learned:
    East / Air
    South/ Fire
    West / Water
    North / Earth

    Other Medicine Wheel work:
    East / Fire
    South/ Water
    West / Earth
    North / Air

    This was:
    East / Air
    South/ Water
    West / Fire
    North / Earth

    I know different traditions are different. How do we stick with one?


  11. cliftonls 3 years ago

    I entered this meditation with fear, anger ,& tears because I am having a hard time with getting use to doing this on my iPad . I am use to pen & paper , books.c
    The eagle showed me all my past situations that have stopped me from progressing on with my life. Things that have been said to me & taught to me.
    The dolphin showed me how to play again. I have always felt free in the water. We played & i laughed . I felt good with my world.
    The snake told me to get out of my hole & to live what years i have left as I want to live . To stop worrying about what others think, to shed my skin & be reborn to a life that I will enjoy.
    The bear wanted me to snuggle with him. To learn to love myself so I can l love others .
    It was powerful & I cried all the way to the end.

  12. rieserami 4 years ago

    I loved this. The overall theme is that I’m not on a path, instead I’m meant to follow the current. I found it amusing that I kept questioning bear, trying to reason with him….so he made me just sit and look at the Northern lights. At the end of the meditation Bear laid on me and I sunk through the Lower world and came out farther below it. My guide, a tiger, met me there and I looked up at this long staircase just to get back up to the lower world so that I could get back to the middle world to end the journey; Tiger told me, “when you go this deep, the journey takes longer” 😀

  13. Cheyanne 4 years ago

    It was nice to meet the gate keepers of the 4 directions. The eagle encouraged me to look at things from a different perspective. The dolphin told me to open my heart. The snake was fierce and powerful, encouraging me to step into my own power and flow WITH life, not against it. Not to overthink things. The bear gave me courage to speak me truth.

    As great as this was, I still feel unclear about certain things in my life. Letting go of a relationship that isn’t serving me. My own sacred purpose. But I guess I went into the meditation not entirely clear with my question. It was a jumble of things. And maybe I need to focus on just one issue and try to solve that.

  14. Jackie Derham 4 years ago

    Third time lucky, I fell asleep during the last 2 attempts at this meditation.
    Today I came out into a dry rocky terrain and my power animal is the Jaguar and we walked to the edge of an escarpment. I took off a flew around for a bit then met up with eagle and we went higher together. Looking down on the ground below made me realise how small things really are and that the things that I might think are big in my life really aren’t and need not be afraid of them.
    We then met up with dolphin and swam under the sea, this was not so clear though, I remember seeing a reef and how beautiful it was but cannot remember any message.
    We went to the snake and during the re birth I felt like my old life was slipping away and that I have to make more of the life I have since we moved. My hands and legs are free, I can be myself.
    We travelled to bear and sat in the woods looking up at the stars and learnt that I need to speak up and not be afraid of pushing myself forward, what is there to loose. I am just about ready to try and sell my furniture and it is not the part that I enjoy but I should not be worried, what is there to loose.
    We left bear and headed back, Jaguar gave me a mega phone to encourage me to get my voice heard.

  15. clyoung 4 years ago

    I fell asleep when I got to the South and woke up in the North..will give it another try.

    • Cindy Yellow Butterfly 4 years ago

      Made it through all the directions this time…. many gifts of clarity from each direction from my spirit guide, my power animal and the gatekeepers. I see the shift that I am moving through but I have the tools to move through it with grace and ease. Aho!

  16. Becky 4 years ago

    I could only become each animal of the directions…like I was the bear, the dolphin, the eagle, the snake…I did not feel like I had a power animal…it was like I was my power animal, but do not know which animal …It was very relaxing…I was connected quickly with their being and basically enjoyed not being human or in thought

  17. Breda O Dwyer 5 years ago

    I loved this meditation, many different things showed up for me, I need to think about it
    For a while ….
    My power animal is a large dark brown bear,
    Many things really stood out for me ,firstly I had a tear stream Down my face on the East Direction and again in the South Direction, also on both of those directions the
    Scenery was the same , a long tunnel with a fresh river stream. Running next to me,
    The water was dark and cold but it felt fresh , sometimes I would smell fire, sweet perfume, smoke, In the West direction I saw red and green doors swing open . In the
    North I feel it was ok to go at a slower pace ✨.

  18. Valerie 5 years ago

    This was the meditation I picked out from the onemillion free meditation. I did it yesterday before knewing that this would be given also with the course. This has to be with a Good reason, so I did it twice. Yesterday my power animal was the bear, today it was the wolf. Both are needed for me both gave me what had to be given. To streangthen my believes in myself and my path.The massages from the eagle, dolphin, snake and bear all where clear and different but in a way the same. I am someone who sometimes need to think and see twice, so by this 2 times medition was a clear message from my guides, thrust your instinct, thrust yourself, see who you realy are and follow your path. Thank you so much for this, so grateful for my guides, Dakota & Amber for doing this beautiful work ! ❤️

  19. HillaryBanksSelf 5 years ago

    I was greeted by 3 animal guides; a white moose, a white wolf and a red fox.
    They are all familiar to me. The Moose is like a Majestic, dignified elder, who I trust and who escorts me through life, always comforting and guiding. The white wolf feels more like a companion or a protective warrior spirit and the red fox is playful and enthusiastic. The Moose and Wolf communicate with me through eye-gazing, but the fox is very physical and likes to lead the way while the rest of us quietly follow behind. I came carrying a smoky colored ball of confusion and aimlessness and wanted to apologize for feeling so confused and lost – and I asked my guides to help me find clarity.

    In the East, I felt a need to apologize and ask for permission to climb upon the Eagles back. He immediately flew up into the dark night sky over a grassy field illuminated only by the moon and stars and he told me to allow my vision to adjust to this new perspective and to stop being so worried about understanding it all. Just take it all in. As we flew higher and higher into the stars the grassy field grew more and more distant and the clouds began to roll in between our great heights and the field below, causing that same smoky atmosphere that I was carrying in my “ball of confusion” to engulf us.

    I then fell asleep and I don’t recall meeting the dolphin or snake, but I did awake when we were finishing our visitation with the bear and were called to go back up from the portal we came from. I will try this meditation again, in hopes I can stay awake the entire time, next time!

  20. Michelle 5 years ago

    My guide was a cricket and as we traveled over the terrain, those stones and rocks must have looked like never ending mountains to the small cricket, one after the after, but he never complained. He just accepted what it was and got on with it with determination and courage.
    The eagle’s message was be on the lookout for opportunities. A big stag also appeared in the distance on a hill with the message ‘I can’t be there in person but know you are protected. Nobody can do it for you, use your courage and just do it.’
    I felt scared with the dolphin, like things were moving too fast and I couldn’t breathe. These feelings gave way slightly to a new sense of freedom, but I still could not let go.
    The message from the snake was “make home” as she moved across the blackened and burnt out forest floor and curled up in a burnt tree stump. When she shed her skin, she was a beautiful light green colour and shiny. She was vibrant and so much younger looking.
    The beautiful big mumma bear said ‘Be still and listen”. Then I heard bells ringing (forgot my cat was still in the room and her collar was jingling) But then there were bells everywhere, church bells and steeple bells ringing, and old pagan women ringing their bells by hand, ‘calling me home’.
    My cricket guide’s final message was ‘Sing, doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Raise your voice. One voice is beautiful but many voices are a symphony.’
    I loved the meditation and can relate to all the messages I received. Your voice and beautiful background music made it so easy get into that place to feel the energy. Thank you.

  21. Calvarez 5 years ago

    Oh how amazing! I loved it! I will let everything sink in and integrate… I have a bear that shows up lots in meditations and she was there with me.. I call her raja. It seems I had the most powerful experience with the snake and feel like I must have needed some of that energy… thank you for such a wonderful meditation! I love working with the animals

  22. Lee-Ann 5 years ago

    I have struggled with this one. I do not see visions well in meditation and my mind wonders. I have gone through this a couple of times and today was the clearest. My guide was a wolf which I associate with my husband who passed 13 1/2 years ago. In both the East and South, I saw a lot of empty flowy spaces (think lava lamp or clouds). In the West, my message was to go for the brass ring and the bear told me to just do it. In away it makes sense and I have translated this to mean that it’s ok to go for it and change direction for my future as my options are wide open. As I progress in the mentorship, I think I will continue to repeat this meditation.

  23. Heather Thomas 5 years ago

    Beautiful Meditation…it always makes me laugh because some of these things are so clear to me yet and I try and type it out it is hard.
    My guide: a serpent, not a snake or dragon but related to both. Sigh of relief I finally acknowledge this, didn’t give me her name only that we will work together and I must be patient. Very comforting

    East and Eagle
    Flight and Wings we are getting acquainted and will have more to do together later. A dragon came by to say hi as well.
    South and Dolphin
    Playfulness and Fluidity water is powerful and can create change but sometimes it goes around finding a path of least resistance.
    West and Boa
    A beautiful creature to play with and experience. Will be my teacher in expanding the heart and throat chakras. Playful and we spiraled a tree in order to shed our skin. Allowed me to feel the expansive open heart, clarity and familiarity. We will work on expressing unconditional love.
    North and Bear
    Bear as always a little shy but did show me a triangle, broadness narrowing to the point, and my warriors (yoga) As I begin to focus my warriors are still a part of this path and tools for me to use. As we focus it doesn’t mean we forget.

    Thanks again to spirits, gatekeepers and Dakota

  24. Ron Shackelly 5 years ago

    I kept drifting off during the no talking, your voice kept bringing me back. In the east, I felt like I had no control, a middle aged Asian ( I think ), woman in a black full length, short sleeved plain dress was standing there, I think there were little kids floating around us. She seemed to sense I had a bit of a problem. She let me come close to her, as we were standing, she allowed me to put my head on her left shoulder. I drifted off. Then you were talking about the dolphin. Drifted off again. You started talking about the snake. I drifted off again. That was it. Missed the bear completely. I came too again, it was over.

  25. Brenda Sherer 6 years ago

    Both times I have done this meditation I have found it easy to feel the Eagle’s power, so incredibly comfortable to swim with the Dolphin since I absolutely love natural waters (appropriate since I am a Sacred Heart Warrior) and was able to join with the Snake with little effort. The only gatekeeper to actually speak to me, however, was the Bear and he told me to be still and enjoy the moment. He was laying all curled up under the night sky and as I settled in with his fur wrapped around me keeping me warm, we just sat there watching the stars. It was very peaceful.

  26. Patricia 6 years ago

    I did this meditation twice the first time I only managed to go to the East and West. The second time I went to all directions but couldn’t remember a lot of the details. It was however an amazing experience.

  27. April Doyle 6 years ago

    So I went down a spiral slide into the under world and was met by the Mad Hatter Rabbit! My spirit animal tends to be the hawk in the natural world, I have yet to meet my spirit animal in mediations or journeys. We went to the East and the Eagle and started to fly. I fell asleep and woke up to meeting the snake in the West. Felt refreshed, but didn’t quite feel the peeling off of the old and into the new and what that might mean. Met the Bear who reminds me of my friend who’s totem is the Bear and I am quite familiar with introspection. No words or visions of wisdom. I feel like I need to do it all over for the directions I missed… At the same time I feel like everything happens for a reason. My living space faces the East – it is beautiful and yet it is not MINE. The East seems to slip from my awareness, like trying to catch my shadow. The South is sleeping. The North is where we are heading as a group and I feel like I have a familiarity with it and am still curious to explore.

  28. Michael 6 years ago

    I enjoyed this meditation. I have to agree with Jodi. I became sleepy during the meditation. I did not get as much as I probably should have. However I will say I have a sense of peace and calm. I started a media fast this week and feel that my mind is less cluttered. Thank you Dakota I will try again. Not sure if this is the place to say my time at the Scared Soul Retreat was amazing. I have so many small victories this week. I am becoming a new person. Thanks for all you do and for sharing your gifts with us.

  29. Patti 6 years ago

    I didn’t get anything this time, will have to try again. I lost my aunt this week. Would that close off my intuition?

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      @patti yes, loss and especially sudden loss can tail spin us into the emotional body and take us out of the intuitive body. Don’t worry about not getting anything, it will come in time. For now, be in the emotions and allow yourself feel the grief fully.

  30. Dakota Walker 6 years ago

    @marissegabrielle have you tried automatic writing? It’s a powerful tool for getting past that subconscious/ego layer. Also, a tool I’ve used is just simply typing in the dark. I’ll put a cloth or something over the display of the computer so I can’t see it and even turn the lights off and just type away for about 30 minutes. That helps to not feel the need to auto correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, all those things that get in the way of FLOW!

    • Marisse Gabrielle 6 years ago

      THAT is such a good suggestion! I will definitely try this out. I have done automatic writing in my journal but I often get caught up in how it looks and handwriting it out is often slower than the words I have coming in. I’ll let you know how it goes! 🙂

  31. Marisse Gabrielle 6 years ago

    Thank you for this insightful meditation, Dakota. 🙂

    My experiences in each direction were all distinctively different and it was centered around “what will this new life of mine bring?”. My beautiful brown horse took me on this journey again.

    The East Direction allowed me to see my life as ashes… with some parts lit up with burning embers still. I could smell the ash. This made me cry as I could see that my future life wouldn’t take on form or feel like it used to in the past. The South Direction felt very familiar to me, Dolphin and I danced in the water and it felt like a ‘coming home’ for me. The West Direction allowed me to see many layers of my old self that are in the process of shedding off. I was already aware of a few of these and I think there will be many more revealed to me over this course. The North Direction was lovely. I felt very protected and Bear told me that it’s okay to stand alone sometimes. I absorbed his strength energies. The lower world was beautiful – wet and glistening with little entities. Finally, my beautiful horse gave me a pen as we parted.

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      It’s great Marisse that you were able to use all of your senses during this meditation … makes it tangible and more powerful! What do you feel your horse would want you to do or write with the pen he gave you?

      • Marisse Gabrielle 6 years ago

        Write! Write everything I’m experiencing now. Write my dreams. Write what I’d like to manifest! Write channeled messages from my angels and guides. But I must admit, putting pen to paper is often really intimidating to me because my ego has a lot of expectations of what will be written.

  32. Machell 6 years ago

    Started meditation and everything was good, I found myself in a wild field of giant headed sunflowers for as far as you can see in all direction. I was letting the meditation go organically, my energy ball was in an old style lantern, something out of colonial period til I was ready to let it go.
    I went into the center of the giant head, down the stalk to the wet ground into the network of roots systems.
    Here I found myself with a fluorescent, albino salamander. We were running around and playing in this root systems having just a great old time,the salamander would stay just far enough in front of me that I could not get near it but it stayed close enough for me to use it’s light to find my way.
    Then Dakota mentioned about bringing in the eagle and the salamander bolted like the eagle was going to swoop down and eat us? This slammed me right out of my meditation? I looked up salamander immediately.

    For Some Reason I have found myself having some sort of internal resistance to finishing this meditation?

    Salamander Totem:

    http://flickrhivemind.net/blackmagic.cgi?id=13836237355&url=http%3A%2F%2Fflickrhivemind.net%2FTags%2Falbino%252Csalamander%2FInteresting%3Fsearch_type%3DTags%3Btextinput%3Dalbino%252Csalamander%3Bphoto_type%3D250%3Bmethod%3DGET%3Bnoform%3Dt%3Bsort%3DInterestingness%23pic13836237355&user=&flickrurl=http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/13836237355

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      Machell, I’ll be curious if you o this meditation again, what will come up for you or how you are represented in the salamander? It’s almost as if the salamander was holding up a mirror for you to see and perhaps how you may give up your power, or let others keep you from finishing? I’m not sure – I’m just throwing these ideas out there to you to see if any resonate. Also … love that you are “shape-shifting” in your journey! How did that feel to become the sunflower?

      • Machell 6 years ago

        Not sure I articulated myself correctly, Sorry, not sure if I shape shifted into the sunflower, I was like a minute ball of energy going down thru the flower head and stem it felt like I was part of the plants nervous system and I was moving along it’s nerone network. Hope this makes sense.

        After several days of contemplating this experience, doing my homework on salamanders , then reading your comment, I have to agree with you.
        It seemed like a mirror.

        The part where it kept me at arm’s length at all times, This is me with everyone.
        The part where it stayed within my sight thou at all times was very reassuring, I can not touch it, but it always made sure I was never alone.

        Different perspective of looking at me:
        They experience one or multiple periods of metamorphosis, This is me!,

        Their skin is generally soft and in some cases slimy, all salamandridae have toxic skin secretions, and are highly poisonous. I can relate to this in the way that, I feel that all the toxic things that have happened to me throughout life have been absorbed by me and now I am toxic to the soul, compounding trust issues BIG TIME!

        cryptic creatures, live in dark, protective places underwater or near water. This is me!

        Salamander also teaches us that with better internal fluidity we can negotiate life smoothly, even if we may look a little odd to others. Dakota, We talked about this one earlier in a chat, fluidity issues and/or the lack there of them. I’ve always been a bit of a freak. I’m hoping that walking my wheel will help me in this area.

        Connected to the element of fire in magical workings. I’ve always had an attraction to all elements, never worked with them on a healing level.

        not a glamorized creature in many circles, yet it is unique and ancient in origin.
        Again, This is me, I’ve always been very plain,simple, very natural girl, to the point of being teased as a kid.
        I don’t know my ancient origins, but would love to find out, more homework 🙂

        Salamander in dreams and journeys or visualisations can teach us to pay attention to our own dark waters and primitive origins, and look for the amphibian within that negotiates boundary, embraces and delights in metamorphosis, and seeks to quietly transform who we are. Salamander teaches us to listen hard and look well. I need to find my amphibian within and learn how to , negotiate boundaries!
        I don’t know if I would say delights in metamorphosis, Yes , again me, seeking quiet transformation.
        I’m finding all my senses heightening every day. Luvin It!

        creature of the hidden, Yup Me!, huge homebody, If I’m not at work or with my very small inner circle I’m hidden at home.

        Salamander opens us up to secrets within ourselves, secrets within others, and secrets of the spirit.
        Here’s hoping!
        Salamander also teaches us that it’s important to keep aspects of our life secret and to do this with a sense of subtlety that does not draw attention to ourselves.
        Again, Me! This will not be a problem for me, drawing attention to myself NOT!

        The salamander is at constant risk of being killed slowly through the absorption of environmental toxins when it breathes the air around it and swims in waters.
        Again ME, to the ultimate, I absorb energies around me so overwhelmingly that sometimes it gets so bad, it will manifest in me getting physically sick, very fatigued, very bad depression, lashing out with a very toxic tongue,….

        It is also itself a poisonous or toxic creature that excretes poison.
        ME! This is my defense mechanism. I take in toxins and I release them.

        Salamander as a teacher can come at a time when we ourselves have a compromised health to teach us how to live with poisons around us, or to teach us how to become more ‘toxic’ to those who wish us harm.
        I need this medicine very bad I have never learned how to do this, I feel if I don’t learn how to do this it will be the death of me.

        Some people need to learn how to fight back with brute force, but the true salamander teaches us how to fight back with venomous words, toxic actions and poisonous mannerisms.
        This is a hard one for me because I’m a lover and a fighter.

        teach us how to look within to find our place in the world, our home, and also to return to our birth place and the home of our ancestors.
        Again, medicine badly needed for me, I never new my place in the world.

        Salamander can also help us find our way home in a spiritual sense.
        More medicine needed, I crave to have fullness of spirit!

        deliberately place ourselves outside of our comfort zone
        teaches us that it is important to embrace change joyfully throughout our lives, regardless of how many life-changing events we’ve experienced already.
        Again medicine badly needed, After living a lifetime of being someone’s victim up to this point in one way shape or form ,I’ve had a very hard time finding joy during moments like this.

        shadow guide is the animal we often fear irrationally, that teaches us things about ourselves that are profound and difficult to confront. Often the traits we fear most within the shadow guide, are the traits that we dislike in ourselves. We must scrutinise why this is, and learn how to work with them.

        I’m ready to work with profound, difficult and with your assistance Dakota scrutinise.

        Thank You So Much Dakota!

      • Machell 6 years ago

        This one feels good, I went thru this meditation again, and completed it! Yeah 🙂

        Lit a candle, earbuds in began my breathing, there was Dakota ,
        Out of nowhere my mind, said “the same air that is keeping me alive is keeping that flame alive and dancing, mesmerizing!

        Found myself sitting on a small bridge that went over a creek on a farm I used to live on.
        One minute I’m sitting on the bridge legs swinging, taking in the view, then I’m a tadpole burrowing thru the bottom of the creek.

        I called to my spirit guides for help and two of them showed up, My snow owl sat in a tree looking at me, as if “You called” ? but did not come down to me.

        Also my guide Kira, big wise old female mountain lion, she came right up to me and nuzzled her face right up in my hand,
        Got message from her we got this kiddo.

        Once the Owl knew Kira had this with me, it was gone.

        Kira and I played together for a little while, she loves full body stroke petting.
        “Found myself giggling every so often with her.

        She was my guide to the eagle, she guided me to the top of the mountain high up on huge boulder cliffs that overlooked the area for miles in all directions. My guide walked side by side with me and my hand was on her back at all times, We reach an outcrop of boulders and there she stopped and sat at my side.
        I looked up and there was the eagle circling and coming down to us, it landed just a few feet in front of my guide and I, it was huge! , my guide could sense my apprehension to it, she went from a seated position to lying down, and nudged me with her nose it’s ok go. I will be here when you get back.
        the eagle also could sense my fear, it was very still for me as I approached it, and right as I got in front of it , it leans down toward me and lets me climb on, I’m thinking holy shit here we go. I was scared shitless!
        once we were in the air, it took me a while to release my tension everywhere, and not be scared, and just let go.
        It made me feel better for some reason that I could see my guide laying on the boulder where I left her no matter where the eagle took me.
        Once I got to a safe place, I was so free! I could see my childhood years, my teen years, young adult, Perspective! Abandonment Issues came up. In every sight.

        Eagle brought me back to my guide in the same spot I left her .
        No words or thought were exchanged, It was like she knew let her be still in it. Just Amazing!

        I went to thank the eagle and I hear it say, ” You have nothing to be afraid of, Just Let Go”

        Back with my guide, she and I both thank the eagle and it flies off, we turn to the new direction,
        again never leaving my side with my hand on her back we walked off the mountain onto the beach.

        We were walking the coastline and the dolphin came up to us on the shore. Again, my guide Kira encouraged me to go with the dolphin as she waited on shore for me, I grab a hold of it’s fin and we started swimming all around the ocean, seen all kinds of aquatic life, just beautiful, then this giant sea turtle come right up next to the dolphin and me and was swimming with us for a while this was really cool.
        this was a very fun and playful experience, dolphin looks right into my soul and tells me,
        ” Lighten Up, Play More”
        After swimming around and playing in the ocean for a while my guide and I thanked dolphin and moved on I found myself in a rainforest with a small green snake that has a hood and it is flared.
        My guide told me, do not be afraid, go to it. As soon as I took a step or two toward it I merged with it, That was the weirdest experience so far I’ve had. I could actually feel the difference in the way my body moved, it had a rhythm all it’s own, when it came to shedding I could feel scales falling off my face !
        when i was done shedding I was a much bigger snake and and now I was a huge cobra with a humongous hood. Really strange, being with the snake felt very serious, masculine, powerful,
        After I was done slithering around on the forest floor in my new snake body, I see my guide standing there waiting for me. I get up off the forest floor kinda little freaked out but kept going, my guide took me to the top of the mountain again and only this time everything is covered in pure fresh snow, I get to the front of a cave and I see a baby brown bear come out and sit on the boulder right outside it’s cave ,I sat down on a boulder a little away from it, a little scared where is Momma?, but the whole time the cub and I just sat quietly looking at one another, my guide was laying at my feet. The stillness was amazing!
        The air was so cold that my lungs would ache breathing it just sitting here still.

        Thank you again for your patience with me, Dakota!
        More Baby Steps 🙂

        • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

          @mhelbert This is such a wonderful journey for you to have had. So detailed, and you were (are) so protected and guided! So much symbolism and so many messages for you to hear and see. If you haven’t already, take each piece of this journey and pluck the messages out – what does the snow mean or represent to you? What did the dolphin teach you? What does the bear represent and what does it represent that it was coming from the cave? These are all puzzle pieces, now that you have been given the pieces, you have to put it all together.

          You have no idea how happy it makes me that you had this beautiful journey!

  33. Barbara 6 years ago

    I remember doing this meditation once before. And both times it has been very powerful and with strong messages.
    The messages for me today was about trusting and following my intuition and inner truth even when I don’t see the underlying reasons or bigger picture – or meet reflection in other people’s reaction or understanding.
    To face my fear and move in trust. Taking also the time to rest and contemplate.
    Not every action has to have an immediate result or understood motivation. Sometimes the motivation is intutitive and I shouldn’t question the intuitive motives. I don’t understand everything and I don’t have to. Be and act in trust, Barbara!

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      Isn’t it freeing when we let ourselves off the hook for having to know everything? And instead just letting it organically come to us?

  34. Jodi 6 years ago

    I loved the beginning of the meditation, I have a problem of falling asleep with every meditation every time, it drives me mad sometimes, I will start seeing through my minds eye and then, “BOOM” I wake up to silence, its over and I can’t remember anything. I have tried sitting in a chair, lying down, sitting on the floor. The only thing I can’t do is sit cross legged due to very painful knees. Any Ideas or suggestions? I try to meditate every day and sometimes I will try twice a day if I am really anxious. It helps with my anxiety, so I must be benefiting from them in some way.

    Dakota, I did not mark as complete yet in case there is something you want me try differently. Thanks

  35. Robert 6 years ago

    I enjoyed the meditation-grounded and related to a number of animal gate keepers. The eagle- I have flown often to explore; Snake relates to the anaconda and I have shed my skin/past lots; the dolphin relates to an orca and I have often road its back to the depths of the ocean and traveled to a city similar to Atlantis off the coast of Peru. Puma is my power animal, he wanted to lead the first go around with the mediation and reluctantly stayed behind when I did it again.

    Thank you!

  36. Grace 6 years ago

    This was a wonderful meditation. Thanks Dakota! I had an awesome journey experience and will do some artwork today. I fully merged with eagle, snake and dolphin. The eagle flight was easy. Owl is my power animal so I’m used to flying around in my meditations and seeing things from a birds eye view. Eagle and I soared all around seeing my life from different vantage points. I had a hard time seeing things from others view though. Dolphin was fun and new for me. We went in an out of the water, and went to the lowest depths. I saw all sorts of sea life and was not afraid at all. I felt free, open, and like a child with no worries and I felt really safe. Snake took a bit to get used to but I enjoyed most shedding my skin. It felt a bit constricting at first and uncomfortable, but then I accepted the experience and felt the energy of rejuvination. Bear on the other hand was a bit of a challenge. For me it was all black in that direction and I didn’t see anything. I kept seeing bear in the distance, but he kept fading away. I do love winter…..

  37. gillian 6 years ago

    thank you for this meditation. Interesting that I have had dreams recently involving snake. A very large diamond python, red, silver grey. With gentle knowing eyes. This snake appeared for me during meditation, with the same wisdom and knowing. SIGH. The eagle flight was a challenge, because I know that people see me different to how I see myself. Will have to work more on this. Dolphin was wonderful, I felt like I became like tendrils of matter, all other energies gone, just the physical parts left to waft in the water, drifting behind dolphin. Bear was all encompassing. Maybe because we are actually in winter now, and many here wish they were bears, and could hibernate, but I love winter best, so it was different for me and bear. It doesn’t actually get that cold in this part of Australia, with brilliant sparkly days of gentle sunshine, cool breeze and chilly nights. So bear and I held each other, and agreed it was good to slow down for a bit, even if I do love winter.

  38. arrowyn 6 years ago

    I really enjoyed this meditation. It helps so much to have a visceral all senses experience of the four directions along with elements and animals. After completion, I feel so grounded and centered in all of it and also really see how unbalanced I can be in the South. I have lived my life from that place and the bear was so powerful and important right now- just for balance.

    What an awesome ride!! Thank you Dakota!! I really love your guided meditations. They are so powerful.

  39. JoLynn 6 years ago

    I believe I had the most significant experience during this meditation and the hours just preceding it I have ever had in my whole life up till this point. I am still processing it but I am anxious to share so I will maybe create a forum discussing this experience when I am ready, if that is okay Dakota.


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