1. Kaya Cooper 3 years ago

    This was just on time as I realize over time I am slowly getting more comfortable and can look back over the years, months, weeks and days and know I am walking in the right direction.

  2. Jackie Derham 4 years ago

    This was great, I feel life has worn me down and I need to let that go and claw back the powerful me, the confident, go getter me and the happy me. This allowed me to let some of that negative energy that seems to keep getting stuck go.

  3. Harper Hornaday 4 years ago

    This was so much needed and powerful for me. I have a lot I need to let go and a lot I need to embrace and nurture. Also powerful and appropriate that I just did this on the day of the equinox. The transitional aspect was just lovely.

  4. PhyllisEagleDancing 5 years ago

    Loved the letter-writing exercise. The letter to myself was 7 pages long! Here is a very abbreviated version.

    “Love myself more” and “do only those things that bring me and my inner child joy” regardless what others’ may think. “Play more, laugh more, and heal unhealed parts by fully processing and embracing that which needs more love.”

    “Develop one of your talents: music for instance. It’s your passion, yet, you have not given it the attention it requires to become a master.” Music balances and raises your vibration.

    “Money is not as important you make it out to be. Haven’t you always been provided for? Rest in this knowing.”

    “Remember that you have impacted many people, both positively and negatively. Those who were impacted negatively were given a chance to grow through their own pain. You are only responsible for cleaning your side of the street. You will never know the power of your passing through this world and there is no need to.”

    “Forgive – and remember that forgiveness is understanding that there is a lapse in remembering our divinity, both yours and others.”

    “Take care of yourself in all aspects: physically, mentally, spiritually. Pay more attention to your emotions, they are the keys to intuition and decisions. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do this perfectly. Everything that you do/don’t do is a perfect part of your path.”

    “Live in graciousness, for a life imbued with grace is following inner guidance from one moment to the next. Ask for guidance through all means possible and act on it. Don’t act first, then ask for guidance. This only serves to take the long way around. Cut through the chase! It makes life flow much easier.”

  5. Marisse Reyes 5 years ago

    My message was to remain faithful to coming from a place of pure love, and letting that guide my path forward in terms of service. I threw into the fire any ideas of what that is supposed to look like. Instead I will let the love build in my heart and soul and let it flow through me. There’s nothing I need to “construct”, but I only need to tap into the boundless and limitless source of love to feed and nourish all parts of my being and life.

  6. Hanna Isaksson 5 years ago

    I did the extra tasks and it made it clear to me that I had to do some changes that I have procrastinate. I also wrote the letter to myself and that made things more clear to me about the changes I have to do now.

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Sounds like some good insights … it might be interesting to seal that letter up and hide it so you find it in a year or so and can revisit to see all the changes you have made since then.

  7. Valerie 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for this meditation, every time I found something deeper hidden inside of me that comes out, with more intensity, things that have blocked me, things I forgotten. This is only the beginning of the change, but I can feel a big change allready, things schifting and clearing. Finding puzzels along the way, I am truly grateful for this journey !

  8. Trisha 5 years ago

    Dakota, WOW, I can’t be more grateful that the Universe steered me in your direction! This really made me reflect on all the powerful changes, and lessons taught within the South Direction. I have done so much healing and getting down to my core it feels great! I am looking forward to this West direction to see what other positive steps I can accomplish. Blessings <3

  9. April Doyle 5 years ago

    As I’m listening, there are crows and a hawk in my backyard <3 I keep jumping up with some of the nature sounds in the recording, thinking I'm missing some bird beauty outside! LOL… Had to move outside! I let go of the fear of change, fear of the unknown….. Very appropriate meditation for right now <3 Thank you.

  10. Michelle 5 years ago

    Thank you, this meditation was beautiful and just what I needed. My past season rushed by so quickly, and was full of struggles, illness, and death. But it was also filled with gratitude and learning to find my courage to keep going. This meditation feels like the perfect way to connect and flow with the next season of the west direction. Letting go of toxicity in all its forms and helping to transform my life into something new and wonderful.

  11. Christina 5 years ago

    Thank you for this meditation. With this season bring so much change on the physical realm for me. The last few weeks I have become more aware and seen glimpses of how everything I am experiencing now ties into my past, my family patterns, and just everything. Very cool!

  12. blpark55 5 years ago

    Oh my… how wonderful this was for me. This summer we were charred and burnet by fire. Our beautiful valley filled with flame, ash, burnt needles our forests closed. While listening to this today, I am listening to the gentle rain…dowsing our fires rejuvenating our parched earth with water. I’ve learned not to take the beauty of summer for granted. sitting in the dark of night watching the fire race to the tops of our mountain peaks. Grateful for Mabon, to release the anger of losing a summer to fire. Reaching out to the new season for moisture and cool nights. I am capable, I am strong, I am courageous. A’ho

  13. Carol 5 years ago

    Thank you Dakota for this most precious gift. 20 minutes of pure peace and stillness.

  14. Joy Little Mountain Richards 5 years ago

    Beautiful, just what I needed, what we could all benefit from.
    Gave me space to breathe, reflect.
    Felt held in lovely safe space, thank you a thousandfold for this meditation.
    Feel calmer, focused, ready to enjoy the journey now
    Wise words of wisdom, spoken from the heart.

  15. Jackie 5 years ago

    Beautiful meditation…makes me realize how much I have grown during the summer…and my willingness to give up bad habits: sugar, procrastination, and EGO…my need for control…and let BE-ingress be my constant state! Learning from my emotions-reactions in all situations….Oh my, I am looking forward to this journey!

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