1. Jesse Hutchens 2 years ago

    This was a very useful meditation. I think growing my emotional awareness has definitely contributed to the most growth in me over many years! It feels like to me this meditation was in perfect harmony with my personal evolution. I have been moving towards connecting the actual emotional feeling or energy with the word we use and really allowing the feeling to be felt. This really helped amp that up a few notches and validated that path as worthy of exploration and I was not deceiving myself. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Kaya Cooper 3 years ago

    I will listen to this one again and again. The deeper I felt each emotion The comfortable I got with with it. I had tears well up in several emotions. I have been very emotional the last few days because I’m quite ill and unable to get sleep at all. I didn’t realize this connection until today, and today I felt calm and contented and I am getting a doctor’s help with mailing me some antibiotics. So I’m grateful for that and this beautiful meditation! Aho

  3. Hanna Isaksson 5 years ago

    I have trouble crying, but this meditation really open me up. I also understood that a lot of my feelings is about grief and sadness that I have to work more with. It was very powerful. I also liked to work with the more positive feelings, since it’s just as difficult to recognize this feelings and strengthen them.

  4. Patti 5 years ago

    I have alot of sadness and grief I live with most of time. I hold alot of anger still in my body! I need to learn to live in joy!!

  5. Lee-Ann 5 years ago

    I must have fallen asleep the first time I listened to this. As I thought it started with fear. That 1st time, I thought not tonight and stopped it. I was quite surprised tonight, to hear that it didn’t start with fear. What an amazing journey. I will listen to this one again. Thank you

  6. April Doyle 5 years ago

    I got distracted while doing this one! Seems like I don’t really like to feel the feelings in my body – I’m so used to letting them go instead or dropping into them very briefly. Pleasant or unpleasant – they reside there the same way. But they DO reside in my body or flow through the body in some way. Will be doing this meditation more than once! 🙂 What it reminds me of is some teaching I came across in my journey that says if we are so busy pushing away the uncomfortable emotions, we are also pushing away or not able to appreciate the pleasant feelings as well – especially the depth of them. Good reminder for me. Thanks!

  7. Lo 5 years ago

    Such a beautiful and powerful meditation. To run through so many emotions and end up feeling so much peace, love and gratitude is such a gift. Thank you Dakota for another work of art!

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