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  1. Robert Martin 3 years ago

    This was a very good read, full of information which I could and should spend a lot of time. While performing the exercise on Influences: The first was the Influence of the Spirit of the Tribe, the second was the Influence of the Spirit of Time, the third was the Influence of the Spirit of Place, the fourth was the Influence of the Journey and the fifth was the Influence of the Ancestors.

  2. Raven Blakely 3 years ago

    Thought that was a pretty interesting article, especially since I do come from a Celtic type heritage, and I have always been curious about the druids and the standing stones, one of these days I might even get to Ireland or Scotland to see all of it

  3. Paula 3 years ago

    So I found Dakota on Fb about 2 weeks ago. A fiend has used your free stuff for years. I saw a post on her page or something. Intuition told me this was the guidance I had been seeking. Been doing this work all of my life but needing a mentor to guide me along. My body, mind, & spirit are soaring.

    • Paula 3 years ago

      Ha Ha friend, not fiend. My R key like to take vacations.

  4. clyoung 4 years ago

    Good read. It was a good exercise to revisit and meditate on each spirits influence and impact on the journey. thanks

  5. Becky 4 years ago

    This exercise was truly enlightening…I have been pulled in many directions all my life because I did not have an outlet to express myself…I would see, hear, or know things, but due to outside influences and lack of knowing self, I thought I was unworthy and pushed all these beautiful gifts to the side…I have been on this journey for many years…untangling myself like a fine necklace…One knot at a time…each knot so freeing knowing the beauty and joy of the day that I, the necklace, will be untangled

  6. And 5 years ago

    I am taking this very seriously, and going all in, and all out, so allow me to plunge right in and recount what happened when I did this exercise. In short, I could not do it according to instructions. What happened may sound strange, but I am beyond embarassment just now.

    Attempting to apportion pie slices in the exercise, I found my hand was unable to follow the instructions.
    Instead, at the center of the larger circle, there appeared a smaller circle.
    Then, spokes of a wheel, and then a spiral.
    A spiderweb of sorts, but not exactly.

    The spider-silk thread, it is the journey.
    The spokes are: Place, time, tribe, ancestors.
    I really did draw only four spokes, I realize this as I write this.
    Making eight pie-slices. Not five. Trying not to get confused.
    Wherever I am on my journey, and somehow it’s as if my life now reflects the long journey of my soul (whatever that means, it just popped into my head), like a fractal structure, so wherever I am, different spokes are more important.
    In the center, the spokes cross.
    Each of them just as important as the other.
    In their crossing, they form a point of support, a perch.
    Holding on tight. The wheel starts to turn. It moves upwards, forming a kind of tube.
    (No longer on paper, but in my imagination.)
    Inside, the spiral also extends.
    Like a spiral staircase inside a fairy-tale tower.
    Like human DNA.
    Like a tube brush, for cleaning out a clogged sink.
    Like a beanstalk growing upwards.
    Like a lock of hair floating in water.
    Like a current of wind in a rock chimney in the mountains.
    Like a bridge (where did that come from?).

    Here, this is what often happens. I can’t follow directions. It seems I can’t limit myself to just one perspective, my mind is always spiraling into complexity, seeing this, AND this, AND then this, AND it’s like this too. I get confused, then, and overwhelmed, because in the process often I will trigger all kinds of trauma, perhaps karma, but even just by the quantity of it all.

    Perhaps the most important message I am taking away from this first lesson is:

    “With fractional analysis we do not attempt to understand, face and integrate everything at once.We periodically face a particular aspect of ourselves, or in this case a particular Spirit, and gradually, fractionally, come to analyse and integrate more and more of its riches.”

    So this is how it can work. Focusing on one aspect does not mean disregarding or disrespecting or discounting other aspects. It simply means putting them aside for a time, to go deep with one aspect. And come back later to other aspects.

    Thank you.

  7. Valerie 5 years ago

    For me the biggest was the richness of place, then the treasure of the thribe. All even : treasure of ancestors , richness of time and joy of yourneying I always have a deep connection with the west and samhain, love to explore all of me in this ❤️

  8. HillaryBanksSelf 5 years ago

    For me, the largest part of the pie was the Sense of Inner Self or “Joy of the Journey” – and I can actively say that’s really become the focus for me during the past two years as I’ve learned more about myself in meditation and spiritual practices. Second to that, the Genetic Influence of my Ancestors + Parents (“The Treasures of the Ancestors) and the Influence of my Upbringing + Culture (“The Treasures of the Tribe”) have most informed my experiences during this lifetime. Ranked 4th is the Spirit of the Land (“The Richness of Place”) as I’ve moved quite often in my adult life – and have found ways to plant roots and draw wisdom from each of the various locations I’ve been able to lived. Finally, “The Richness of Time” is the smallest piece of the pie for me, but one that I am keen to learn how to better incorporate by incorporating the eight festivals mentioned in the reading. I’ve observed the Solstices since I was a child (something my mother taught me) but, the observations of Imbolc, Samhuinn, Lunhnasadh and Beltain are rather new to my awareness (over the past 2 years of learning / growing spiritually). What a thrilling start to our studies! Can’t wait to learn more!

  9. Hanna Isaksson 5 years ago

    I was surprised that the joy of journey took a big space. But I often felt that I had an old soul.

  10. Jackie 5 years ago

    I see the influences of each of the influences, genetic and culture being the strongest, followed by past lives whic.h is connected to spirit of the time/land for me.
    In the second all of the 5 spirits are equally represented! I love my place, and feel the connection to Beltane and Sahldane …the treasures from my tribe and my ancestors have enriched and filled me with joy of my journey, though not always easy, has been beneficial an joyful for my growth expansion and inner knowing, Am i a Druid?

  11. blpark55 5 years ago

    Fascinating reading…I can see many puzzle pieces forming together..thank you.

  12. Lee-Ann 5 years ago

    I feel like I have finally grown into the spirit of my Journey and that it is just beginning. My tribe and ancestors have been my biggest influences so far throughout this lifetime. Spirit of place has had an impact on me as well as I definitely have a “happy place” where I am immediately at peace when I arrive.

  13. Ron Shackelly 5 years ago

    The Spirit of the Journey has been the general influence all my life.
    The spirit of the Tribe was the influence during my preschool days, seeing my small world and setting my standards.
    The Spirit of Place was the influence during my school days – the Residential School depriving me of customs and
    The Spirit of Time was the influence during my working and married days, making a living and raising my family.
    The Spirit of the Ancestors has been the influence since my retirement, wanting to regain my customs and traditions. Not my immediate ancestors, but the ancestors of my people in general. Learning Shamanism and healing modalities. Learning a language – Lakota or Spanish to be able to perform ceremonies,or singing the songs.


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