1. Karen Cooper 3 years ago

    My garden is lovelier than any garden I’ve ever seen. I took a difficult but beautiful path. When I returned I walked on a wide path through rows of blooming cherry trees. garlands of pink everywhere. I love my guides and it was wonderful to be with them. Aho!

  2. clyoung 4 years ago

    My path was rocky, but I was surprised at myself when it came time to choose the path at the fork that I chose the more difficult path. It is the walk that I have become most comfortable with in life .. the one that I trust myself with. My garden was abundant with beauty and color and all of the elements. There were rocks and waterfalls and all of my stones added more beauty. There were birds singing and many winged ones. It is a happy place.

  3. Patricia 5 years ago

    My path started off as a brick paved path then turned into green grass. The garden was mainly grass with one single red and yellow tulip and the sun was shining brightly. When it came to the fork in the path I choice the rocky path with mountain peaks and valleys. Still have much to experience and learn. I left almost everything behind and have so much more to look forward to.

  4. Hana Cechova 5 years ago

    I remembered doing this meditation a long time ago. It was interesting to see the differences. Back then my garden was surrounded by thick brick walls, but there were cracks in it. I was pulling out some weeds and fixing something. This time there were no walls at all I just entered through a golden gate to a magical place that looked more like nature then a garden. There was a meadow full of wild flowers. The grass was green and gentle. There were cherry trees in full bloom. The first element I noticed was the wind, gentle breeze blowing through the trees and grass making them move and whisper. I was looking for something „to fix“. But there was nothing to do, it was so beautiful as it was. My ego told me: „OK mow the lawn at least“. But I felt like why would I be doing that, it was just perfect as it was. My guides showed me a place to dig. I was surprised as I found there a treasure box. It was full of precious stones and pearls, but the most beautiful among all these was a heart-shaped necklace. Both ways at the end of the meditation looked very similar, there was sun rising. I felt both of them lead to the sea and I was reminded of another meditation in that I found out that sea has a meaning of freedom for me. I felt that no matter which way I choose it would take me to the right place.

  5. Dar Smith 5 years ago

    For me, this meditation was so interesting. I started out on the path to the right which was very rocky and desert like because I so love the desert. The path circled around, however to the forests and fauna that we have here in Indiana. The soul garden quickly took the shape of the firstlower garden I had dug out by landscapers about 7 years ago that I dubbed my retirement garden. (To be used upon my retirement) Over the next several years I have spent minimal time in this garden and was leaning on retiring to Tucson AZ because I am so in love with the desert. I think this meditative journey has me now reconsidering that (again! – I go through this all the time.) after this meditation, I went out and worked in this “retirement” garden and have now renamed it to my soul garden.

  6. Ariane 5 years ago

    This was quite a powerful journey with many different aspects to it, lots of imagery/symbols for me to learn to relate to.. The most astonishing thing that emerged that in the final soul garden on the edge there was a ‘vault’ (very thick walls and turning wheel) positioned between the two paths of the future. What gave hope was that from the back of the vault there were butterflies emerging

  7. Patti 5 years ago

    This is the first meditation that I was really in tune with, felt, could really be with. I took the rocky path with lots of blocks and obstacles but on next path I took the beautiful, warm , good feeling enlightened path. Wow this was an eye opener

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      This makes my heart so happy to hear Patti!

  8. Grace 5 years ago

    Great way to plunge into East. I had a beautiful garden filled with colorful tulips. My stones of choice were blue, red, yellow, and green. I found I had little to leave behind and much to look forward to. I took the path of the rainbow bridge. There was abundance when I crossed over. I look forward to visiting my garden often to nurture it.

  9. Carol Sloan 5 years ago

    What a beautiful way to start the East direction. Not a moment’s hesitation in choosing the rocky mountain path when I came to the fork in the road. My garden will be beautiful again, the flowers will bloom and the sun will shine. My life will have meaning and purpose. I will be whole again.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Carol, I want you to read that last sentence aloud to yourself but instead, say it like this “My garden is beautiful, the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining. My life has meaning and purpose, I am whole.” – Put it in present tense so your quantum field is imprinted!

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