1. Richard Hayes 3 years ago

    This past year has been a period of soul growth and transformation following the separation decision by my twin flame. This relationship has been the most wonderful ever when we were together and most emotionally painful experience now we apart. I have looked inward to find insight and to transmute pain into awakening and growth. I know I have now found balance in some aspects but need to focus on excess emotional commitment as well as paradoxically excess fierce independence. My travels in Asia and Europe during this past year have helped me to focus on me and my passions. The one change I am focusing on through this exercise, is to engage more in self love.

  2. Raven Blakely 3 years ago

    I looked at my two energy assessment charts, I did one when I started the south and now I did one when I started the west and to be honest there’s not a whole Lotta difference in the charts, and the percentages really don’t very all that much, I mean I don’t have hardly any deficient north, but everything else is pretty even all around the wheel, And I’m still pretty new at this so having trouble figuring out what relates to what, although I do feel like now that I’ve been through the south and got my emotional house in better order I’m ready to move to the west and put a fire in my hearth so to speak

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