1. JessL 2 years ago

    Definitely need to watch the video again as a refresher, to better understand my results, and I’m looking forward to all that the South Direction has to offer! As for a tiny change, I still feel as though I’m working on making self-care a priority, and being sure to get enough quality rest.

  2. Lee-Ann 2 years ago

    I knew I was falling back into some old patterns and results were the wake up call I needed. I love seeing the changes from direction to direction.

  3. Raven Blakely 2 years ago

    I am a little confused, I didn’t get any of those pie charts back yet from my energy test and the highest number that I have on any of my numbers is 13% and that’s excess in the north, everything else is 11% here and 8% there, and I guess they all add up to 100% with all the directions, So maybe I’m kind of equally unbalanced everywhere? I am a Libra

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