1. Jesse Hutchens 2 years ago

    I have done this three times now. Each was different. The cleansing, clearing, awareness and even touching of the stuck energy in me is great. I see many animals and we communicate openly. I also see many beings and feel the presence of many ancestors. It is comforting and they always give me guidance. I feel a lot of gratitude for then too. The last time my Wife’s essence came to me, it was very soothing and touching. She’s very strong spiritual being. Much love to Dakota for putting this together as it flows so we’ll. And to this community for stepping into it and trying it out.

  2. Kaya Cooper 3 years ago

    Throughout my life I have had many dreams about similar water journeys where I just coasted through the water breathing through my skin effortlessly. This was more powerful with the chakras opening. Very healing. Thank you. Aho!

  3. Cheyanne 4 years ago

    This was so intense.. I’ve never traveled like that before. I felt so scared to just let go of my human form and travel into these unknown places but I felt so safe. I kept hearing reminders “you’re safe, it’s okay, trust us”. I saw the forest I saw the under world and upper world, as above, so below.. I finally get it. I met my spirit animal who I think was one of my guides, she was a beautiful elephant. She gave me strength. I talked to the dolphin which was just silly because I couldn’t understand what she was saying but I get the feeling that I need less seriousness in my life and to be playful and go with the flow. I found my voice, my truth, my authentic self. I met the goddess within me who gave me the courage to really love myself.
    It was truly amazing. Thank you Dakota

  4. Valerie 4 years ago

    Thank you for this very strong meditation ❤️

  5. Jodi Easton 5 years ago

    Awesome meditation Dakota, thank you .

  6. Machell 5 years ago

    Dakota, there are no words,
    This was the first time ever I could actually feel energy moving thru each chakras I could feel them moving all about very strange sensations, belly got real warm, got to my throat and tears started to flow out the corner of my eyes, started to gag & cough, gently then my mouth fell wide open and purple light came out my mouth and I was singing with the angels, this was the first time I ever heard my authentic voice! SO BEAUTIFUL, I am the raindrop, I am a strand of light being janked on like a puppet on strings. I could feel all of them connecting and emanating from me like a rainbow, This was really awesome for me, I forgot what it was like to REALLY FEEL SOMETHING!

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