1. Lucie Dumoulin 1 year ago

    The second meditation was very difficult for me. I have journeyed into the earth but never under water…I had to call upon the dolphin to help me from the very beginning. I have been trapped under water when I was young and still feel it my body. That being said I still managed, with the presence of the dolphin and whales, to make it through and appreciate the journey. Next time I will know what to expect and therefore know that I will enjoy and benefit more from this very intense and special journey…after all I love the water!!!

  2. Lucie Dumoulin 1 year ago

    WOW! The first meditation is AMAZING! POWERFUL! Although I intuitively decided to do it sitting I really felt the movement, saw a lot of images and colors and felt the energy emanating from it all. Absolutely loved it!!! I will do it again and again!

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