1. Christina 4 years ago

    I enjoyed the video chat. I talked in the previous video about the dis-connect I have been feeling. I have been trying to be patient with myself. Dakota, you just reminded me that at times it’s okay to check out, or perhaps we just aren’t meant to be “there” so much at the moment. It was very validating to where I am right now. It’s funny because this morning I was “reminded” about these books that I did a long time ago. So, because I was in the shower, I went about getting myself ready. It is now close to noon and I just got done watching this and you were talking about soul tracking. It is a practice that I am very familiar with, or something similar. Since we are talking angels this month I wanted to share a story: I was taking a class on angels for my metaphysics degree. One of the assignments was to set the intention and ask that angels show their presence. Once I set it for the day I left, while driving I reminded myself again and asked that they find a way to let me know they are around. A minute or so later, as I am driving, I look to the right and there is a sign in front of a church that read: “Angels are real!” Well I don’t think I could have gotten it anymore clear than that.
    Back to today…. as I watched your video on soul tracking and you were talking about noticing signs and stuff out in daily life, it reminded me again about the books. They are by Pam Grout and they are called E2 (squared) and E3 (cubed). They are quirky and funny books about energy and manifestation, etc. However, it is fun little things that actually I have found, open you up and get your third eye juices flowing. For those who have a hard time, or like me are having a hard time, it’s a fun and easy way to get those aha’s. So for anyone interested maybe check them out!

  2. Terri Lundquist 4 years ago

    Well done!

  3. Elizabeth Rasmussen 4 years ago

    I understand a lot after this lesson. I have as long as I remember been surrounded with my soul spirits. I remember being scared of them, sleeping with my lights on. I didn’t have a imaginary friend ,as I knew it was mush more then that. Boy did I get into a lot of trouble when I said I had one very powerful spirit and another that was just there. I was one with nature. I was one with my Native blood. That I was never aloud to say out loud. So always had a feeling of being bad. When I was out of nature like in school. I was always the weird one. As a kid I lived in a rich family anything I pointed at I got. My parents were always saying the poor was poor wasn’t aloud to look at poor. They were dirty. Hated colored. Homosexual was the worst thing on this earth besides Indians. On and on. I always wanted to be poor. I walked away from money and reached out to the most beautiful side . I couldn’t be like them. I thank my spirits in helping me be poor. I was so poor at one time I didn’t eat every day. Many days without food or little. Then I said now it’s enough I want to have a good life. Shortly after I met the man of my life eat every day car house but still struggling. Thanks again to my spirit guides. I started to find my power and my spirits have brought me the information I needed. Then one day I dropped on Dakotas doorstep. After a year great things are happening. I no longer struggle with money I’m not rich but I have the money I need. Thanks once again to my spirits. Just to say I’m so happy I dropped on Dakotas doorstep ❤️

  4. Lee-Ann 4 years ago

    Great format, really like the flow of the conversation.

    2 childhood memories came through while watching this. I don’t recall having an imaginary friend. I do however remember playing in my grandfather’s old chicken coop and would spend as much time as possible in there even tho it was off limits as it was empty, old and unsafe. This was after he had passed. I am thinking this was one if the times that he would talk to me. My 2nd memory is of seeing a man hiding behind my bedroom door and my parents telling me nobody was there, to go back to sleep and I couldn’t. I remember fear and screaming and that he was hiding from my parents but not from me. I believe now this was my grandpa also and that I was getting older and losing my ability to trust the spirits. I was probably 8 or 9 when this happened as I can still see my room as it was.

    I do see a lot of signs and don’t always heed them. I am sure a miss a lot of them too. I need to pay more attention.

    The mention of losing keys made me smile, I’ve always blamed Bobby when I lose my keys and ask him to put them back, they usually reappear quickly.

  5. Michelle 4 years ago

    It feels like I’ve already replied to this video in the previous one before watching this. Just goes to show how well you introduced the module, and how it is appearing at just the right time for me, and is exactly what I need right now. I think I am pretty OK at receiving and recognizing messages from my team but I am so, so bad at actually acting on any of these messages. And I can attest to the fact that if you don’t listen, you will get sick. Twelve days of being sick over the last few weeks with a terrible sinusitis infection. I can hear them now. It’s right in front of you Michelle, what you need to do is right in front of your face, and you still don’t take any notice so we will make it painful and fill your head with nasty stuff so you will have no choice but to stop and listen because you certainly won’t be able to do anything else. I am also terrible at asking for help and support, thinking I can do it myself, but I can’t. I’m stuck in a rut and can’t get out, and I absolutely hate that word stuck, but that’s what it feels like. I am so looking forward to this work, and it’s funny but the word I chose as the focus for November is ’empower’.

  6. Joy Little Mountain Cloud Richards 4 years ago

    Loved the format of the conversation between you both, sharing this knowledge, just flowed, very organic and authentic.
    Almost felt like I was in the same room, listening to you both, magical.
    Wow, moment… soul team! when we’re disempowering ourself, that was so enlightening!
    Pulling in all the pieces, back to the ancient knowledge, love it!
    I don’t think I had any imaginary friends as a child and certainly didn’t know about nature spirts etc, probably due to upbringing and living not to far from a city, it wasn’t really part of my way of life back then. Having said that, I would love being in the garden helping my Dad and later on in life tending my own garden, and his when he passed over. And now, having the allotment, just love all that, definitely calls to me. Definitely curious and watching out for signs now. Deepest gratitude.

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