1. Sammi 3 years ago

    Beautiful topic! I feel very connected to my animal guides, plant allies, tree spirits, nature sprites and Spirit…it is a feeling deep within, a knowing when I am in communication with these entities or in awareness of the presence of these spirits. They communicate with with me through my heart, visions, senses, symbols, signs, animals….I sometimes feel a calling to go a certain direction to discover a message or clarification or for wisdom. I am currently working on healing a wound within that keeps me from connecting with angelic realms…I know there is a connection but I feel I am blocking this area because of a personal incident that happened…I am currently working on this.

  2. dminer11 4 years ago

    Wow… this is a good exercise for me. In 1963 I saw Jesus at the foot of my bed. In 1977 I started channeling although I didn’t know it was called that then.
    Who I thought I was communicating with was God. I had no other frame of reference. At that time I was channeling information to help heal my daughter from Cerebral Palsey. It wasn’t until 1984 during group meditation that I finally connected with who I was channeling and I found out that it was Ascended Master Kathumi. He was the most prominent in my life however I also saw and channeled Jesus, the Blessed Mother, White Eagle, Quan Yin, Lao Tzu. It was not uncommon to see the white Brotherhood come in when I was working now thinking about it the Archangel Michael would come in and Metatron. It was just not uncommon for me to work with the ascended masters and the white Brotherhood . Not to mean any disrespect but these Beings were just who I hung out with. Also Saint Francis of Assisi and Pythagoras would also come in they were in they were former incarnations of Kathumi. I had stops and starts as I took care of people in my family. Last winter I started studying shamanism and realize that I may have been doing that all along. Although I never accessed the three worlds mostly I was in the upper world. The healings that I was part of came from information that I received from the ascended masters in the upper world.. I didn’t realize that there was a a middle World or a lower World until I started doing Journeys last winter. I was given in the Lower world more than one power animal. I questioned it…as they came on one at a time. And I was given a YES…and a list. To this day I am more comfortable in the Upper world. It is hard for me to be grounded. I have no trouble communicating with spirit. It is all very natural to me. I look forward to this course and to the mentorship to provide the words and hone my skills to what I’ve been doing for so many years. I’ve kind of done things backwards I didn’t know what I was doing was channeling I didn’t know what I was doing was journeying I didn’t have the words now I’m learning the words and connecting the dots. For that I am humbled and grateful. Thank you.

  3. dminer11 4 years ago

    Wow… this is a good exercise for me. In 1963 I saw Jesus at the foot of my bed. In 1977 I started channeling although I didn’t know it was called that then who I thought was was God. I had no other frame of reference. At that time I was channeling information to help heal my daughter from Cerebral Palsey. It wasn’t until 1984 during group meditation that I finally connected with who I was channeling and I found out that it was Ascended Master Kathumi.

  4. Christina 4 years ago

    I’m ready to dive in! I have looking forward to the deeper look into subjects. I have done a lot of work with angels over the years as well as guides an animals. I will say that I have been having a bit of trouble connecting lately (aside from the last few weeks of October which was overload). I have been a bit frustrated with this because it comes easily, but I am also aware that right now it is not unreasonable I am experiencing this because I have had a lot going on in my outerworld that I am working through. I can feel that I have closed up and off a bit, putting up a barrier (obviously for protection). Yet, I also know this is the opposite of what I am needing. I have been experiencing some anger (some being an operative word) due to situations as of late. I have been just allowing myself to be where I am because I know I will work through it in time. I guess I am having a hard time balancing just being how I am and still staying “open”.

    Anyway, when I am in a balanced place communication happens in a few ways, dreams, audio, visual, just knowing, and feeling. I have been very feeling oriented my whole life. I am very auditory sensitive and usually require “quieter” sound around me. Music seems to be the only thing that I can crank up (but I love music). I am very feeling sensitive as well and usually do not prefer to be around crowds of people. My daughter and I went to Walmart yesterday (this is a place I try to avoid) and on the way home I started laughing, then crying and the more she laughed at me the more I cried. I had no idea what happened or what was wrong, I just started going coo coo. My daughter looked at me, after I apologized for my freak out, and she said, “Mom don’t worry about it, you just have a Walmart hangover”. She gets it!

    I am looking forward to spending time reconnecting and delving deep. I love love love working with animals and angels so I am looking forward to this.

  5. Elizabeth Rasmussen 4 years ago

    Looking forward to this. My angels are with me day and night. I ask my angels to find parking places I haven’t had problems to find parking for years now. I ask the angles to let me have green lights. Well not so often I get red lights. If I’m running late I ask my angels to help me get on time. I work a lot with the Archangels. Archangel Michael is my go to Archangel. A powerful yet kind energy ❤️ My spirit guides are with me. Sometimes there chattering day long or in my dreams. My spirit animal is the big bear. Mostly brown but at times white. The bear has always been there. I remember as young having nightmares and the big brown bear would come and rescue me. I first remember these night mares after a year ago finding my spirit guide. Looking forward in learning more as I know there’s more and more powerful ways of using the angels and guides.

  6. Lee-Ann 4 years ago

    Hello, looking forward to this deep dive!

    I have physical animals that I am drawn to but I have done the power animal meditation and never fully feel like I find my true power animal at that time. When I was a child, I lived and breathed unicorns and now believe they were my childhood protectors. Today, it is the crow and turtle I look to in the physical realm, but they do not travel to other realms with me.

    I am in somewhat a similar position with my guides. It is my helper guides that I communicate with mostly. My mom, husband and nana. Sometimes I hear something or feel it and have usually processed it as intuition. When I meditate to find and communicate with my guides, I usually get nothing. I don’t do well with trusting the process and giving up control. I feel like I have to give up control, to go deep enough to find my spirit guides and animal and even typing this, I’m shaking my head no. It’s the same reason I don’t drink too much or do other things that allow the brain to relax.. that thought just came to me, it’s like I’m afraid of what I’ll see or hear so I don’t allow myself to go there. Hmmm…..

  7. Michelle 4 years ago

    What a lovely surprise to find both of you here on my Saturday afternoon. This Deep Dive sounds great and couldn’t come at a better time. I think I need all the help and advice I can get from my Guides, the Angels and Ascended Masters at the moment. Usually I receive messages from my Spirit guides and animals through their physical presence, or from signs and synchronicities that happen throughout the day, something I see or read that seems to link up, or lead to something else, and everything just falls into place, giving me the validation that it has been a message meant for me.
    Over the last 12 months I haven’t really worked with the Angels, however last night after going through a bit of the dark night of the soul, desperate times call for desperate measures, I did a meditation, Reclaiming ancient gifts and treasures from Avalon. With the support of six archangels I traveled through ancient Avalon and met my guide at the Temple, who turned out to be my own Higher self. I was asked to choose three gifts from the altar and I would embody and bring back with me the essence each item held. From the bells, memories, from the flowers, beauty and abundance, and truth and clarity from the sword. My Higher Self told me ‘You know what to do Michelle, you just have to remember’. So this is what sparks my curiosity. The remembering of the ancient knowledge and wisdom, and the magic that was practiced and passed down through our lineages.

  8. Joy Little Mountain Cloud Richards 4 years ago

    Thank you both for all the work you’ve put into this, sounds absolutely fascinating.
    I’m so happy to hear we’re going to be finding out about angels alongside Shamanism, I can’t wait. I call on the archangels already as well as Shaman guides so delighted this is in the Soul Dive.
    Last year, a few animals appeared in glimpses, and I tend to place them around me for protection into portals but as to whether there should be just one, it’s something I forgot to do, and, if I’m honest, perhaps just lack of confidence that one actually wanted to work with me. So I do need to clarify who my power animal is.
    Also clarification as to who my spirit guide is, which I find extremely embarrassing to admit to, that relationship has not been built up as of yet. Probably due to lack of confidence but now, when I reflect, having completed one year on the wheel, I think personally for me I needed to get a lot of other issues sorted first perhaps, but saddened, I haven’t got one. I pray this happens with the Soul Dives. But what I have been doing is calling in guides, but it’s me calling them to me, ones that I’m drawn to, Shaman, Ascended Masters and Archangels. So I really do need help and this is just perfect timing for me, feel ready now. Feels like this past year just gone in a blink of an eye and I’m just beginning, but with a foundation behind me now to build upon, solidly, not shifting sands. So I am curious and so grateful to be here.

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