1. Sara Casey 2 years ago

    One very ominous piece of my soul would not reveal itself. Since it’s mother’s day today she’s probably involved. Maybe she will speak tomorrow. I hope so. I’m too old to be carrying her baggage around anymore.

  2. Breda O Dwyer 4 years ago

    Wow ,! what an interesting meditation, I really connected to it but unfortunately I was
    Unable to bring back any of the chards of glass, the injuries seemed to be deep , each
    Time I asked them to come back they clearly said it was not time, which I respected.
    I will try to repeat it again at another time I will try to pick up the book
    Soul Retreval by Sandra Ingman .

  3. Machell 5 years ago

    When I was little and I needed to get away from everything and everyone I would run thru this cornfield behind our house and it would lead me to this little pond. I found myself during this meditation running thru this cornfield again, I could feel the sun on my face and the roots of the corn stalks popping up out of the ground onto my bare feet as I was running. I had my hands out swatting the corn stalks as I was running thru them I could feel the stickiness of the stalks as my hands swatted them, instead of were the little pond would be was the empty frame. I came to the first shard of broken mirror off to my right and picked it up I could feel the sharp edges in my hands the sunlight beamed off of it, I saw myself at the age of about 5 and I was at my mom’s side tugging on her skirt, saying “but that ain’t right” I actually saw light leave me from my belly area when she swatted me away from her ignoring me, I felt angry, wronged, sad like she didn’t give a shit about what I was trying to tell her.
    I asked if she felt safe enough to come back and she took off running in the field away from me, I felt hurt, disappointed, depressed, but I put the shard back on the ground where I found it.
    I kept moving thru the cornfield, next a shard off to my left was picked up and I saw when I was about 9 on a boys 10 speed bike and I was just a little too short to be riding it and It had one of the metal clips that held the brake cables in place on the frame spun around and the sharp clip side was facing skyward and I was not aware of this and I went to step off the bike and my private came directly down on top of this clip and cut me in my private It required a few stiches, my family tested me for hurting my VA jj.
    I again saw some light leave me this time from my face and neck.
    I asked if it would come back to me and what I need to do to make it feel safe, I got, get myself a new women’s bike that fits me and go riding in nature as much as I can. I agreed and my snow owl showed up and picked up the shard from my hands and placed it in the empty frame close to the upper right hand corner, near my right eye, I felt safe, happy, warm, and very grateful to my snow owl.
    I will be sized and order my new women’s bike ASAP!
    Again running thru the cornfield came to another shard I was 2 sitting in the back yard playing with my dad in the grass at my grandparents’ house, this one I could feel real heavy in my heart, a lot of light leaving my heart / chest area, then I remembered this was one of the very last times I was happily with my dad and my paternal grandparents who treated me like there little princess, I even remembered my Pop Pop calling me, I heard
    “There’s my Shelly” like he was in the room with me. I felt safe, happy, loved, missed, I asked if she felt safe to come to me and once again my snow owl swooped down so fast and took the shard from my hands and placed it in the frame right where my heart would be. I asked what did I need to do for her to feel safe and I saw my grandparent’s grave site.

  4. Kate Towell 5 years ago

    I’m with Patti. I started the meditation and felt a lot of anxiety which is not a usually occurs ce for me. I almost stopped it immedialty but picked up the first shard. That was intense and seemed like enough for now so I ended the meditation early.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Kate, I’m really glad you did this meditation as YOU felt led. That’s an important piece to all of this work, to honor what feels right for you. You did this much this time, and next time it may be more but always honor your gut. (unless of course one is responding to a fear that is actually a block, need to put that caveat in there!)

  5. Patricia 5 years ago

    This was a beautiful experience recovering pieces of my soul. It also feels like closing certain chapters of my life and letting go of all emotional attachment, in the belief that those experiences made me who I am today. still ongoing as I’m sure there are lots more to bring back.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      There will probably always be pieces to recover, but the more you recover the more whole you feel and are. Seeing the world from a more whole viewpoint changes everything! So happy you had this experience Patricia!

  6. Patti 5 years ago

    I did this today and felt like I wasn’t ready or it just didn’t happen to bring any part back. Later in day I watched some movies and I have cried more than ever. So I guess the intention was there and feel like I am getting some of my soul back! Funny how this works

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Sometimes soul recovery, and other meditations, are the process of merely “opening the door” – we invite the change, or the recovery to happen and then it meets us where we will receive it much easier. In your case, it met you during the movies.

  7. Robert 5 years ago

    Interesting when the broken pieces were or were not ready to come back. In one situation, actually felt the shard departing-Drifting away and the other two the shards hung around and then starting to come fwd when they were ok with my promise but also suggested that I’d still be vulnerable but I would do better with boundaries,

    Thank you Dakota!

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Bob, I wonder if the shard that drifted away is an indication of something you need to take the magnifying glass to and look at the events surrounding it leaving – to turn the lens and look at the situation differently? That just came to me as I read your post. And boundaries are always good to have in check! 🙂

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