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  1. Amanda Tolchard 2 years ago

    Going through the bubble to the middle world from the forest was so gentle, everything became so much brighter. I was a little in awe of bring there and in the medicine wheel and connecting with that.
    A cloaked and hooded spirit/energy approached and while I couldn’t see it I sensed it, felt it. I started to get images of a skull, as if there was skeleton under the cloak and hood it didn’t feel I needed to be afraid I was just confused and curious as to what it meant. the sense i got and still have was this spirit guide was here to support me journeying into my darkness, and quite likely my grief.

    This is very interesting to me as my father died almost four years ago and this month it would of been his 72nd birthday as well as his 4th anniversary. I’ve been still and inward during January for the past few years to honour him, remember him and give myself the time I need to heal and awaken. This year it has felt very different, I didn’t enroll on this with my grief in mind, I was hoping to get to know my spirit guides better, learn more about the North Direction and feel clearer in my sacred purpose. As I share this now it feels that I may be diving deeper in my grief to better understand myself and what I am here to do.

  2. Holly Jones 3 years ago

    A mama black bear showed up for me to remind me of the strength I have had inside of me all along. She held me tenderly like I was one of her cubs and I was able to let go and just be in her loving and connected presence. She also reminded me that sometimes loving myself is fierce and protective and to use her strength to help me advocate for myself and put important boundaries in place. She gave me a heart shaped compass to carry with me as I embark on this new journey of the sacred wheel.

  3. Robert Martin 3 years ago

    When I started the meditation I was concerned because I could feel, hear and sense everything in the forest, I but could not see clearly. It was if I was night blind which was disconcerting as vision and my ability to feel energy levels have always been my strongest abilities when traveling. But this changed when I walked through the veil! Not only did everything come into sharp focus all of my senses increased drastically, especially my ability to feel the energy level, it was so strong!

    When I saw a cloaked figure walking toward me I was again concerned because I could not make out the features under the hood. As we talked I gradually saw her features and when I asked her the issues about my vision she told me that was one of the areas she would help me with. I need to start trusting my other senses as I did when I was younger, not just rely on my vision as the truth. And as I started to trust my intuition and become comfortable with her I was able to see clearly, which is one of the area she would assist with. Before we parted she gave me an Oak pendant as a gift.

  4. Maria Bovin de Labbé 3 years ago

    Simply beautiful. I met the shaman woman I’ve felt a connection with for some years now. Closer now. And a white male eagle showed up as a spirit teacher and protector. Thank you, Dakota.

  5. Heidi Hood 3 years ago

    Whoa. Not at all what I expected but exactly what I need.

  6. Kayla Farr 3 years ago

    I had my grandmother come to me. With her she brought a healing light that was so strong I felt intense heat. At the same time I wept and the tears felt cleansing, cool to my skin. She placed my hand on my heart and I was at peace.

    • Heidi Hood 3 years ago


  7. Laura Christy 3 years ago

    In vision a white light hovered over me and my heart heard ” you are in me”. I felt very calm and serene. I’ve also been sprinkled with light that made me tingle all over especially left leg. I saw a figure with chemistry type set-up…alchemy.. brewing and mixing something magical up. I’ve seen a woman who seems to have very long hair…all of visions feel very feminine. Soft smooth easy flowing magical soothing. I feel lighter brighter more content…serene. Enjoying… I did the ancestor meditation and then next day did spirit teacher so I’m looking for more clarity on who what is coming through…one in the same or different guides. I have my trusty beautiful horse always…black at times and white at times appear. I see a horse pulling a wagon very often w light beings inside…sometimes they wave at me. I believe last eve the horse was just pulling one light being behind on sled type thing.

  8. Kirsty Norton 3 years ago

    A female ancestor joined me, she represented all the women before my time, the message she had for me was they didn’t sacrifice in order for me to be passive and not step up with the medicine of light that we all bring forwards. She was strong, fierce, loving and gentle all at the same time. They are all behind me to support me and help me keep my energy strong for this next chapter.

  9. Raven Blakely 3 years ago

    I wasn’t sure that I needed to do this guided visualization because wolf had already come to me and told me that they were going to be my teacher throughout this year, which I’m very excited about, but I figured what the heck and I put it on right when I was going to bed, and as soon as I was on a path and in the forest first a staff appeared before me and then Merlin! Then I went to sleep, I woke up somewhere in the night and had to pee, I was not too happy about this and Merlin said oh no you need to be grateful for the water running through you, it is one of the elements, we’re all made of the same stuff, so give gratitude, then my dog had to get up and pee and I had to take her outside, again I was a little grumpy and then Merlin said oh no, look at the sky and I looked at the sky and it was the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen, so it’s interesting that the lessons in the south have brought me to water and gratitude via Merlin
    Thanks for a great visualization, I don’t really know what happened during the rest of it because I fell sleep but that was plenty, I can’t think of a better guide to teach me about Shamanism,…

  10. Jenifer Mahanes 3 years ago

    A beautiful snow owl came to me spreading her wings wide and embracing me. ♥️✨

  11. Ashleigh 4 years ago

    I have been thinking a lot about flow and finding it in work tasks and an overall flow/ease to life, really searching for a rhythm in the chaos. A drum of motivation to follow and live by. I am thankful that a water spirit chose me. The experience/presence was hard for my mind to comprehend… a fluid form that could morph and be different shapes and at the same time reflected me and my light. I found it inspiring that the spirit told me that flow is found in the space in between, in between tasks, in between moments, it’s the pause between the breath. And then gave me a small round mirror and the message to calm the waters. One of the deeper meditation experiences I’ve allowed my mind to surrender to, it’s hard to let go and dive in, I’m excited and grateful to continue this journey.

  12. dminer11 4 years ago

    Merlin came to me. He told me to listen to the crow . Then a crow circle above us. He presented to me a crystal ball and as we were walking back he gave me a walking stick. He said he will put his hand on my left shoulder and it will feel heavy also he will whisper in my left ear. It seemed so natural as I was meeting an old friend. Thank you thank you thank you

  13. Jackie Derham 4 years ago

    A guy turned up, not seen or met before, he was just suddenly there his name was Jethro, (which means abundance) he was dressed in denim. He was very confidant, attentive, caring, he had determination and courage in abundance, something I seem to be lacking lately. He was not a big guy but his energy was. I felt cared for as if he was going to look after me. I felt safe. I seem to have been struggling lately and it was really nice to be able to let go, and be with someone who had that strength, it was like he was giving me the space to relax and mend as he was going to look after me. He gave me a crystal and an Indian tomahawk, not sure what the tomahawk was for, maybe cutting through my fears. I need to get my crystals out and I will find one similar to the one he was giving me. As we started walking back he was making jokes, he had a good sense of humour which has also been lacking in me lately. It was good to feel his strength, support and humour.

  14. Cindy Yellow Butterfly 4 years ago

    This was an awesome meditation. I reconnected with my chief and he gave me the gift of the chanupa and reminded me that this is our connection. Whenever I want guidance, I simply need to pick up the pipe for it is with the sacred smoke that we can communicate. 🙂 Aho.. loved this.

  15. Breda O Dwyer 4 years ago

    I truly enjoyed this meditation ,
    I did finally meet my Guide,, it turned out to be my dad , it was a very emotional journey for me.

  16. Megan 4 years ago

    It was dusk. The path was straight and lined with giant evergreens on both sides. Everything was perfect and symmetrical. There was a beautiful grey wolf with blue eyes majestically sitting on my left as hundreds of orange monarch butterflies flew about. A deer was on my right.

    What appeared as a guide was not what I expected visually. Beautiful, but more than I could handle. It was too much. My right and left brain went into battle and took me away for awhile and out of the meditation for awhile. Upon returning, the energy was with me but invisible which was better for me.

    I’ll be able to sense the energy.

  17. Becky 4 years ago

    ‍♀️Amazing…I am sure many meanings that I do not quite yet understand, and some I received quickly…I was with a cute dragon and the fairies before you got me to the bubble…I had two spirits with me almost immediately…not sure if that is ok…I understood their presence and representation…Joan of Arc and Mother Theresa…But I did see what seem to be a medicine man later…like a very quick hello…my tool was a shield with a mirror on one side…and my gift was a beautiful lotus flower…I did have teary eyes, but of comfort…everything was so peaceful…the dragon was the bomb…I got to ride him…awesome…I am really loving this

  18. Dakota Walker 5 years ago

    Sounds absolutely splendid …

  19. PhyllisEagleDancing 5 years ago

    I had already done a shamanic journey for this west direction recently. I traveled through a lava tube through the earth and emerged in Australia. A brilliantly banded poisonous snake greeted me and took me to see an Aboriginal ceremony around a fire. It’s eyes were crystalline.

    In this journey, the snake brought me a gift: a tiny teddy bear to remind me to nurture my inner child.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      What a beautiful journey! I have not traveled a lava tube before, that sounds fun!

  20. Karen MacFee 5 years ago

    Greetings beloved Soul Family 🙂 After familiarizing with the journey, I prepared the sacred space to enjoy the journey. I used my mindfold, and it helped create such a perfect space to experience this journey. My power animal, Shamira, the Siberian tiger, was with me, and the silver and sky blue dragonfly and the orange and black butterfly that are actually in my yard almost everyday lately, were with me. I realized, as we journeyed, they are my teachers…the symbol is a triangle,within a triangle, within a triangle, and the gift is warmth in my veins and comfort in my body 🙂 I have much to learn and quite the team to guide me. Love and blessings to you all <3

  21. Valerie 5 years ago

    I came in contact with a spirit guide that has always accualy has been with me for the last years. Now we had a beautiful connection and I now know his name, this beautiful deer. When I go deeper back into my childhood I remember that my “imaginairy” friends was him also in more human form. Many things come back to me that I had forgotten, such a beautiful gift to recieve. Thank you for this meditation a missing piece has come back to me ❤️

  22. Hanna Isaksson 5 years ago

    My spiritual teacher that I travel to when I do shamanic work is also following me in the west. And also my father who is usually with me.

  23. Hanna Isaksson 5 years ago

    My spiritual teacher that I travel to when I do shamanic work is also following me in the west. And also my father who is usually with me. Very powerful, I almost fell asleep.

  24. Joy Little Mountain Richards 5 years ago

    Beautiful meditation,
    Thank you, feeling my way, building confidence, trusting the journey…

  25. Calvarez 5 years ago

    I am so excited!!! 🙂 In entering the forest I was immediately aware of the vibrancy of color and the feel of the dirt path beneath me. I could see the colors up above morphing and changing like a living rainbow. There were dancing orbs all around me and with the wind almost a giggle. The big pines were alive and dancing in the breeze yet the bark felt so sturdy and strong. There were fairies and sprites all around saying hello and enjoying their environment. I saw dragonflies and butterflies flitting around with joy. There was a wolf howling in the distance yet I knew it was on a cliff top while other animals shimmered in and out. I heard drum beats off in the distance and my grandmother was there. “We are all here Mija” and I became aware of a large group of people filling the forest. There was a smaller group that was coming up to me and walking with me. They seemed very familiar and we walked till I got close to an opening. There were stones in for corners and I looked at my grandmother and she nodded for me to go ahead. As I entered the stones that were crystal like began to glow and morphed between stone and crystal and then the animals for each direction flowed in and around the stones as well. There was a flat crystalline stone in the center and I sat and it pulsed, immediately there was a small light cord that connected between all the stones and then from each stone it came out and into me, then there was a surge around me and pulsing but within me too. Facing north I saw tons of people, all looked different and I knew these were ancestors of many lives. Then there was a pulse of light of to one side and it morphed into a person. He looked like someone from deep in a South American jungle or something. I could not understand his name but knew he would be a teacher and so I asked if I could just call him Kai for short. As we connected there was a warmth. He told me to relax and he touched my heart area, which burst like a flower opening and then I became warm and electric all over, and there was a golden energy flowing… Then he gave me a dagger looking thing and told me this was to cut all ties, especially fear. Then he was cutting these black cords off me. I felt lighter and he gave me a crystal which was pulsing and when I held it I could feel everyone and everything from this experience with me. Then I saw a flash of a crystal that I have sitting up in a window. I could feel everyone else that had been there in the background. I felt their love and pain from their lives, yet they were happy. As I walked back I could feel his energy on my right as I do now. I did not smell much, but it seems I am strongest in the visual, auditory and feeling areas. 🙂

  26. Anat Dagan 5 years ago

    I have been listening to the meditation for a few days now, and still no luck connecting with my spirit guide.
    I will keep on positively, I am sure it’ll happen.

  27. Lee-Ann 5 years ago

    3rd time is a charm. I used the trance breathing method mentioned on trance Tuesday and that helped. I had a panther and white wolf come through this time. I will repeat this one again. I feel things will change as I become more in tune. Thank you.

  28. Ron Shackelly 5 years ago

    I would really like to have a Helper Guide, but I don’t want to wait and fall behind like I did in the East Direction. Lots going on in my life. Move on you say. O.K. Thank You.

  29. Ron Shackelly 5 years ago

    Still no luck. It’s like I want a helper so bad that I am trying too hard. I got my store bought Shamanic drum, did a heart beat on it. I had sound, no vision. My “Little Brother” Norman came to mind. Several ‘gifts’ came to mind, but did not settle on one. Should I keep trying, or move on?

  30. Ron Shackelly 5 years ago

    Third time lucky? No, strike three. The first two times, I put on my head set and blindfold, and ‘passed out’ through most of the meditation . I woke up part way through, both times, with no sensations what so ever. I saw “her” at the beginning of the first session, nothing since. This time, no blind fold. Stared at the screen the entire time. No sensations, no visions, nada. But I stayed awake this time. My question, should I keep trying, or move on?

  31. Ron Shackelly 5 years ago

    Again no luck. I got to the veil, ‘blacked out’, came back when you were telling me to step out of the wheel. The rest was mechanical again, no sensations all the way to the end.

  32. Ron Shackelly 5 years ago

    I thought I had it! You told me to be aware of my breathing, Deep breathing in and out, in and out. Then she was there! I didn’t really see her, but when I saw her white buckskin dress, the emotion hit me. I started bawling my eyes out, Tears were actually streaming down my face. As I edged closer to her to fut my face into her left shoulder, you came back on, talking about a veil I could go through to see the spirits. She faded away. The rest of the session was mechanical, no feeling, nada. Try again manana.

  33. Patricia 6 years ago

    I met three spirit teachers all of whom I have seem in meditation and out as well as dream time prior to doing this meditation. They are Jesus, Mary Magdalene and a spirit animal the brown bear. I take this to mean this is why they have appereard to me before because this is the part of my life journey they are to teach and guide me on. Feeling elated at what I’m going to learn. I was given a sacred drum and told I would be assisted on how to connect with my higher self and that of my partners. And that the bear is first and foremost my protector. I’m guided to see what other qualities he will teach me. Powerful is the word that sprung to mine.

  34. Betty 6 years ago

    I saw fairies and elves from the beginning and felt a profound peace in the forest. I felt tears in my eyes and realized that I felt at home, truly at home. I’ve seen that veil between the worlds for a very long time but never been through it until today. I felt such a sense of wonder and love. I could see fairies flying around my head and almost hear their laughter. It was such a deep sense of joy. As I came into the stone medicine wheel I fell on my knees and sobbed. I have no idea where it came from and thought to push those enormous feelings back down but decided instead to let them come…to give myself permission to feel whatever this was. I looked up and saw my ancestors surrounding me in a circle, inside of the medicine wheel. I’ve never seen them in this life but knew instinctively that I belong to them and they to me. They were quiet, but also joyful, watching and loving me as I wept. A woman stepped into the circle and walked towards me. She was ancient and very powerful. Her energy is one I’ve felt before, but just had glimpses, flickering images. This time the energy was very steady. I couldn’t see her face but felt her enormous presence. She stroked my head, kissed me on the forehead and told me to continue weeping because I was finally letting go of the self doubts and fears that have been plaguing me for most of my life. My tears and deep raggedy breaths were clearing the slate, so to speak. I was finally connecting to those who have been waiting for me for a very long time.
    I couldn’t think to ask questions….I just sat and sobbed and soaked up the love and joy I felt. She gave me a radiant crystal of some sort (I don’t know what it was; I have so much to learn) that was humming with color, light and energy. I held it to my chest and felt the power slowly soak into my spirit.

    We left the medicine wheel together. While we were walking I was able to ask her how I’d know she was there. She told me that I would feel her energy, her kiss on my forehead or stroking my hair. I came back into this space wiping tears from my eyes and cheeks. I have to go outside now….feel the ground beneath my feet, the cold air on my face. I don’t know exactly why I have to do that (I’m normally not a fan of cold weather) but I do. My spirit is still humming from the joy and power I felt. There aren’t words to express this incredible feeling. It’s as if I’ve been set free….

  35. Brenda Sherer 6 years ago

    The first two times I did this meditation I could feel energies coming and going, but none of them stayed. Then a week ago I ended up buying several crystals when I went to get more sage. Somehow (without any previous intent on my part) one of the crystals I bought was a Lemurian clear quartz. It was pulling on me hard before I even picked it up and kind of drowned out the other crystals I bought when I got home. After having cleansed all the crystals and having spent a few days with them, I did a meditation to bond with my quartz. It was almost too much energy to take all at once, but a female warrior/oracle (for lack of better description) came to me and is connected to this quartz.

    She said she had been waiting for me because she had so much to tell me and was here to help me remember who I am and where I came from. Images of galaxies flashed through my mind and I said if that is where I come from why did I come here? She said to protect my people. It was extremely intense and very clear. Except her name. When I asked her what her name was, she said it will come. Meaning it will come as I start to remember whatever it is I am supposed to remember. Somehow I felt like it started with A-S-H. Then she said it was time to do this meditation to find a spirit teacher again.

    And sure enough there she was walking into the circle (although I have never been able to see her head or face). I could feel her strength and, when she said she has so much to tell me, she felt like a friend who wanted to catch me up on all the events that I have happened since I had been away. But she said not all at once. She walked out of the circle and back with me at my left side like we were old friends. It was all extremely exciting and overwhelming. It took a lot out of me and I felt tired for the rest of the day.

    The next day I was feeling run down from family obligations which probably made me feel a bit emotional and I was thinking about what I had experienced. I actually asked my quartz to pull its energy back a bit so I could process everything which it did. Not surprising I started second guessing what I had experienced and I decided that I would try again tomorrow (which is today).

    Today I was feeling much more open to what I had experienced. So once again I spent some time meditating and bonding with my quartz. The energy was not as intense and I felt her more than I saw her today. Then I did this meditation again and she came again. Still feeling her more than seeing her. She asked me a couple of times if I was sure that I wanted her to be my spirit teacher and I said yes. I want to hear what she wants to tell me and I want to remember who I am and where I come from. We left the circle together. As the meditation was ending I asked her name again and she said “Ashari.”

    I really had doubts about sharing this for the last two days, but somehow today everything is coming out so easily. No doubts at all.

  36. April Doyle 6 years ago

    My body sensations were off the charts – all throughout my chest, throat and solar plexus and the back of my chest – pain, heat, moving & swirling. I didn’t feel any of my spirit totems, so I brought forth Bub, my cat, who curled up on my lap, my hawk totem and then a guy that seemed like my acupuncturist, Naill – a long haired, peaceful, powerful Nordic Viking. He was in my dream last night – not Naill, but the long haired man. The message was “stay with your body sensations. There are instructions/lessons there.” And the body sensations eased some, to come back afterwards in my throat area. It’s the area that has been needing healing, apparently an enemy army’s arrow had choked my warning cry. No token item or idea was given.

  37. Machell 6 years ago

    I did this a little different, I made the room dark except for on candle burning just above my head while lying on the floor.
    At first nothing but blackness, then I was at one of my favorite spots close by a little winding creek over at blue marsh lake with a really small bridge, sitting there looking down at the bigger rocks where the water was a lot louder than anywhere else, I started to see little and big orbs flying about like fire flies, then I could hear a rabbit, and looked all around me the forest animals where coming out of the woodwork , Literally! There were fairies & sprites everywhere, tree people, rock people, birds were incredibly loud. I just sat there for the longest time and just observed. Just to cool, I felt like “Alice in Wonderland” ! Then the water going over the bigger rocks started increasing in size the mist and water splashing skyward, covered the view in front of me I could only see the creek winding away from me with limited view, I saw this thin crease of light in the creek bed going to the sky I started walking in the creek toward this crease of light, I stepped thru it onto the other side and I found myself in a clearing seeing the forest at a distance and everything was black. Started walking toward the forest and as I walked toward it everything came into view, the huge trees, but I always seemed to stay in the clearing with forest all around me?
    Next thing I knew I found myself in the middle of this crystal rock medicine wheel and they were all glowing including the big flat one I was on in the center of the wheel. While laying there the wheel would pick up and float at the same time it would wobble back and forth like a childs spin top toy. I was feeling warmth and peace coming from the crystal I was laying on, the wobble motion made me start crying?
    Then it stopped wobbling and came softly to the ground where I just layed for who knows how long crying?
    I called for help and I saw this light being walk toward me and kneel down beside me as if it was going to pray over me then it put it’s head down on my belly and just sat there like that my body was uncontrollably trembling, tears were streaming down my face. I saw the whole medicine wheel glowing and spinning around us while this was happening I was paralyzed. It just sat like that. I could feel the energy from it pulse thru me and all my surroundings, We were all one beat. It lifted it’s head and started empathic dialogue with me, I asked it, who are you? what is your name? I got my name is Ariel. I asked what is your message for me? It said, Love Myself? I asked how will I know you are with me, then it engulfed me in it’s huge wings.
    And the feeling of that well, I don’t have words!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I asked how will I feel you around me in my everyday life, and it tightened it’s hug!
    It just held me for the longest time.
    I asked how can I reach you when I need to , it said just ask.
    I was walking in the clearing with my new guide and we walked back to the creek where I started it came with me and we sat on the bridge for a while it was holding me as we watched the water rolling over the rocks in the creek.

  38. Autumn 6 years ago

    Once I crossed over into the enchanted land through the bubble, everything became very bright. I saw the fairies and other things flying around. I thought I would see a coral snake as I have in the past but to my surprise I saw no snake. I saw a ram. I then had a beautiful white horse come to me. In the distance I kept seeing this Merlin/ Gandolf looking figure. As I sat down in the stone area, I saw a beautiful rainbow light woman made up of particles of space. She gave me a green hooded velvet cloak to protect me and help me not pick up on all the subtle energies around me. She said I would know that she was with me when I felt her on my back, like when someone comes behind you to give you a hug. Then I felt this energy in my feet that moved up my legs, through my body to my crown chakra. I have been have issues with my muscular or neurological system (not quite sure yet) but this was really amazing. Then I thanked her and left. The next day, I looked up the ram, and it spoke of strength and moving on something that I needed to or I might loose out on an opportunity. So, I called the HR of the place I had interviewed. Shortly there after I received a call from the woman that I had interviewed with asking me if I was really interested in the job (I will be making less money but will work better hours).
    About 20 years ago, I had a reading with this lady called Light. She told me that one of my spirit guides was a rainbow lady. This was amazing!

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      I had chills reading this Autumn! I loved reading it too, felt like I was in a fairy tale and made me want to go there too! It sounds like it is all coming full circle in some way, it’s such a confirmation when we can look back so long ago to see that the signs were there. We just needed to be in the right place at the right time! Simply awesome!

  39. Marisse Gabrielle 6 years ago

    Thank you Dakota. This was beautiful and very vivid. <3

    I met with a beautiful white pegasus. She smelled divine and she was so gentle and magical. She told me to remember my power and divinity and that I am powerful and divine beyond my earthly understanding. She told me not to be afraid to use it. She reminded me that I had a pair of white wings as well and gave me a beautiful large white feather. I felt her energy, and it's very familiar to me. Sometimes I see and feel it in my 'real' life. It's comforting to know that it's her and she's been with me for a while already. 🙂

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      I love this, how powerful and what great gifts/symbols in your journey. It sounds like you were and are ready for this powerful transformation to happen!

  40. Deborah 6 years ago

    I did this meditation lying down in a dark room. I felt very comfortable and I think I could let go of any distraction my mind may have decided to wonder of to. I did not clearly come to know who my spirit teacher is, but near the end of the meditation I felt the presence of someone. This is the first time I have seen different animals during the meditation. It seemed different yet very normal to see Dolphin in a pool of water in an opening in the forest. Then a rush of many animal faces came flying toward me as though they passed through me. At the end of the flock I faced the beak of an eagle looking squarely at his head and outstretched wings, then he continued through me. The gift I received was a hand that held a bright orb. As I came back through the forest a great light followed me to the end of the meditation. This is the first time my intention was to find my spirit guide. I guess I have just felt these things would eventually show up. I’m learning many new things about meditation.

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      The orb!!!! It’s back! What a beautiful, powerful, symbolic and entrancing meditation! So many gifts in what you saw and experienced, and so many beautiful spirits coming through to guide and assist you! And yes, we can set the intention however we need to when we journey and meditate. We become more in control of our experience and make it happen rather than wait for it to happen!

  41. Barbara 6 years ago

    I have repeatedly seen dragonfly lately and have recieved messages and guidance from it. Therfore I thought dragonfly might be my spirit guide on this journey. However, when I did this meditation (and I had some resitence doing it) it was the eagle that came to me when I was sitting in the medicine wheel. It will help me to keep on track, seing the bigger picture and pay attention not letting myself get distracted. The eagle gave me a seed and I could see a big, beautiful tree grow from it. The seed is to remind me of all the seeds I plant and to know that they will grow and fulfill a purpose even when I don’t see it immediately. The eagle told me to feel and remember my connection – to the earth, to other, to myself, to the universe – and know that I am always connected and that all I do serves a purpose. When I live and act consciously from that connection I will feel the purpose in everything I do.
    This was a very strong meditation experience and very strong messages! Thank you. Aho.

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      Wow! Aho indeed … As I read this I felt almost an impulse that the dragonfly grew into becoming the eagle – like a more powerful version of the winged one. Perhaps you, too, are transforming into a more powerful being. Beautiful and deep messages though! Do you know why you had resistance to begin with?

  42. Jodi 6 years ago

    I loved the beginning, fell asleep, I will try it again around 2 this afternoon. I am going to take your advice and try different times throughout the day.

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      Jodi, have you tried it different times yet? How is it working for you?

  43. Debra 6 years ago

    Beautiful and well done.

  44. Grace 6 years ago

    I did this meditation over again since I had done it in the South direction. Not a surprise, that a new spirit teacher came. The first one I received an actual visitation, where as this time I just felt the person’s presence and kept seeing a photo of them. My new tool this time is respect and the gift I was left was a key. It was a much enjoyable journey with my new spirit teacher.

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      @grace I’m glad you did the journey again. Often, you will find that a new teacher comes based on the direction you are going into. They help us in different ways. So for all of you who are coming out of one direction with one teacher, try doing this journey again to see if you are meant to walk with a new teacher in this new direction.

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      Do you know yet, what the key is for or what it will open, or unlock?

  45. Laurel 6 years ago

    I found myself in a Sequoia forest, someplace I have recently been. I felt the spirit of Sequoia very strongly, touching my heart, where yes, I need the healing. When I sat in the medicine wheel, my guide Amira came and took my hands. I felt both Amira and Sequoia. The gifts of strength, steadiness, love. Thank you, thank you.

  46. Kimberley 6 years ago

    Still coming back to this. Three times, no luck… but will gently continue to play with it.

  47. Kimberley 6 years ago

    Sorry… which meditation? I looked in the resources but can’t figure out which one you want us to do. Sigh.

    • Kimberley 6 years ago

      The meditation was not on my page the first time, but it worked the next day… as in, it functioned. I was surprised by this. I normally don’t have any problem “seeing” on that interior “screen”, but wow, this meditation has been a challenge. I’ve done it three times, once in the morning, twice in the early evening. I see a pulsing brightness, I have felt a physical touch on my third eye, but that’s been it. When I finish, so many things come to me that I am confused. I will keep working with this until something or someone clear comes forward.

      • earthcloud 6 years ago

        Sometimes Spirits will come as pure energy, this could be the case for you or like you said in another post, perhaps they will reveal more after your birthday party you are attending!

  48. patti 6 years ago

    Ok this time was really cool. I did it outside, first came deer, then some wings, I tried to make it be wolf but female deer stuck her face in mine so I said of course . I’ve always connected to deer because I love how free they are but more came clear. They mate but don’t usually have males hang with them. They hang with other females and babies. They are highly sensitive and always on guard to what is around them. I got love n Peace when my deer sat by my feet and kissed me. Ok licked me lol so I am the same as a deer except the free part. I also got trust and let go of the pain I’m holding onto. Wow was pretty good experience

    • earthcloud 6 years ago

      This made me smile, and yes, it usually is not a kiss from a deer but a big wet lick in the face! And she is very sensitive … Buddha is aware of everything, it’s really amazing to watch her! So I love that you had the deer come through for you like this.

  49. Robert 6 years ago

    First time I completed the meditation, my Puma was determined he would guide me however the second time he was forced to stay back and my Peruvian shaman was at my side-thank you Miguel!!

  50. arrowyn 6 years ago

    I met a mountain woman named Indira. I like her a lot!!!

  51. Grace 6 years ago

    Lovely meditation and I have a wonderful spirit teacher for the coming months.

  52. Carol 6 years ago

    I have teamed up with an old friend. He came to me whilst I was receiving my Reiki attunement.

  53. patti 6 years ago

    Very relaxing

  54. patti 6 years ago

    I didn’t get anything. Will have to try again

  55. JoLynn 6 years ago



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