1. Jesse Hutchens 2 years ago

    My anger seems to appear in many ways though it almost always comes from a very strong constriction in my heart space. My throat area shuts down at first and my head gets fiery.

    As I have spent a few years now really learning I’m gently opening my throat chakra and understanding both my heart and my head. This seems to lead to smoother emotional experiences and when I get tight I can at least eventually uncover that pain, hurt, feeling of weakness, vulnerability that is really soft sand sort of feels like a bruise on the heart. I still get all angry though 🙂

    Great meditation, it helped me again feel into my constriction. Blessings!

  2. Francoise Vaal 5 years ago

    Anger about the little stuff, I find easy to express, mostly verbally, but sometimes in strength (slamming doors feels good 🙂 ) But the old anger about not being heard or seen by my parents who were too busy…… that is still hard to let go. (And I’ve done so much therapy on that one….*sigh* ) But this is a good meditation to work on that.

  3. Patti 5 years ago

    Everything I have been doing is bringing up not being heard and not good enough

  4. Hana Rainbowdancer 5 years ago

    I realized how difficult it is for me to express my anger, all coming inside and turning into self-destructive pattern. All my life, starting in childhood, my anger was never acknowledged or respected, always suppressed or chased out – get go yourself calm and come back after or anger will not help you anyway – were favorite lines of my parents or I had to say sorry after I was angry. Behind the anger I found out deep sadness of not being respected, acknowledged, counted as autonomous being. I AM JUST SO ANGRY! And I am trying to find a way to express it in a healthy way, not destroying myself…

  5. Heather Thomas 5 years ago

    The comfort was needed, there was a point I could no longer hold myself up. Interesting, then you reminded me of the hands comforting me. Thanks

  6. Hanna Isaksson 5 years ago

    Great meditation that made my whole body shake. The first time I tried to make this meditation, I actually fell asleep. I do not think my body was ready. But now the second time it became a very powerful reaction. I think I will do this several times to let go of that stored anger that has been weighting me through the years. Thank you for a wonderful meditation!

  7. Carol 5 years ago

    This was quite something, something so precious and beautiful. I am sitting here trying to work out what just happened, but that is ok with me, it was time for the anger to go. I can’t really tell you much more just now (sorry), my thoughts are getting a little bit stuck. Dakota pilámaya.

  8. Grace 5 years ago

    The Alchemy of Anger meditation was quite interesting. I had to do it twice because of resistance. Then I was able to tap into the emotion beneath the anger. Powerful awareness. I loved transforming it into something more valuable.

  9. Grace 5 years ago

    Such a beautiful meditation. I was so excited going over the bridge. Being with my higher self was magical. I don’t think I’ve done a meditation of this sort. Thank you.

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