1. Heidi Hood 3 years ago

    The Four Houses idea is definitely the missing puzzle piece in a two-decade search for a sacred purpose.

    The search for my sacred purpose, or just purpose in general, has led down some rather dark roads. I read, meditated, and followed all sorts of different paths, answering questions and brainstorming in order to figure out what I am passionate about, or what I used to love doing as a child, etc. But those paths, all those wonderful results that were promised, that I would be able to identify my purpose in order to make it a life-long career or focus (which I was willing and ready to make sacrifices for… move, change careers all of those things) fell flat. And the idea of Purpose became a very dark thing for me. It led to depression. It led to anxiety. It led to some of the darkest days of my life. And I started to reach out, writing on my blog, etc. about my reaction to this idea of a sacred purpose and found other people were in the same place and feeling the same thing. They’d heard Oprah talk about Purpose, or Martha Beck, or any of the others that talk about the idea. And these people tried to do the exercises etc, wanting to find a job that was not a job, trying to find a career that let them pop out of bed every morning, energized and ready for life. And they didn’t find it, no more than I did. And they too found themselves depressed, anxious, filled with this idea that they were not good enough and something must be wrong with them. Same as me.

    So, I shelved purpose. I put away the idea. It was not serving me, in fact it was having the exact opposite effect. It was noxious for not only my own self but also how I was interacting with my husband and child too. I decided the idea of purpose might work for others (and goodness knows the concept of doing something because you enjoy it vs the materialistic aspect of making money is a good thing) but I stepped away.

    It has been almost a decade since those initial attempts. But as it does, I kept on my path, trusting my instincts as I moved through life. I got into yoga, which led me to breath work, which led me to my first shamanic journey. I fell in love with journeying. I identified my power animals. I identified my guides. I worked with them, going back to journeying again and again. Meditating.

    And that path that I walk, led me here. I know that was a very long description, so thank you for reading it, but I wanted to provide some background because even doing a course called Sacred Purpose is… frightening, worrying, like I am on a cliff staring down into the abyss. I didn’t want to do it, and in fact, stopped the first unit because it felt like the message was the same as it always has been… the message that led to such darkness for me and many others because we felt like failures when we were unable to find this magical purpose that would allow us to live a life of joy and ease (abundance because we are following our purpose, etc).

    But I pressed through the first unit, and I came to this unit, and I am buzzing with the information because this is what I missed; this idea that purpose is this intertwining of every single aspect of life. Sure, there is career (which I still haven’t figured out yet), but also a spiritual practice, relationships, environment… and I look around myself and I laugh because at some point after I gave up on finding my purpose I have stumbled upon it. Sure, I don’t know what career I am supposed to be pursuing, but my environment, my relationships, and my spiritual practice are all there. I have a lot of work to do still because I still do need to figure out this job thing, but that’s okay because I am completely supported in these other areas of life.

    Anyway. That was super long, and I apologize. I just wanted to explain fully so you understand how thankful I am for this information and for this unit, and for your teachings. As I said: the missing piece to this puzzle.

    Much love, and gratitude.

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 3 years ago

      I LOVE this …. I love that you can see the whole purpose (no pun intended, or maybe it was). I am always dumbfounded that other people teaching sacred purpose have never tied all these pieces together too. It makes so much sense, life isn’t one dimensional.

      • Heidi Hood 3 years ago

        Right?! It’s assuming we live in a vacuum where the only thing that matters is what we “do.”

        But I’ve been formulating an idea and you touched upon it a bit with the mechanic comment, that sometimes what we “do” does not fit into some nice neat box of purpose. Sure, perhaps if we are a healer or teacher it might be a bit easier to find a job that fits nicely into that category. But what if our purpose is to ensure people are safe, a kind of guardian? An auto mechanic would absolutely fit into that scenario. Like so much on this shamanic path, things often fall into gray areas of understanding. The guides never tell us “you should do this,” instead there are signs, and archetypes, and symbols that we then must interpret… which is part of the magic, but which can make things confusing (especially if we are in denial about something).

        And I also wonder if there are those purposes that are harder to translate into careers in the current day and age. And that makes me wonder if we can bring our purpose into whatever we do no matter what that might be, which circles back to your four houses.

        Anyway. I write a lot. Ha! I will stop there or I could keep going on for pages… 🙂

  2. Kaya Cooper 3 years ago

    I have a problem with many questions in the course work because I’m retired and my only job is taking the best care of myself, my family and my friends in the ways I am able, by sharing time, laughs and love. My house I am told has good vibes with the family room and my bedroom ceilings covered with tapestries, My alter I recently set up and Buddha statues, also strategically placed salt lamps. I live in a mobile home in a park, but the wonderful Larry made a beautiful yard. we back up to a creek and have a wilderness garden back there. my relationships are few, but very good. I took vows along time ago of non violence, so we both stopped eating anything with a face. I took a vow of celibacy too, honesty and non stealing-even time. Larry is my best friend, but most of my romantic relationships have been with women. so lots of the questions were hard to answer. Do my houses seem balanced? I’m very eccentric for sure.I sometimes shave my head for long periods and never wear my teeth. I don’t even feel self conscious about my looks. I used to care quite a bit. This is better.

  3. Valerie 5 years ago

    I realy loved doing this one, I wil look up what the gifts mean. I am so grateful for doing this course. I feel like I am on An adventure, this brings Joy and insights !

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Adventures are always good! 🙂

  4. Lee-Ann 5 years ago

    I was drawn into this one, and just couldn’t put it away or stop until I was finished with the worksheet. Everything just flowed so freely, like I needed to get it all out on paper. Even with the meditation, I went deeper with it then I usually do. Now I have some research to do on the gifts I received. Which were cayenne pepper and rose quartz under the Weeping Willow tree. Thank you for allowing me to go through this course within this direction.

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