1. naomicampbell26 3 years ago

    I am a wisdom keeper and after listening to you describe they archetypes I can see how that truly fits me. I strongly resonate with parts of all directions. Also explains why i found my way to this mentorship program. Also thank you for defining and describing how you hold space and what that means to you, it has assisted me with more clarification and perspective of how to do that as a highly sensitive empath and moving forward into truly discovering and defining my soul purpose. Thank you.

  2. Lee-Ann 3 years ago

    I seem to change every time I take the Archetype quiz. Right now, I don’t seem to have a dominant Archetype.
    December 2018 heading into my 2nd Soul Shaman session – SS, VIS and ALC are all at 24%, SHW is 16% and WK is down to 12%
    June 2018 (1 full year around the wheel), I was 33% WK, SS 26%, ALC 20%, SHW 13% and VIS @ 6%.
    June 2017 (Starting my trip around the wheel) SHW 40%, SS & VIS @ 20% and ALC & WK @ 10%.

  3. nancyerichardson 3 years ago

    I am a Soul Shaman and it truly fits me.

  4. Cheyanne 3 years ago

    It’s funny, when I took this test in the south direction I was SHW all the way. At this time in my life I am more alchemist, west direction. Which happens to be the direction I had the hardest time with…hmmmmmmmmmmm……..

    Alchemist (25%)
    Sacred Heart Warrior (22%)
    Visionary (22%)
    Wisdom Keeper (17%)
    Soul Shaman (11%)

  5. Grace 3 years ago

    Soul Shaman

  6. Elizabeth 3 years ago

    Wisdom Keeper (30%)
    Soul Shaman (23%)
    Sacred Heart Warrior (20%)
    Alchemist (16%)
    Visionary (10%)

  7. Carol 3 years ago

    I am a Soul Shaman. It is so exciting to understand more about the energies and to be getting more balance,

  8. Christina 3 years ago

    Soul Shaman was my highest. Listening to Dakota it was cracking me up because it was right on.

  9. Sabrina Schirra 3 years ago

    Before starting the Mentorship, in March 2018: Soul Shaman + Sacred Heart Warrior.
    Now: Soul Shaman only. Sacred Heart Warrior + Wisdom Keeper are tied up right behind..

  10. Paula Daisy Medicine Flower 3 years ago

    Wisdom Keeper / Soul Shaman & Alchemist all about 25%

  11. cliftonls 3 years ago

    Scared Heart Warrior

  12. Ashleigh 3 years ago

    My main archetype is soul shaman. I am very deficient in the North direction. I feel that this is one of the main reasons I ended up here.

  13. Renata 3 years ago

    No doubt, I am a Soul Shaman.

  14. Hanna Isaksson 3 years ago

    In september 2017 I was a wisdom keeper. I am still a Wisdom keeper but also got the same percent for the east Visionary (23%)
    center Wisdom Keeper (23%). And it doesn’t surprise me since I have a lot of the drive that the Visionary stands for.

  15. Mara 3 years ago

    My dominant archtype is Soul Shaman. Currently my highest percentage is in excess, which makes sense with where I am in this moment.

  16. Valerie 3 years ago

    IT seems that I don’t realy have a dominant architype. All, included the wisdom keeper are 20%, exept the Visionary is 17%.

  17. Karen Sky Dancer 3 years ago

    Greetings Beloved Soul Tribe 🙂
    Thank you Dakota for this detailed explanation of the Soul Archetypes. A year ago, I landed as a Wisdom Keeper, completely out of balance in all directions! So much changes in awareness 🙂 The North feels like coming home this round…just like last year… should we be taking the Soul Archetype test again?


  18. Cindy Yellow Butterfly 3 years ago

    Right now my Archetype has a lot of excess energy (and I feel it). Soul Shaman is my strongest archetype.

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