1. Jenifer Mahanes 3 years ago

    My alternis a work in progress just like me. I am constantly finding reminds white feathers, shells, bones, rocks gifts from my guides to add to the alter. It’s about time. My alter is in my living room and the heart of the house.
    I have just been adding to her since my father transitioned ( it will be three Years July 1) I have been holding on to a lot of stuff and it’s about time to do Spring cleaning in many areas of my life and specifically resetting the alter. Learning to let go and peeling through multiple layers healing as am revealing.

  2. HillaryBanksSelf 3 years ago

    My altar features salt lamps, candles, crystal grids (which change with the seasons) and for this North Direction, my Turtle Totem that my mother gave me for Christmas last year. I’ve also placed a pinecone and sacred cedar, sage + palo santo as a fragrant perfume for Spirit. Each day that I walk past it, I am reminded of the larger purpose and greater perspective + am am grateful for the gifts these practices bring to our day-to-day lives.

  3. Lee-Ann 3 years ago

    I keep my main altar on top of a book case. It has been in the same spot since I started the Mentorship. It changes as the directions change or when it feels right to change. My intuition guides me on what I need to have on my altar or when I need to make changes. It has always had turtles in it, they have been part of me for awhile.. slow & steady. My altar has not changed much for the North, I did add a pine cone to it a couple of weeks ago. In looking around my space, I have realized that I have a lot of mini altars for different reasons.

    On top of a roll-top desk is an altar to my ancestors on my moms side of the family but the desk is my dads family.. hmm, now that has me thinking…
    In my bedroom, I have a corner of the room setup as my sacred space, where I meditate, color, read or just sit. I also have a table that helps to section this space off from the rest of the room and that has some of my shaman tools displayed on it. This space has ties to both my mom and my dads mom – again dads family furniture is what I set my altars on. I’m seeing a pattern here as my bookcase was my husbands. The base of my altars all seem to have masculine ties..

  4. nancyerichardson 3 years ago

    I created my altar at the new moon..It has all the elements in it ..I have pine cones and dried flowers from my yard..a feather & a shell I found at the beach and a candle and a copper pyramid over it. I have a moonstone turtle in the center with moonstone, green adventurine, and selenite sticks and quartz points surrounding it to represent new beginnings as I was manifesting for space to start my new business and it has come to happen. I open 2/1. I have a buffalo I am going to add to it but need to get a bear as I feel I need the grounding represented. I also have a river rock on it and an angel..I had done all this before class had started because it just felt right. I just need to find a bear. I am in awe that I was soo pulled to put the turtle in the middle as I had never used him before in a grid.

  5. Sabine 3 years ago

    I struggled to find the ideal place for the altar as there is always people and movement in my home or in my office. As I was listening again to Dakota’s video, sitting behind my bedroom window letting in a bit of sunshine (rare here because of the pollution) I had a ‘ahah moment’. My alter will actually be inside a cabinet in my bedroom. I had this tailor made when I first came to China, it’s white with a poem written on it in Chinese character which gives thanks to nature (sic!) and 2 birds on a cherry blossom branch. I can be wide open but also ‘hidden’. Not so much so that no one sees it, but no one will touch it nor move things around. The ‘safe space’ for the altar become evident 🙂 Now, I will take time to be on the look out for the items to put in. I already know that I have a mexican turtle pottery which I got 18 years ago when in Cozumel, full of colours.. First on the shelf…

  6. Cheyanne 3 years ago

    When I first started this program in the South, my altar was in the indoor porch of the house I am living in. It’s such a special place for me. But when the colder months hit in the west direction I just couldn’t be in there anymore. I shut the door, closed it off, and figured I’d come back to it in the spring. The problem is that I never created another altar, not thinking that I would be affected at all. But boy was I wrong. By shutting off that sacred space I seem to have shut off the sacred space within myself. I shut off the ties to my guides and to Spirit. From the start I’ve never had an incredible connection to my guides, being unsuccessful in meeting them. But deep down I knew they were there. In the west direction when it came to connecting with our ancestors, first off I was not prepared. I didn’t even know my ancestry and to be honest I got scared. I didn’t want spirits showing up in my physical world, completely terrified of any negative energies. Any protection I tried to place on myself never felt like enough. I said I’m done. I’m not doing this, this is crazy. I haven’t meditated since because of my fear. The other day I was feeling so lost, so disconnected from everything. I sat in my car and watched the sunset and just cried. I so badly wanted to feel connected but I just couldn’t. I thought is any of this real?
    Yesterday I had to sit down and write out what I truly believe instead of just having all these jumbled thoughts in my head. I need to get back to who I was in the South. Full of life, vibrant, totally connected. My goal is to create this altar, this sacred space in my house again. It’s time to pull myself back in. Even if it takes all 9 weeks to create my altar I’m determined.

  7. Valerie 3 years ago

    Started making my altar since last year in the West, the whole year my altar changed during the seasons. This second year it wil change again, pieces that I find , gifts that I recieve are placed and change like I change.Some things stay , my power animal Deer and pictures of my children and grandparents , and now the perfume of my mom and hair. The things that stay symbolize my roots.

  8. cliftonls 3 years ago

    I created or i should say cleaned my alter yesterday & added a bear figure. Also a new celestial quartz that really speaks to me. I have a picture of my great grandmother as I will be traveling for a month in her homeland Sweden in August 2019. Feathers in a gourd vase. A singing bowl, a rattle, surrounded by some of my art work.
    Also a salt light that is on all of the time.
    I love my alter, it gives me joy & peace.

  9. Jennifer 3 years ago

    I’ve always got rocks on my altar, and this year, I added a sweetgrass braid and a piece of white buffalo stone. Last week, my husband actually bought me a new little lantern that I put on my altar for this direction, too.

    Last night, I actually had a pretty intense and slightly scary dream about Bear… I dreamed that Bear was right behind me, and I was terrified that it was going to attack me and my son, but we just kept calm, and he sniffed us out a bit, and then walked away.

  10. Paula Daisy Medicine Flower 3 years ago

    I have mini altars all over my home, outside, in my woods. Sacred life celebrations.

  11. Jackie Derham 3 years ago

    I am excited going into the North, I have been getting signs that this will be a turning point and I need to relax and concentrate on the course, do my meditations, journeys and embrace everything. Give myself the time to really immerse into it all. Have set up my alter and have bought some fresh incense to burn and create a good space.

  12. Ashleigh 3 years ago

    I found it really hard to find a space to create an alter that I felt I could meditate by daily. I just feel like I don’t want to be tied to one space when I meditate. I decided to fill a wood bowl with my alter items. I keep it next to my bed and take it with me wherever I am meditating. So far its been part of my daily mediation to take the items out of the bowl and arrange them before I start meditating… its almost therapeutic for me.

  13. Renata 3 years ago

    I have been fascinated by altars and rituals since my early childhood and naturally they became very important part of my life. My altars change, influenced by seasons, spiritual work I do, my meditations, prayers, guides or elements I work with etc. Many elements on my altar “came to me” , they are gifts of nature and carry energy of various places close to my heart. Each element has its meaning and a story. For North direction I call on Bear, White Buffalo and Turtle and they are represented by little sculptures or cards . I have an apetite for living my life powerfully therefore I have also asked Wolf to help me connecting with my instinct and intuition, to grasp and go deep into the work we do, and help me to deal with challenges. My spirit guide , the Ancestor (card), this mythical creature is linked to the part of soul that is most ancient and most closely related to the archetypes representing nature. The Soul Shaman Mantra is in the centre of my altar, these words resonate so much with my soul, I feel them very empowering. I always include all Elements on my altar but Earth is the main one for the work we do in North, must mention a large triangle black Stone from northern tor, Dartmoor. Some beutiful gems that promote natural healing and add vibrancy. Moss and bracket fungus represent Forest, my Temple. Pentagram card represents what I manifest. Love my little Buddha who carries the Light and is always present on my altar. There is more, I could carry on….

  14. cepostell 3 years ago

    I made an altar today…. I have a soul mask from a solstice retreat… it’s like a woods woman goddess …. and my drum and rattles, one from when my middle son was in Sierra Leone, a singing bowl…mesh bag of lavender from Croatia from my older daughter, crystals, shells, one from my granddaughter, a sun necklace my older son made for me and a candle. It feels so good to have sacred space and sacred objects to accompany your space.

  15. Mara 3 years ago

    I have designated a space for my new altar in my room. I found a table and small stool at a local antique shop that fit the bill! I had the legs of the table cut to make it the perfect height! Painted and distressed it too! Made a medicine wheel out of heart rocks I found at Cape Cod last year. My wheel is within a wood rectangle of sand. Along the edge I placed items that represent the elemens of each direction. When I created this wheel I conducted a ceremony … cleansing everything and thanking each piece … it was beautiful
    and moving. My altar is a work in progress. I desire to add a small water fountain, a plant, crystals, pictures and whatever else gets my attention that it wants to be there! When I look at this new found space it is like a breath of fresh air, inviting & peaceful! I love it!

  16. Cindy Yellow Butterfly 3 years ago

    I have an altar with the buffalo, I am going to take some time later today to revisit it with additions that will represent working in the north direction for me. Feels so good to be back focused and into the work! Thank you 🙂

  17. Caitrine Hellenga 3 years ago

    I used rocks from my travels, carved bear and bison figurines, a drawing of myself as a child, my really old Winnie the Pooh book that was originally my dad’s childhood book, a railroad tie from a tiny town Cameron IL where my dad and I like to go visit to see a rare crossing of the Santa Fe and Burlington Northern railroad lines and reminds me of childhood since I come from a railroad town and it is heavy and rusted and feels earthy to me. A Winnie the Pooh pin i used to wear, Tibetan bells from my yoga teacher, a candle, an abalone shell. I am still looking for a turtle representation since I have not worked with turtle before. And I have a bison print on the wall my husband got me as a surprise present after a trip to the Wildlife Museum of Art in Wyoming. And I’ve been singing Bear Necessities.

  18. Karen Sky Dancer 3 years ago

    Greetings beloved Soul Tribe
    Awesome teaching Dakota
    This direction is empowering to me. Bear and turtle have been showing up for me in many ways over the last year. Time to pay attention. I have this intense need to “nest” these days, so the altar and sacred space will have my undivided attention for a spell.
    Love and blessings to all ❤️ Aho!

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