1. HillaryBanksSelf 3 years ago

    I want to learn how to balance this direction, particularly. This is my safety zone, and I retreat here when I’m feeling out of whack. At this point, I feel as thought I’ve almost no energy in the South Direction – so, I’m hoping to learn how to more easily integrate the North into a holistic life that factors in all directions, not just one or two.

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 3 years ago

      Hillary, what would that look like to you if you could describe it? To have a holistic life in all directions?

  2. Megan 3 years ago

    My soul brought me here to start litening, loving and stop avoiding myself. This is the second time around the wheel. I did not do the work last time , lets say seeds were sown and it was more observational. Have just received my North direction journal 2 days ago and having this framework is “YeeHa” already helping me massively. I aim to decorate each page with love as I listen, learn and travel inwards. Although you are not seeing me much yet as I’m travelling for work 2-4 days a week and the calls are when I’m, flying or working I’ve started doing the work 100% more I would say than last time. I’m cleaning up my diet radically and have started exercising with a squash membership and an over 50’s strengthening gym class which startes after my ‘bodybag’ assessment this week. Have started doing 30 sit-ups and skipping from today. Logging in more, watching the replays, taking notes and hope to plug in more and more and more……….

  3. Amy 3 years ago

    What brought me here was wanting a deeper and more consistent connection with my guides. I knew I was meant to go further in this area of my life. For the next nine weeks I want to understand -realize – know – actaualize my purpose, my dharma my souls work here during this lifetime. I know I’m meant to do something important but my brain cannot actaualize what “it” is in supposed to do. I believe that after the north direction my soul work will begin to show itself.

  4. Terri Lundquist 3 years ago

    Laughing Yoga is amazing!! My goals are to show up, be present, let go, allow, dive deep. Pretty basic, just show up and do the work.

  5. Grace 3 years ago

    Loved the laughing video.

    My goal for the North direction is to develop a clear sense of identity. This is my 6th direction in mentorship and I’ve progressed through major reconstructive healing. When I completed Wisdom Keeper in 2017, I felt light, whole and excited but had no idea of who I was anymore or where I was going. It was exhillerating and scary at the same time. I took a one year break to “find myself” and did lots of purging (physical stuff, emotional, beliefs, relationships, etc. ) to release what no longer resonated. During that time I also spent time getting clarity on my sacred purpose, and have clear vision but not a plan. In the North I’d like to go within, work with my guides and solidify my identity and my core values, in preparation for the East and all its rebirthing and visionary work.

  6. Christina 3 years ago

    For this direction I am ready to start looking at how the past years events have sat with me. So much has happened, I have stayed so busy, and now I feel like I am ready to be with it all on a deeper level and start working through it spiritually and emotionally. I was gone to Fort Lauderdale on vacation and came home the 6th of January. Two nights there was an owl in the woods behind my house chatting away. I have never had an owl on the property yet, and so it was as if it was heralding the north, then showed up again in a different form. I was even gifted an owl necklace with a smokey quartz charm. I cleaned out my desk this morning as I began working on the course and found this little piece of paper in the back corner. It’s a quote from Lao Tzu that says “At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” It could not be a more appropriate quote for this direction. And so for this direction my intention is to sit and be with everything and let myself unfold to it all. To connect deeply to my soul and those who aid my growth, allowing for transformation and release of those things which have held me this past year.

  7. Jessica Caldwell 3 years ago

    My goal is to start finding myself and getting back to being my authentic self again.

  8. dminer11 3 years ago

    All I can say is LAUGHING YOGA ROCKS!!!!!!!

  9. jimalex 3 years ago

    I am eagerly entering this program with a total open mind and an happy heart, to learn all that I can from it. Especially to establish a rapport with my higher self and my soul guides. I shall do my level best to stay tuned into the lessons. The video was the best. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, and I have been smiling about it ever since. Thank you.

  10. lisa 3 years ago

    My second time through North and I look forward to a deeper connection. I’m more focused this round, less critical of my thoughts and senses and more open to what I take in and perceive. I am a dream catcher and North is in my wheelhouse–looking forward to the work and insights to come.

  11. Betty 3 years ago

    This will be my third North direction. My goal is to continue my own growth and healing; to move even deeper into myself and clear out old labels that no longer serve me.
    Last year I had some wonderful life changes (new home to me, new job, my first grandchild) but I didn’t get as deeply into this work as I intended to. This year, the Universe has already put me in a position to spend more time doing this work. This year is about continued growth and moving closer to my soul purpose.

  12. cliftonls 3 years ago

    As I truly am in the North Direction of my life . I want to live the last year’s with a gusto! I have always been afraid to be who I really am. My mother, taught me I had to be good & perfect or I would give our family a bad name. So my intention is to live my life freely & fully.
    Also to forgive myself for things in the past.
    And to find my spiritually !
    Just to name a few!
    I am excited to be here & thankful for you !

  13. Cheyanne 3 years ago

    I really shut myself off spiritually in the west direction so I’m looking to pull myself back and find my center again. I’m working on creating a sacred space since I disregarded it before. My space used to be in the porch and was flourishing in the summer and early fall, but now that it’s winter that space has been closed off because it’s just too cold. With that, I’ve barely spent time in Nature as well. Being disconnected has taken a toll on my soul so I’m trying to come back to that in the North.

  14. Hanna Isaksson 3 years ago

    My goal is to keep strengthening myself and my connection to my spiritual life. To be more clear about who I am and what I truly want. To listen to my inner voice.

  15. Renata 3 years ago

    Brilliant video, thank you Dakota for this much needed medicine. Funny thing is that the laughter therapy started for me yesterday before I actually watched your video. The chat I had with my friend yesterday , we really didn’t speak much as I started laughing with not much reason and we both ended laughing for a good few minutes . That was much better than another serious talk. I feel the shift since I have enrolled to this course. I believe the world is much too serious so thank you for sharing this video. My goal for next 9 weeks is to be present in everything what I do , observe and reflect on how I communicate with the world. I feel that communication is the root of my problems, family, friends , all those who I neglected and hurt over years. I want to go out to the world and meet like minded people, make new friendships. I also plan to nurture my soul and body over next 9 weeks and beyond. Lots of work to be done. I look forward to our next meeting .

  16. Mara 3 years ago

    I am here to better understand myself … to know, become and live who I truly am … uncover my sacred purpose and I desire to know my guides on a deeper level. I am so excited to go within to find my pure truth, release, heal and above all grow/evolve!

  17. cepostell 3 years ago

    My name is Christina ahahahahhaaa….. and I’m here because I want to live every single minute with my soul self… aaahahahaha….. (great laugh video)

  18. Caitrine Hellenga 3 years ago

    I want to get out of my head and into my body and feel grounded. I want to catch the difference between the past stories of me versus the actual me. Be present. Improve, even if only a little, my boundaries.

  19. Jackie Derham 3 years ago

    I really want to find out my true direction, what I am supposed to be doing for the rest of my life. I have some ideas but not sure if they are right or how to go about doing it, I hope all will become clear. I have a lot of work to do and I also want to find my inner child, don’t seem to have fun anymore but will start by watching the video.

  20. Valerie 3 years ago

    For me it is the second time on the North, and I must say that I am very happy to be here again. Now going on another level on the North. I know I can be lazy from time to time and let other things go before the course first. But with your video I feel much better,knowing that without thinking I am doing the work I am doing the work actualy . Freedom has always been very important to me, but has also made me boubt and question myself. I don’t know if I am saying it wright. In my own language it would be : door mijn vrijheid heb ik mezelf ook veel onzeker gevoeld en kreeg ik wroeging of het wel Ok was. So I am happy that I am doing the work and learning to be free with respect for myself and others . That wil be my goal for the next 9 weeks

  21. Paula Daisy Medicine Flower 3 years ago

    Learn the Medicine Wheel more deeply.

    Learn journeying skills, practice the skills regularly so I can improve.

    Become the best version of me I can for my good & the greater good. I have work / gifts to share with others and need to open up to them more.

  22. Elizabeth 3 years ago

    As this is my second time of the north direction my goal is going deep inside. Finding the true me. Finding why I’m on earth. I have now once again open my third eye to see inward. Yes Dakota I as everyone that tried it hates who am I . Yet I’ve been asking myself many time since, peeling the outer core and find the iner core. I’m at home in the north. Just to say we love your family,and we love hearing from them. They are yours but many has adopted them to there heart.

  23. Carol 3 years ago

    I want to make this the best North Direction ever, I am actually looking forward to unpacking those labels this year. I want to know who I really am. I want to make my guides proud of me and to do things with no fear,

  24. Jennifer 3 years ago

    This was an awesome introduction! I think my goal for the next 9 weeks is to really get in touch with the energy I sense that is at the core of who I am. For so many years now, I’ve felt it, but for whatever reason, I’ve denied it over and over – I’ve felt like there’s something wrong with the energy that I radiate, like it’s not good enough, it’s not pure enough, it’s too crazy, it’s unrefined, etc. My goal is to really tap into that core of who I am and learn how to accept it and then to love it. <3 I think I focused on healing other people for so long that I neglected to take care of my own healing, so another goal for the next 9 weeks is to get in touch with what needs to be healed in me right now and learn how to do that.

  25. Paula 3 years ago

    The PDF to download: if I have the workbook is the PDF just a repeat?

  26. Karen Sky Dancer 3 years ago

    Greetings Beautiful Souls 🙂
    Thank you Dakota for this powerful teaching…in answer to your question…this being my second “Wheel Adventure”, the first was “getting to know me”… this time is more like “getting inside me” a real feeling of coming home…the first was orientation…now it is real “boot camp” for me… I love this direction…feels like home… 😉


    • Karen Sky Dancer 3 years ago

      oh and I loved the video… I often laugh when nervous or when someone shares pain with me…not intentionally but almost organically…this video shed some light on this…things that make me go “hmmmmmm”… 😉

    • Carol 3 years ago

      Feels like home for me too. Good to see you back Karen.

  27. Cindy Yellow Butterfly 3 years ago

    My goal for the next 9 weeks is to strengthen my outward connections to those whom I love and to broaden (take a risk) to allow more connection. The raven is crowing outside right now :).. Recently, I have learned some tough lessons, I am trying to integrate those lessons in a manner that is not self-judging (good or bad) but to use the lesson and focus on the small changes that I can focus on to grow. It is very hard to not go in the direction of sinking into a deep sadness or depression as I realize my own failures in creating (or calling in) the situation. But, to reframe it I am choosing to honor the lesson, own my own actions that contributed to this painful time and move on in a healthier way. To do that I am really grateful that I can take this time and the direction of the north to go back within and focus on me and my own healing. Right now I do feel isolated, lonely, and sad. My focus will be to reconnect to the things that I know will help me shift through meditation, ritual and prayer and “doing the work – on ME”.

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