1. Amy 3 years ago

    I have my results but didn’t get a packet so I don’t know which answers feed into balanced deficient or excess. Utilizing the numbers I was given: from entering (my first time) in the west to now entering the north I’m consistent in my balance. In each direction my balanced energy is between 56% – 61%. I actually became more balanced in the south. I find it fascinating that my high excess in the south corresponds to high deficiency in the north. I would like to see myself, overall,get my balanced energy into the high 60 to 70%. I also find it fascinating that each time I took the assessment (all 2 times) I had major life shifts occurring. I’m looking forward to learning more and seeing how things shift for the East. Not sure what I need to adjust or tweek though, my intuition says exploring my north will influence my life a lot by discovering more of my purpose and discovering my power….. Connecting more with my guides.

  2. Grace 3 years ago

    I was happy to see I was much more balanced than when starting this journey.

  3. laura.poidevin 3 years ago

    I need to balance my east and south. Working on my work/life balance. I need to work smarter and better so that my ‘life’ time holds the value that it should. Being creative, learning something new for my soul. I also need to become better at sharing/being in my relationship and not letting my fiercely independent self be the boss. Aho

  4. Ashleigh 3 years ago

    Being here is a step toward me becoming more aware of my Spirit and finding a path I can sync with. Just being present when I can and making time to learn and do the work. I am also making a conscious effort to open my heart to new people. I can be fiercely independent and have a tendency to isolate myself. I am hoping that opening up to this group and belonging to a new community will really help that.

  5. Renata 3 years ago

    One other tiny thing , I quit drinking coffee 2nd Jan, this was my long term addiction .

  6. Renata 3 years ago

    My focus is on South and North. Strengthening long neglected family relations, also tending to my non existing social life – go out to the “real world”. I have been always an introvert happy to be on my own in nature. Avoiding crowds and noise since my childhood but over time I developed tendency to isolate myself. I many times walked away from people I was close with . My commitment is to write to those who I still can reconnect to, to nurture my existing few friendships and to meet some new like minded people through the local Meetup group. I reconnected to my family over last two years, loads of love and forgiveness have been at work . I feel so much lighter knowing we released some karma. I’ll also ask forgiveness of those who I cannot contact – this will be a ritual.

  7. Hanna Isaksson 3 years ago

    I keep struggling with my workaholic tendency (east) and lack of time for myself (south). I have now started to work out again (west) and what is good is that classes start around 17.00 PM so I have to leave my job. After this first week I noticed that I am home at the same time in the evening, but I have spent more time in doing something good for myself. A positive change in the beginning of this year, I just need to keep it up 🙂

  8. Caitrine Hellenga 3 years ago

    I want to work on some West direction tiny changes to see if that helps me balance my East and South directions. I feel they only need to be incremental changes so it seems more approachable/doable. I want to watch a little less TV, and incrementally work on having a more consistent bedtime/wake up time despite my varied work shift times. I want to watch what I eat and drink a little bit more. I want to develop a home yoga practice once a week, even if for 15 minutes. My husband is going to “body double” me so I can organize a shelving area I haven’t touched since I threw things onto it when we moved in 3years ago. And he will help me by putting doors on the bedroom closets which are currently flanking an entire wall so the bedroom has closets visible with clutter.

  9. lisa 3 years ago

    I’m ready for the focus on North. It’s easy for East-Westies like me to get the buzz from all the work and energy in those directions. West was humming along with place, home, garden and health– then big changes as my partner and his dog moved in. A big reset on home, sacred space, making room and being open to lots of change. I’m very ready for the quiet and inner work of North.

  10. dminer11 3 years ago

    The north is where I feel the most comfortable. It is where I stepped into my truth 41 years ago. A guide recently came to me. I believe it was she I channeled when my daughter was 3 that percipitated in a reversal of her cerebral palsy. Brings me to tears really. The power of this work and the knowing that anyone can do it . Even a 27 year old first time mother pregnant with second child because I had the courage to ask spirit for help. Through the years, I have had accelerations and slow downs. What I have learned is that this work is not a race… it is contcontemplative, deep, and profound. I know there will be challenges and revelations, tears, and laughter. With it all I feel safe within this community to do my best self work. Aho!

    • dminer11 3 years ago

      I need to add a bit more to my comment above. I would like everyone to understand I did not heal my daughter. Before I became pregnant I asked God for an imperfect child. Everyone asks for a perfect child… at that time in my mind of minds I felt there were children somewhere waiting to come into this realm. I asked for a broken child because I felt I had the love and patience to help a child with challenges. My daughter was born with cerebral palsy. I didn’t have a problem…but by the time she was 3 I realized she wasn’t happy. We had just moved from a very isolated location in VT to NH… We were renting and I witnessed seeing her hanging on to a fence, crying as the children playing in the next yard made fun of her. I knew I had to do something… so I went back to spirit on her behalf. I actually cut a deal… but not relevant at this time. I channeled things for my daughter to do so she could heal herself. She was three years old… such a trouper… some of these things/exercises really challenged her. I shed many tears. I made everything a game. I followed my channelings explicitly and she grew… The doctors we amazed… thought I had some degree. This was before computers for me to look up stuff. I would just tell them, “oh it just came to me.” It took a few years… by the time she was in the 6th grade she could walk normally and was released from the Special needs program and became the most accelerated student in the school. She was given an award and a ceremony for the entire school and parents. The point I am trying to make is that we can never heal anyone… and you are never to young to heal yourself.

  11. Elizabeth 3 years ago

    On the EA for the soul shaman north it says. Social situation makes me feel more isolated .
    Being energy sensitive. Doesn’t take long when in a room I start to feel energy. One maybe lost his job. One maybe haven’t had enough sleep. On and on…. yet everybody is laughing. I get confused. Don’t like to be there. I don’t take the energy on just feel it.

  12. Valerie 3 years ago

    The shift I need to make is spending more time on my spiritual practices. Since a month ago i haven’t done much, and I feel I need to push myself to do it. With one of the last meditation I have done in the West, I got scared from the accurate messages that came through. At one Side I am gratefull for these messages and on the other Side it was hard to cope with. Tonight I have done my first meditation after this time, and I feel that it was the wright time. So my spiritual work without fear is something I need to work on.

  13. Paula 3 years ago

    There is work to do. Glad I am here, taking the steps I need to open to spirit, walk my path, heal my “stuff.”

    An amazing song about healing ancestor / family wounds. https://youtu.be/DgN1R_63WEc

  14. Carol 3 years ago

    I want to learn to be more comfortable when new people join the mentorship.
    I want to go deeper with my guides.

    • Karen Sky Dancer 3 years ago

      Aho Carol! I hear you… I hope to find the balance in all directions so I may go deeper with my guides too 🙂

    • Caitrine Hellenga 3 years ago

      Thank you Carol.

  15. Cindy Yellow Butterfly 3 years ago

    The biggest shift that I believe is screaming loudly at me right now is “shift your work”. I am focused on taking the steps to make this transition in a way that is focused and supportive to my dreams, visions, and financial needs. I have been hearing the whisper for a while now on this subject, the whisper has now shifted to a louder… urgency.. the time is NOW! This will be the year, I know. The exact time/hour/day, I do not. But, I do know that it will be in alignment and it will be a change not from fear or shooting from the hip (which is my usual reaction).. it will be done with conscious mindful planning on what is in truth and alignment for the Cindy that I know.

    • Karen Sky Dancer 3 years ago

      Aho Cindy and all… I am with you Cindy…much needed balancing of professional life… time management is a big one for me as well as keeping my “spaces” organized and peaceful 🙂

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