1. Ashleigh 2 years ago

    I thought this lesson was difficult and found a lot of resistance. I think this is mainly because I am in such a transitional part of my life spiritually that I have distanced myself from old relationships. The work made me feel lonely in the realization of how few people I have a sacred connection with. But I have hope that with this knowledge I can plant seeds of intention to draw in more like minded peopled that vibe with my new energy.

  2. Jen Trulson 2 years ago

    Each week continues to be a treat. I think the course work is wonderful. The invitation to look within. To feel, to love, to connect… with ourselves, others and our precious world. This week a few things that I’m looking forward to doing are the couple things from each direction around self-esteem (self-compassion and acceptance – being with what is vs avoiding, bypassing, deflecting), self-love (mirror mantra exercise), self-care (take my supplements and move my body), self-realization (sit with gram & Jesus, get back to talking daily with my guides, angels, ancestors and soul self). I love a good conversation and was reminded that I have my spirit posse who are constantly there to engage/connect/thank.
    I noted the litmus items with my inner core peeps I don’t feel I’m living. Looking forward to sharing with them. I feel downright grateful I have 3 of those people in my life.
    I often engage with those in my outer circle but haven’t taken it as far as reflecting more deeply on those moments and see what the messages are from them, what stood out more. Being present with those in my life is one of my favorite things AND I’m human.
    Thank you again for another profound week of Soul Work invitations and opportunities.

  3. Jackie Derham 2 years ago

    I love this work, it constantly inspires me to be a better version of what I have become. To move forward into self love, to be happier, to be awake, to be me.

  4. Kaya Cooper 2 years ago

    I loved it all and appreciate all the work you must have put into this wonderful message. I am lucky enough to have unconditional love in my life. After my Dad died I I reacted to everyone with anger for months. I have never grieved with anger before so it took me by surprise. When I realized how much I was pushing Larry away I took myself in hand . He forgave me, as did everyone else. The tribe has helped me learn a whole new way of responding when angry, instead of reacting with unkind words. It has been gradual, but I feel like a safer person now for everyone, especially Larry. We seldom will raise our voices anymore, almost never. I’m so grateful for all the help I’ve had along the way, but ultimately I had carry through and focus on that work. Thank you for being my best teacher Dakota. Larry and I have finally learned how to treat each other, with love, care, forgiveness and gratitude. He is the best friend I have ever had. Unconditional love is sweet tasting.

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